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VISIONARIES UNIVERSITY Affiliate Certification
Corporate Trainer Licensing

ATTENTION HRD professionals, Teachers, Consultants, Speakers, 

New Paradigm Builders, Change Agents, Therapists, Coaches ... and corporate refugees

Gearing people and businesses up for the New Success Paradigm and New Business Paradigm is a big job. To expedite these changes, Visionaries University created an Affiliate Certification Program for HRD professionals and coaches. It's our intention to develop and market Visionaries University Human Technology Trainings that insure consistent quality results for all concerned. 


Visionaries University contractually custom-designs their courses for in-house seminars and corporate in-house university courses. To guarantee that the next generation of business leaders are prepared to create new paradigm businesses based on 21st century success strategies, university business professors can also be licensed to teach our courses to their students.



We hope you add your name to VU's growing team of visionary leaders and new paradigm builders who are empowering people to thrive in the 21st century. Your clients will be forever grateful that you provided them with no-nonsense innovative success strategies, resources and tranceformational technology for succeeding in today's ever changing times. 

TranceForm while you teach ... Teach while you learn!

Make money while you learn. Teaching VU's information becomes your self-development course. Stop attending endless personal and professional development seminars ... and learn while you teach. Here's your opportunity to go to school and get paid while doing it. Visionaries University believes in OJT—on-the-job tranceformation. By being courageous and letting these new paradigm success courses teach you, you will save both time and money. 



With Visionaries University's time-tested leading-edge curriculum you won't have to create your own courses. You can be independent and 'do your own thing' ... while being part of a team committed to making the world a better place.


Visionaries University's intention is to have high quality, practical, results-oriented courses, that are facilitated by resourceful professional leaders. We look for visionary values-driven professionals ... with heart. If you teach marketing, organizational behavior, management, strategy, career development, leadership, or entrepreneurship, please contact us for details. Expose your clients or students to a whole new way to function in business as well as in life. 

Message from Jeanine about a Coaches Curriculum

VU courses are now available to coaches and consultants

who want to do more than just tele-coach.


I am a human potential advocate and entrepreneurs' advocate. I believe it's a privilege to be a coach and a champion of human potential. I've enjoyed being a success coach, mentor and guide since 1984. My clients were 'flustrated' with business and life as usual. Their time had come to wake-up, reinvent themselves and be guided into their leadership roles.


I developed a wholistic Total Person Success Strategizing System with a 4-fold purpose: educate, empower, support and guide. It's a results-oriented total heart-body-mind-spirit success formula that provides people with unique leadership impact coaching, success strategizing, conflict resolution, situation resolution and innovative goal achievement strategies. Individuals benefit because they work together more effectively—organizations benefit when they can maximize the performance of each individual.

My clients are grateful for the self-management assessments and innovative training programs I developed and taught them. They are more aware, better informed, more focused, more courageous and better prepared in today's changing times. These educational processes and courses are now available to coaches and consultatnts who want to do more than just tele-coach.


If you provide coaching, whether it's executive, management, sales, or general human potential development ... and you are searching for leading-edge assessments or innovative coaching technology programs, please contact me at Visionaries University.


Jeanine Just
Visionary Success Strategist
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