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If you've been searching for the right information, inspiration and guidance to get to get from where you are, to where you'd prefer to be ... look no further! Whether it’s on the a ZOOM Web consult or in person, you can be sure that JEANINE JUST, Visionary Success Strategist, will ingeniously assist you in bridging the critical issues standing between you and the achievement of your objectives.

21st Century Leaders ... "know they can't go it alone"


In these times of unrelenting change, past performance and knowledge are no guarantee of future success. With foresight you can be prepared to optimize your success. 21st century leaders build strategic alliances with a trusted team of professionals so they can make better decisions about business, finances, relationships, lifestyle and health. Their teams include success strategists, financial advisors, legal team, tax advisor, fitness trainer, doctors, health care professionals and even spiritual coaches.

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RE-INVENT: Yourself ... Your Business ... Your Work ... Your Future

• Courageously step out of your comfort zone. 

• Navigate uncharted waters with the help of an experienced guide.

• Re-evaluate your innate abilities, resources and leadership strategies.

• Discover your Divine Destiny—so you don't take your dreams to your grave.

• Get unconventional insights before you re-create your business, job or future.



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Total Person Success Strategizing System integrated heart-body–mind–spirit approach to success. Unique educational processes are designed to improve both professional and personal success. Clients are empowered to trust their intuitive guidance and provided leading-edge tools to succeed in today's changing times. The valuable information and empowerment strategies are relevant to today's personal and business challenges. 


90 Minute Success Strategizing Consult 

ZOOM-Web Consult or In Person



only  $197

 Reg. Price $300. SAVE $100.



(Expires September 3st, 2024)



• Wanting leading-edge success information?

• Are you in a spiritual or health crisis?

• Searching for more passion, meaning or joy in your life?

• Feeling "flustrated" personally or professionally?

• Struggling to clarify what you really value?

• Asking yourself who am I, what's my purpose, what you should I be doing?

• Having visionary creative ideas you can’t implement?

• Wanting to take your values to work with you and can’t?

• Feeling like a square-peg in a round-hole?

• Between the ages of 45 and 60 and don’t wake-up

  so excited you can’t wait to get out of bed?

• Between 15 to 30 and don't feel like you fit on planet earth?

• Wanting to integrate your spiritual and material worlds?

• Feeling destined to make a greater difference in the world

   but don't know what your destiny is or how to activate it?

Jeanine's Favorite Clients Are.. 

Inspired Leaders, Bold Innovators, Authentic Entrepreneurs, Cultural Creatives, Free Agents, Edgewalkers, Conscious Capitalists, Renaissance Spirits, Visionary Executives, Fringe Dwellers, Corporate Refugees, Disillusioned Baby Boomers or Millennials, New Paradigm Builders, Re-Evolutionaries, Small Business Owners, Sales Professionals, Musicians, Inventors, Health Practitioners, Chiropractors, Teachers, Ministers—AND Leading-Edge Business Consultants, Speakers, Trainers, Coaches and HRD Professionals.


Results Reported
By Clients


"I was always a successful business person, but other parts of my life were not operating as smoothly.

Today I live my values and my vision. I'm more fully myself, much more disciplined, I enjoy a healthier life … and I’m also being recognized nationally in my


—J. M., CEO

"It's people like you who commit to a purpose, visualize it, enroll others,

and share the fruits of your love that truly touches peoples' lives. Thank you....:

—H. S. , Business Attorney


"You are priceless. Thank

you from the entire whole

of my heart for helping my daughter. She texted me and said, you were exactly who she needed to talk to."

—S. C., Life Coach 


"Understanding myself and 

acknowledging my personal values has enabled me to be at choice in the decisions I make in my life. I would

never have believed I

could acquire my own

power in such a

short time."   

—C. L. 

Medical diagnostic sales


"I was forever searching for life's purpose and

work that would bring me joy, excitement, opportunities to contribute AND financial security. Jeanine is really   tapped in.  She has amazing skills. She helped me quickly 

make sense out of my 55 years of life experiences

and reveal to myself my

vocation of destiny."  

—V. B., Architect

What Success Strategizing Includes

 Custom designed step-by-step empowerment plan designed to meet your objectives

• A wholistic heart-body-mind-spirit approach to success

 A trusted source for reliable information, resources, and transformational tools

 Assessment of personal competencies, values, and goals

 Clarification of purpose, personal resources and vocation of destiny

 New tools to activate your entrepreneurial spirit

 Energy management strategies

 Style development—leadership, impact, innovation or selling

 Innovative marketing and positioning strategies

 Creative problem solving strategies

 Visual impact training

 Objective feedback, accountability, and on-going support to

  live the life you were born to live

Going into your future without JEANINE JUST ... visionary success strategist, 

... is like entering a dark forest without a flashlight or compass.

Success Strategizing Programs Are Custom-Designed 

No two people are the same, have the same needs or the same life purpose. After an initial needs audit interview with Jeanine, a personalized success strategizing program is custom-designed for each client. The purpose is to quickly bridge the gap from where they are—to where they want to be.


Short-term situation resolution and conflict resolution coaching—individual

goal achievement coaching and leadership coaching,  


Three month, six month or one-year coaching programs. Phase one of this assessment process designed to identify Being-ness—values, personality styles, drives, destiny, competencies and resources. Phase two is the action (Doing-ness phase) designed to create and implement strategies that create visibility and position the client and their ideas in the marketplace. 


Bronze Success Strategizing Program:  Re-Create Yourself—Re-Invent Your Future

Silver Success Strategizing Program:  Re-Invent Your Business—Create Your Own Stage—Market Yourself

Gold Success Strategizing Program: Re-Create Yourself—Re-Invent Business—Create Your Stage

Success Stories 

These ase studies are representative of results achieved by many clients.


Ed J., President and Founder of a nutrtional company found his company in a cash cruch. His need to be perfect and a need for approval, caused him to become indecisive. He valued family happiness, which resulted in hiring too many family members. In spite of knowing the financial predicament, he was unable to down-size. During his six months Success Strategizing Program, Ed learned about his behaviors, his values and his impacting style, This enabled him to make necessary decisions more easily. After clarifying his 5-Core values, Ed discovered a deep passion for certain products he hadn't previously given much consideration to. He redesigned his distribution system to be more compatible with his impacting style and these products financially turned his company around.


Charlene L., was in medical diagnostic sales. The company she worked for, merged with another comapny which had a very different operating philosophy. She realized she didn't fit and opted for a severance package. With her leading-edge technical expertise and specialized education, a new position should have been easy to find. The reality? Some interviewers told her she was overqualified. Others told her she was under-qualified. By the time she got to my office, she was distraught and experiencing a serious case of self-doubt. Her Success Strategizing Program put her on the fast track to getting control of her destiny. Within a few weeks a company custom-designed a position for Charlene, a positition based on her unique credentials, experience—plus they were so impressed that she knew her values, motivations and exactly what she wanted. Her new insights from the coaching sessions ... and her ability to confidently communicate information to the right people at the right time, paid off. 


"The greatest good you can do for another person is not just to share your

riches ... but to reveal to them their own."  —Benjamin Disraeli


Terry N., was an associate minister who believed other people could be senior ministers, but that position was certainly not for him because he was a "supportive type person." During his One-Year Success Strategizing Program, he was amazed to learn how differently people can perceive the same situation. He gained a clearer understanding of himself ... and a clearer perspective of others. Terry learned about his four primary behavioral choices and diligently began to use all four, instead of just two. He learned to speak up for himself and to become a take-charge person. Armed with his values, his impacting style and much more ... he restructured many activities at the church. Within two years he was hired as a senior minister of a 700 member church. He ultimately was selected by Dr. Robert Schueller to manage all out-reach programs at the Crystal Cathedral. 


Virginia M., worked hard for ten years developing and managing a human resource department for a major corporation. She was very successful and secure, but she longed to have her own HRD consulting/training business. She ventured out on her own and learned a hard lesson. With the cloak of confidence of a major corporation behind her she could do anything—but on her own she could barely make ends meet. Her Success Strategizing Program completely changed this courageous sleeping giant's life. Virginia discovered her inner power and combined it with her expertise. Each week she took the new transformational technology, re-examined her business, and quickly integrated what she was learning. Her values became boundaries for all future decisions. Virgina re-invented herself—and then re-invented her business. She used her 5-Core Values to clarify the focus of her consulting business and also the subjects she was teaching. Her business was jump-started. She is in her 70s now and still impacting organizations and individuals on a part time basis. She's still thrilled to be training managers, doctors and executives to give more dynamic presentations and to improve customer service.  

Jeanine works with the best ... and makes them better !!! 

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