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WELCOME to Visionaries University articles page. Our intention is for our articles to provide additional support and awarenesses to help you successfully mavigate these changing times. All articles are written by JEANINE JUST, visionary success strategist. We hope you find this information valuable, visit this page often and share it with friends and co-workers. Please Note: These article are written by and the property of Jeanine Just, Founder and CEO of Visionaries University. You have permission to share the information through any medium as long as proper credit lines are included. For interviews, radio/TV guest, seminars, consulting, or more information to re-invent your business, life or future, please contact Jeanine at 949-486-9240 or email: 



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Design Healthy 21st Century Businesses & Lifestyles

Design A Lifestyle You Can Live With And Make Sure You’re Headed In The Right Direction

by Jeanine Just,  Visionary Success Strategist  ©1987 ©2014


A major shift in what we value and where we put our priorities, is impacting every aspect of our lives (especially careers and work). The time has come for millions of people to stop searching for meaning or happiness ... and experience it everyday. It’s time for success from the inside out and “success on your own terms.” With the tough economic times, many people have intensified their quest for a more meaningful life. Millions of people are ready to re-invent success and legalize happiness. 


Lifestyle: (lif-style) n (1946)   The typical way of life of an individual,group,or culture


In the 1860’s Henry David Thoreau wrote about his Walden Pond experience to point out the insanity of lifestyles then. He said, “People lead lives of quiet desperation—and if a person does not keep pace with their companions, perhaps it’s because they hear a different drummer.”  These words are very important today. 


A big question to ponder is whose life are you living? Most people don't realize it, but current lifestyles have been marketed to us and rarely represent our real values. The human spirit has a deep need to break out of the restrictions of 20th century programming. If you intend to get control of your destiny you will need to listen to your heart, and then begin the process of sorting through your personal and professional obligations. Rewarding work, fulfilling relationships, inner harmony, passion and joy ... are not luxuries. This life isn’t a dress rehearsal. 


Since 1984, I've been conducting a lifestyle research project, not with polls or in a think tank, but “in the trenches” with real people who were searching for meaning beyond materiality. My intention was to provide practical “soul-utions” for the invisible values crisis forcing global trance-formation of society, businesses, lifestyles, families and institutions. As a result of my research, I created a unique formula for self-evolvement through business, work and life activities. 


People tend to believe that how things are, is how

they have always been—and how they will always be. Most people

accept the world as it is presented to them.


Lifestyles have radically changed since 1950. The 50s promoted the “Ozzie and Harriet” ideal family. The 60s were a time of rebellion. The 70s were about relentless change. Baby Boomers were altering status quo—kids were attending colleges far away from home—corporations were relocating people across the globe—fewer people were living in the same house or community all their life—divorces and single parent families were increasing—and the trend of jetsetting seniors was emerging. 


The roaring 80s were about stress and acquiring stuff. Initially this research project began in 1984, trying to help a few people who were seeking answers to painful life experiences. They were wrestling with questions like: “What is success today, and what is the purpose of life, work and business?” In the 80s most people valued material motivations driven by their intellect and ego-personality self such as: A $100,000 a year salary, a big house or a house overlooking the ocean or hillside, a BMW, Porsche or Mercedes, lots of “stuff,” and trips to exotic places around the globe with the perfect spouse or partner.


Then in 1987, people’s heart-based motivations began to wake up. Their heart-speak sounded like this: “I want recognition, meaningful work, balance in my life, to have fun while making money, more variety, a sense of purpose, to feel like what I’m doing matters, work I can put my heart and soul into, compensation beyond just financial, to choose my own hours, be my own boss, time for myself, my family ... or time to do nothing.”


Throughout the 90s people intensified their quest to integrate the motivations of $$$ and meaning—materiality with spirituality. Dot-Com wizards were learning about “built for cash or built to last.” By the end of the 90s (in spite of living the good life) millions of people were feeling cynical, exhausted, depressed, and hoping there was life after B.S. Today’s big questions are: “Is this all there is?” and “What do I want to BE when I grow up?” Institutional ideals are failing people. Everywhere people are bailing from life as usual—many are searching for rat race escape vehicles.

People want to work and to be adequately compensated

… but they want success on their own terms.

With Vision .... People Flourish

So here we are in the building years of a new century and a millennium ... and in a massive values crisis! The war is within people, between the motivations of their intellect, ego-personality self, heart and soul. It’s time to reinvent vs. rearrange ... and time for authenticity, integrity and empowerment. Many people are listening to their hearts, simplifying their lives and reinventing more appropriate jobs, businesses, working environments, lifestyles, and relationships. Successful enterprises are passionate about using values to activate individual, entrepreneurial and organizational Spirit.


For those people who are no longer willing to compromise their personal integrity for economic or social reasons, your choices now are ... tranceform, struggle or die. Navigating unchartered waters can be scary, especially since reality is not what people were programmed to believe ... and they have few or no reference points for where they are going and no step-by-step strategies for how to get there.


What Are Values ?

Values are the most powerful form of motivation. They are "why" people do what they do. Values invisibly influence every decision people make ... including lifework choices, where they go to school, where they work, who they work for, where they shop, where they live, how they spend money, how they choose relationships, how they raise their children, how they vote and who they vote for, and even what causes they get involved with. Values are the inner rules for how individuals are to be living their life. If careers, lifestyle, goals, mission and priorities are not congruent with a person's inner rules, they will experience stress and feel like they are going crazy. Clarifying and committing to living personal values creates integrity, purpose, synergy, laser clear focus, energy, abundance and authentic invisible power. Think about this: If values are this important, imagine what would happen to businesses and politics if more people knew their 5-Core personal values and consciously made decisions for themselves and their loved ones.


Clarify Personal Values And Build Dreams That Will Endure

Visionary leaders are needed to launch the new millennium. For those who have been part of the silent majority (the 99% of people who care about each other and care about the future of our planet), it's time to start thinking about the future world your children and grandchildren will live in. The time to re-invent the future is now! Start by determining  what you really value ... then re-invent yourself, your lifestyle and financial future. Get inspired and join an elite group of courageous souls who know who they are and know their mission. Capture your heart’s desires and live your destiny! Let your 5-Core Values lead the way ... and make this world a better place to live.  

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