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LEADERSHIP mentoring
goal achievement mentoring

Jeanine's zoom web-mentoring is more than an accountability-goal achievement program

Many success coaches sell their clients a monthly accountability and goal achievement program. Jeanine believes accountability and results are important, but the pathway to achievement requires educational processes, new awarenesses and perception shifts. Web-mentoring sessions are guaranteed to provide common sense strategies, sound advice and futuristic soul-utions, that are outside of contemporary intellectual, psychological, scientific or religious paradigms. 

There will always be change ... but whether it's for the better is up to you. 
In these times of unrelenting change, past performance and knowledge are no guarantee of future success.
Life's challenges can be a joyous adventure when you get leading-edge insights from an experienced guide.


Whether you're needing an experienced leadership guide, an unbiased 

sounding-board, innovative solutions, clarity or to explore options ... you 

can be sure that visionary success strategist, JEANINE JUST will ingeniously

assist  you in bridging the critical issues standing between

you and the achievement of your objectives.


Jeanine makes the "hidden obvious." You will quickly become 

more aware, better informed, more focused, more courageous 

 ... and better prepared for today's ever-changing times.

PHONE 949-486-9240 today

to schedule your appointment.


IF YOU ARE searching for innovative situation resolution, unconventional conflict resolution, new tools or an inspirational boost—THEN LOOK


Jeanine's favorite clients are


• Enterprising new paradigm builders from a variety of enterprises

• Anyone "out of their comfort zone" committed to reaching new heights

• Architects of the Matrix of Magic—Aquarian Renaissance Souls

• Conscious Entrepreneurs

• Cultural Creatives

• 21st Century Wealth Builders

• Visionary Executives 

• Inspired Leaders

• Sacred Rebels

• Sales Professionals

ZOOM WEB-MENTORING OPTION #1: Hourly fee for occasional sessions
ZOOM WEB-mMENTORING OPTION #2: Package price for several session

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