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Q. What is a visionary?

A. A visionary is a person who innovatively "thinks outside the box" or plans for the future with

imagination and wisdom. A visionary has original ideas about what the future will or could be,

envisions things other people can't yet perceive ... and courageously begin manifesting their visions. 


Q. What is a visionary success strategist ... and why do you call yourself a visionary success strategist?

A. A visionary success strategist is the title Jeanine chose for herself in the late 90s to differentiate her from other coaches and consultants. She is a highly intuitive visionary who has the ability to "see" what most people can't see. She guides, mentors and teaches about success from her "expanded mountain top view of reality." Her strategies are practical, insightful with time-tested results. You can expect her success strategies to "become the norm" over the next 50 years.


Q. What's a paradigm and what is the new business paradigm?

A. A paradigm is a set of assumptions, concepts, values and practices that constitute a way of viewing reality. A paradigm is also a new way of functioning that shatters old beliefs and ways of functioning, with no way to go back to what was. For example, when a butterfly leaves the cocoon it can't go back to being caterpillar. That is a paradigm shift. The new business paradigm is a 21st century business model for people who want to make money—while making a difference. Thriving enterprises are being created by people who have chosen to use business as a vehicle to transform society. Their businesses are built on a unique formula for self-evolvement through business and work activities. Conscious capitalism, enlightened business, and authentic entrepreneurs are words to describe this new brand of business. Marjorie Kelly, founder of Business Ethics Magazine said, "We haven't updated our image of business since the days of robber barons and it's time we did so. There is a new way to look at capitalism: not as preying upon society, but as serving society." New Paradigm Businesses are based on sustainable success and based on building businesses that are an extension of the person. In the new business paradigm business and work. enterprising business people are using their business as a self-development course that provides them financial stability.


Q. What do you mean by "energy" and energetics?

A. Most people only understand the visible 3rd-dimensional 5-sense material world reality. It's a linear, logical, primarily left-brain, factual and scientific understanding of life, where things progress from one stage to another in a single series of sequential steps where everything has to be proven. The energetic world is unable to be seen through the eyes and understanding of people with only a 3rd-dimensional 5-sense reality awareness, but energy is a very real world ... an exciting new way to experience the world we live in, in a more expansive way. Jeanine was first introduced to energetics through a severe health crisis at age 30 when she was diagnosed as being energy bankrupt and nearly dead. She proved the energy system of her body could be transformed to achieve optimal health. Her curiousity sent her on an intense research project to understand energy which included quantum physics, dowsing, energy healing, acupuncture, Kirlian photography, sacred geometry, consciousness, numerology and much more. Today, she understands and teaches the energetics of success and ingenious vibrational insights to support people in co-creating reality and accessing amazing new possibilities.


Q. What is integrity?

A. Most people believe that integrity is being honest and doing the right things, but this is only a small part of what integrity is. Integrity is making sure your thoughts, words and actions are congruent. What you say and how you live must be one. Personal integrity is one of the most important assets you have. Every time you fail to do what you know is right, you lessen your ability to live a fulfilled life. Personal integrity is maintained when you don't compromise your personal integrity for financial or social reasons. Each time you compromise yourself to be agreeable, or compromise your personal integrity for financial or social reasons—you give up some of your freedom and joy. At a deeper level integrity means living an integrous life by being your authentic self. This requires asking yourself who am I, what am I on earth to do ... and whose life am I living. Integrity is standing up for what you believe in, being true to yourself, openly communicating how you feel, being frank, and having ethical commitment. It also means living a personal and professional life that's integrated, not sugar coating things or saying socially/politically correct things, doing fulfilling work, having rewarding relationships and marriages, taking your heart and soul to work with you, living your life the way you choose, walking your talk and living your vision and purpose. Each of us is responsible for what we say, do and think. Somewhere there is a giant score card of how you live. If you do good, good will come to you. If you do harm, you will experience harm. Even if no one but knows but you, there is a consequence for every action. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. What goes around, comes around. Nobody, regardless of their power or money, will escape the consequences of their actions. Many people make jokes about saying the socially or politically correct thing, but it really isn't funny. Loss of self worth is the price you pay for failing to uphold your own standards of excellence and living your truth. Character counts. 


Q. What's the difference between a job, a career or profession ... and a vocation of destiny,

life-work, right livelihood or area of tranceformational service.

A. A job is something you choose to do to pay your bills. A career or profession is the specialized training you receive which utilizes your talents and enables you to live a desired lifestyle. Vocation of destiny, life-work, right livelihood or area of tranceformational service are all words to describe work that is an extension of who you are, a calling, mission or destiny, and your purpose for being on earth. It's not something you learn how to do but something you were born to be. Currently, many people have had enough jobs, businesses and careers. What millions of people are seeking is their vocation of destiny or tranceformational role.


Q. What is destiny?

A. Destiny is not a goal, objective or destination. It's all the activities and experiences in the theatre of one's life. Catching up with destiny is kind of like playing the board game called, CLUE. The purpose of CLUE is to solve the murder mystery of who did it, in what room, and with whom. Your destiny is not a destination. Contrary to popular belief, you really don’t want to know exactly what your destiny is or where your destiny will take you. That would spoil the mystery. Destiny is getting off your "command control post" and enjoying your life's magnificent unfolding mystery. Living your destiny takes great courage. Destiny's JOY is beyond words.


Q. What is a vocation of destiny?

A. Retirement is a thing of the past. No one is on this earth to just take up space. A vocation of destiny is not a job or profession, but it provides soul-filled work that combines an individual's talents, education, personal values, innate abilities, life experiences, lifestyle choices, environmental concerns, spiritual resources, destiny and purpose ... into a profitable soul-based income stream and success strategy. Everyone is born with a great vision for their life ... a unique mission to fulfill, that longs to be fulfilled. It's wired into our DNA. Most people have no reference points for the words vocation of destiny, but they do have a longing in their heart for "that elusive something." Each of us came with the special desire to be constant co-creators. Jeanine reminds people ... regardless of your chronological age, there comes a time when fulfilling your destiny contract is no longer a matter of free will. The choice is not up to your ego-personality self. It’s your soul’s turn. A Greater Force takes over your life. Whether you want to or not, it’s time to live your vocation of destiny ... time to fulfill your mission by contributing your unique piece of the planetary tranceformation puzzle and time to experience GREAT JOY.


Q. What are values?

A. Values are the most powerful form of motivation. They are driven by your heart's desires and they activate your heart's power. Values are the qualites of your spirit. Your 5-Core values are what you stand for, your inner rules for how you are to be living your life ... and why you do what you do. They invisibly influence every decision you make including your lifestyle decisions, work choices, where you go to school, where you work and who you work for, where you shop, where you live, how you spend money, how you choose relationships and even how you raise your children. Values are your ideals, your standards for excellence. They provide purpose and passion from deep within ... a driving force to overcome incredible obstacles in order to make your dreams a reality. When people come from their values they are all on common ground. Despite different religions or spiritual paths people feel a connectedness and share common concerns. Consciously knowing and living your life aligned to your 5-core values gives you quintessential power. 


Q. Why do you use enterprise instead of business or organization?

A. An enterprise is inclusive of all types of ventures, regardless of the industry, business, institution or organization. Enterprise defines more of an attitude than the specific arena in which activities are carried out. The word enterprise also denotes a more exciting, living, adventurous way of functioning.


Q. What is the spirit of an enterprise?

A. The spirit of an enterprise is an invisible feeling that permeates all organizational activities. It is the soul or spirit that drives the enterprise. Spirit is an energy that creates passion and purpose. Spirit creates a positive attracting field for opportunities, activities, products and people and insures sustainable success. 


Q. What's the difference between shift and change?

A. Change means to substitute, replace, alter, modify, rearrange or make something or someone different. For example, change ownership, change relationships, or change a belief. Change requires time. Shift ... is a purposeful change of emphasis or direction that can happen like a snap of a finger. Shift is instantaneous and permanent. For example when someone experiences a shift in perception, old perceptions are not valid anymore. There is no going back and believing what you previously believed. 


Q. Why do you spell transformation .... tranceformation?

A. First, tranceformation is not a mis-spelling. Many people use the word transformation which means going through a dramatic change. Tranceformation conveys the programmed illusions and perceptions instilled into most people today. Tranceformation is designed to expose the unconscious hypnotic trance created by education, media, economists, bankers, politicians, doctors, pharmaceutical companies, wallstreet, etc., to enable people to "think their own thoughts" and get control of their own destiny. 


Q. What is consciousness?

A. Consciousness is being awake and aware of one's surroundings, beliefs and life experiences from an expanded perspective. A conscious person lives on planet earth ... but steps outside of the 3rd dimension world of 5 sense reality programming. They "see" beyond the collective programmed illusion and the world of tic-tock where the masses of humanity are primarily focused. Dr. David Hawkins book, "Power vs. Force" contains not only a practical explanation of conscious, but also includes his re-evolutionary map of consciousness that makes consciousness visible.  Everything is consciousness ... a tree, a rock  a book, a body, a car, food, a person, a business, etc. Learning how to calibrate energetic attracting fields of consciousness  and "use consciousness" to expand your consciousness and play in the fields of consciousness ..... consciously—is empowering to the max. 


Q. Why are you calling this time "The Age of Consciousness or Age of Conscious Awareness?

A. Over time humanity has experienced different ages. Most recently , the agriculture age, the industrial age, the information age ... and now in the 21st century humanity has reached a new era of evolution ... the age of consciousness and/or age of conscious awareness. 


Q. What is critical mass and what role does it play in shifting consciousness?

A. Critical mass is the size, number, or amount of something that is needed to cause a particular result. Critical mass creates a tipping point and causes shift to happen.The good news? It does not take 100% of the people to change something. If 1 to 10% of the people in any situation hold clear intention ... they cause shift to happen. Also, one person with a very high vibrational frequency/consiousness can shift millions who are "as thick as a plank."


Q. What's the difference between a mid-life crisis and a crisis of my spirit?

A. In the past when someone reached their mid thirties or early forties, they often began to rethink their life. It could often be relieved by changing jobs, relationships or residences. A crisis of the spirit is a feeling of emptiness deep inside that won't go away—a search for meaning or purpose. Defining Spirit is a difficult task. Your spirit is an invisible immaterial quality. It's your essence, life-force, or the energy that gives life to your physical body. It's an activating principle, your sacred, moral and emotional nature. It is often referred to as your Real Self, spiritual Self, soul or higher self—which differentiates it from your ego-personality self or human self. The human spirit is the most valuable and unlimited resource. To better understand spirit, consider a passionate spirit, a spirited racehorse, team spirit, school spirit, a free spirit, the American spirit, the spirit of the law ... or a spirited leader such as Martin Luther King Jr. or Ghandi ... or the power of a courageous spirit. Your true spirit is free, childlike, innocent, intuitive, wise, playful, sensual and joyful.


Q. What process can I expect to go through?

A. First you need to understand—you are never in the situation you're in for the reasons you think. When your old ways of doing things are not working anymore, and no new clear options have revealed themselves, it can be a frustrating, unnerving time. Your intellectual reasons for being in a certain crisis may make sense in your mind, but rarely reflect what your spirit is trying to get you to understand. A spiritual crisis requires totally different rationales. Activating your spirit usually takes a 'crash course' in one form or another. This is not necessary, but it is very normal. Some people have had the luxury of activating their spirit gradually. Others find themselves in a severe crisis. Your ego-personality self seldom will take a secondary role without a severe crisis. Before you jump into something, take your time and look for options outside of conventional boxes. Try to understand yourself and your circumstances from a broader point of view.


Q. How would I know if am in a spiritual crisis?

A. To determine if you are in a spiritual crisis, stop and ask yourself if you are experiencing intense financial, work, relationships, or physical challenges, energetic burnout ... or even all of the previous challenges simultaneously. This is a good sign that your spirit wants your attention. Jeanine's found that your spirit will tolerate your avoidance of initial promptings for about two years. Then it will get its way by intensifying your pain and frustration to highly uncomfortable levels. Most people listen when the pain intensifies enough and then start earnestly searching for answers. Most people fail to listen to their intuition or gut feel, so then they get the 2X2, then the 4X4 ... and if they still don't listesn the get the cosmic 10X10 and have not other choice but to make changes. A word to the wise ... when your spirit comes knocking just open the friggn' door.


Q. What's the difference between religion and spirituality?

A. Religion differs from spirituality because there are no organizations to belong to or philosophies to subscribe to. Spirituality encompasses many things. Spirituality means living life fully, creating sacredness in all areas of your life, being present in each moment, being creative and expressive, appreciating nature and natural beauty, enjoying a sense of mystery, living life from the inside out, being clear about your values and making conscious life choices that are aligned to your values, it means having an awareness of one's self within a larger universal context, and honoring the sacredness in each of us. The word "spirit" comes from the Latin "spiritual" which means breath, courage, the soul, life force — and from "spirare" which is to breathe. Spirituality is an expression, a natural state of being —not something that is obtained. It's living harmoniously and allowing a loving outward flow of your inner resources. Universal spirituality has always encouraged people to listen to their intutitive voice, and follow its guidance.

• Shoulds and regrets 

• Stress 

• Frustration

• Hopelessness

• Greed

• Indecision

• Victim

Q. What major factors deplete your spirit or make your spirit weary?

A. These are the major factors that deplete your spirit:


• Meaningless work           • Unfulfilling relationships 

• Competing                   

• Boring activites                   • Violating your values

• Excessive debt

• Routine 

• Fear                           

• Constant thinking

• Conformity

• Perfunctory tasks

• Ignorance

• Obsessive materialism

• Endless activites

• Shame              

• Fitting in            

• Worry

• Guilt

• Unethical behavior

• Confusion

• Unworthiness

Q. What major factors activate your spirit ?

A. These are the major factors that invigorate your spirit:

• Meaningful work           • Fulfilling relationships

• Simplicity                    

• Simple things               • Adventure

• Challenging experiences

• Freedom 

• Integrity                       

• Inner harmoney

• Authenticity 

• Joy

• Passion

• Living your values

• Heart-body-mind-spirt


• Purpose-driven      

• Being a co-creator 

• Heart-powered life

• Personal identity       

• Optimism

• Self-respect

• Vision

• Creativity                • Spontaneity             • Being in nature

• Play

• Ethical commitment

• Fiscal/financial balance  

• Living outside-the-box 

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