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Like to have Fun? 

Love Music?


What People Are
Saying About 

Grand Time    

For Singing 


 “An inspiring and heart-felt musical evening!  Everyone was in harmony with one  another and the music flowed so beautifully...” – Laura


"Pure JOY..." ~ Josette


 “A joyous event. Munchies were delectable, people were great, the atmosphere  was electric with excitement, spirit and sound ....” 

                                        – Susie


“Absolutely phenomenal. Fun to

be with everybody, fun to have

new supportive  friends, and fun

to be in the Grand Time  For

Singing energy....” – Bob


A Grand Time For Singing  is magical. The different personalities create a vibe together...” – Joseph


A Grand Time For Singing is  cheap

therapy at $20 for 4 hours..."

                                            – JoAnn


“Splendiferous ... made all of

us comfortable to just be

ourselves..."  – Alan


"I love A Grand Time For Singing

and all the people who attend. A Grand Time For Singing brings out the best in all of us..." ~ Ray


”Fears get mysteriously transformed into courage....” – Jeanine


"SERIOUS FUN !!!!..." ~ Stephen


“Fantabulous fun! A Grand Time

For Singing is FUN....” – Kathleen


A Grand Time For Singing is soul food....” – Glen


 “Keep coming back and you will amaze yourself. I committed to attending regularly and not only

has my singing improved, I have a whole new zest for life....”

                                           – Jean


"Bradley and Jeanine have great fun bringing creative expression and

naughtiness out of people ... and they are real good at it..." ~ Dana


"It's amazing how everything is

spontaneously made up in the moment ... and that there are

never two moments the same..."

                                 ~ Barbara


"A Grand Time For Singing was 3 to 4 hours of a good time. It made my life and lit my life. I'd go home and think about everyone and I'd look forward to the next time. I knew that music was the universal language..."​    

                                      ~ Bold Bud


"No matter what you do for a

living ... include music in your life." 

                                  ~ Jeanine Just


"Life without music would be a mistake." ~ Friedrich Nietzsche


"Singing overcomes depression and activates JOY." ~ Anonymous


"The arts enrich our lives as individuals and enrich the life of the communities in which we live." ~ Anonymous


“If one should desire to know whether a kingdom is well governed, or if its morals are good or bad—the quality of it's music will furnish the answer.”                                                           ~ Confucius 


"I would teach children music, physics and philosply;  but most importantly music—for the patterns in music and the art are the keys to learning."  

                                                      - Plato

Grand Time For Singing


1.  I love music ... and I've have been searching

      for a place to musically express myself.


2.  I like to be with other music-lovers who  

      enjoy singing, laughing and having FUN. 


3.  I have tough stuff going on in my  life. I want to forget

      everything  for a while and just have some fun.


4.  I sing in my shower or car ... but never in public.

5.  I admire people who sing—and I secretly desire to sing.

6.  I sang in the past ... and for whatever reasons I stopped singing.

7. I was told by teachers, family or friends it would be better if I didn't sing. 

8. I've forgotten what play, joy and spontaneous creative expression feels like.  

9.  I am a professional singer and I want to let myself go and just sing for fun.

10.  I'm sick and tired of being contained, de-pressed or trapped inside 

        myself.  I'm long overdue for “setting myself free.”  


If you answered YES to 5 or more REASONS


CALL Jeanine  909-338-1313


BYOV ... Bring your own voice and sing-a-along !!!


Do yah, Do yah, Do yah ... do yah Wanna Sing? 




Grand Time For Singing

Music-lovers gather around a piano in a cozy home environment—throw their inhibitions to the wind—sing, laugh, dance, spontaneously express themselves and go home feeling like a million bucks.

We are a group sing-a-long (not a karaoke event)—and we’re not like anything you’ve ever experienced. Karaoke tends to be mechanical and lacks emotion. We have a real person playing the piano who seduces musical expression from everyone, regardless of their musical abilities. Instead of being entertained ... music-lovers discover the joy of entertaining each other in a group sing-a-long. We sing Broadway, Great American Songbook, Folk, Inspirational, Love Songs, Country and much more.

You can book a GRAND TIME FOR SINGING Musical Soirée for your special event (birthday, anniversary party, corporate event, church or special holidays such as Christmas) .... Call for details.
Bradley .jpg

Bradley provides extraordinary music for any occasion—from an intimate gathering to the grandest concert venues. He is a multi-talented musician with a profound connection to the music of the Golden Age of Broadway and Hollywood—and the great standards of the 1920s, 30s and 40s. Some of his favorite composers include George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, Duke Ellington and Rodgers and Hart.


Bradley was raised in a musical family and started playing piano at age 5. He has been performing and touching people’s lives with his piano playing since his first recital at age 8 at Chicago’s Northwestern University. Bradly inspires audiences with his unique music mastery that includes classical, blues, soul, funk, boogie-woogie, bebop and passionate Jazz. At Grand Time For Singing events, he has fun masterfully seducing musical expression from everyone, regardless of their musical abilities. 


In 1987 Jeanine committed to freeing herself from her self-inflicted fear of singing. Today, music is at the core of her life and success strategies. In 2006 she created sing-a-longs with a very talented pianist friend,. For many years, Jeanine and Steve's musical joy-fixes enhanced lots of people’s lives. Grand Time For Singing musical events are FUN and life changing. This unique group experience empowers people to throw their inhibitions to the wind and creatively express themselves. Music-lovers hearts jump for joy as they courageously expand into more of their potential—and then experience amazing benefits in all areas of  their life.


Jeanine Just is a visionary success strategist—a highly respected inspirational speaker, human potential advocate, world-class teacher, author—and CEO of Visionaries University. Since 1984 her unconventional success strategies have empowered thousands of people to produce breakthrough results in their businesses, projects and lives.


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