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innovative strategies & predictions for 2020
by Jeanine Just ©2020  (THESE 2020 INSIGHTS ARE NOT ONLY FOR 2020 BUT 2020-2030) 


THE ROAD AHEAD FOR 2020: Welcome to Earth School 2020. This is 3rd decade of the 21st century. It’s the 4th year of 9-year cycles and a “4” year for all 7.5 billion people on the planet. In 9-Year Cycles each year has a purpose, energy and invisible plan. This year, all souls (consciously or unconsciously) have agreed to seriously reevaluate, reimagine, reprioritize, reinvent and rebuild EVERYTHING. Co-Creating OUR FUTURE requires “all hands on deck.” Don’t waste a single moment of 2020. Hit the ground running!!! There is lots of tranceformation work to be done. Knowing this VISION 2020 information will empower you to pro-actively make wise decisions, and insure that you “prosper” while masterfully navigating these changing times.

General 2020 Insights ... important things to be aware of in 2020

1. Let go of old beliefs and reference points about how things worked based on past experiences. Every moment ask 

    yourself, “What would I do if I just arrived on this planet and had no preconceived ideas about anyone or anything?”    

2. Audit your current reality in your personal and business lives. Be businesslike. Take care of loose ends, make

    adjustments to old situations and relationships, so you are prepared to move forward judiciously. 



3. At the start of 2020 there will be many “power brokers” fighting and vying for their version of OUR FUTURE.   

4. Epic year of re-envisioning, rebuilding and building “our” prosperous future ... in harmony with nature’s way.

5. Engage and “see” life from a higher vantage point—a bird’s eye view.

6. Architects of new paradigms are awakening the MATRIX OF MAGIC—and planting seeds for a new world.

7. Turning point—fundamental global economic, cultural, societal and political unstructuring and restructuring.  

8. The energy of 2020 requires anything that’s “just been going along” to change—this means big-time                   

     changes for individuals, businesses, governments and economies. 

9. Heart-powered soulutions vs. head-trips will be used to create a new reality—a new vibrational reality. 

10. 2020-2030 will be re-evolutionary times that acelerate the collapse of old structures (especially through 2025).  

11. Disrupt status quo. New structures begin to emerge. Alternative everything starting in 2020 !!!! 

12. Cocreate a new species “mind-pattern” that will launch humanity into higher levels of consciousness. This year

      each of us needs to regain control of our own minds, find out who and what we truly are, and then 

      teach others to do the same, until critical mass is reached.  

13. Everyone needs to make a fundamental choice regarding whether they will be part of the problems  

      or part of the soulutions. Choose evolution or devolution—and choose a past or future orientation.

14. Patriarchal demise intensifies along with the fall of hierarchy and the old masculine domination models.

15. Increase of feminine energy/feminine power within both men and women.

16. Don’t get discouraged if you have to work really hard to stay positive. It’s not your fault. As 7.5 billion

      people (willingly or unwillingly), do a quantum reset—lots of energetic chaos will be created.  

17. Eliminate victim mentality—consciously remove victim mentality, abusive thoughts and self-worth issues. 

18. Replace the artificial reality of competition—with nature’s way which is cooperation and co-creation.

19. Disrupt status quo—disrupt life and business as usual.

20. Upload a “new mind-pattern” for “new” humans—living on a new earth—and creating a new humanity.

21. Banish all fear and worries about the past. Banish all apprehensions about the future. 

      Live intensely in the present. When you let go of the past—the future takes care of itself.



22. Put down roots. Become “solid like the rock of Gibralter”—be an anchoring point for yourself and others. 

23. Be down to earth. Stop trying to escape life on earth. Love your earth life and your earth mission. 

24. Create a loving partnership with Mother Earth. Ground and energetically merge with her for energetic support.   

25. To counter-balance outer world chaos—create heart-body-mind-spirit coherence and inner fortitude.

26. 2020 is not a year to be gypsy-like. If you change your job, home or relationship—then stay put.

27. To manifest your visions and projects—you must ground them in 3D reality.

28. Make all decisions aligned to your 5-Core Values—they define what you stand for and need to stand up for.



29. In 2020, as we the people explore Nature’s Way and the energy world—we will transcend human-made 

      existence. The material world will then begin to reshape itself according to Nature’s Way. 

30. Contemplate what it will take for you/us—to heal the planet and help all its inhabitants.

31. Conscious participation with nature and Mother Earth—will have many more positive possibilities  

      than the current game of unconscious (and unconscionable) manipulation of nature.

32. New systems and structures will be created aligned to nature’s natural cycles and rhythms, like changing           

      seasons, growth cycles of plants, and stages of development of a person’s life, values and moral character. 

33. Controlled redistribution of wealth ... has dire consequences because it’s not “nature’s way.” 

      Nature unites what is harmonious—and diminishes what is not.  



34. WE THE PEOPLE ... ARE FORCING TRUTH TO SURFACE. Don’t buy into “we the people” are victims. 

35. In 2020 “we the people” wake up to controversial truths—wake up and out of delusions and illusions.

36. “We the people” keep asking questions. We don’t accept the programming—the official version of anything. 

37. Lots of people discover how the world really works—and begin to competently navigate the Matrix Reality

38. Nothing is real. The media, social engineering, think tanks and Tavistock Institute create manipulated realities.

39. People get fed up with leaders abuse of power as they begin to “see” the manipulation of truth. 

40. Powerbroker stakeholders have a lot vested in maintaining current structures, institutions and the current 

      economic systems.They will fight hard to retain status quo and control, without caring about we the people. 

41. With all the buzz about “fake news,” now people can’t tell what’s real and what’s fake. Ready for a secret? 

      It’s all fake. Major networks all buy stories from a primary source. Each reporter “spins” the info slightly and           

      adds their bias. Most “news” is nothing but BS. It’s just like a Hollywood reality show or soap opera.  

42. People learn most corporations are a liability to society—they run the world with motives of stockholder profits.  

43. People are shocked to find out that technology (that was intended for the good of humanity) got

      hijacked and is being used to control and manipulate everyone and everything.

44. The “macro-economics model” gets exposed for being an artificial reality—a rigged system that’s unsustainable.

45. Greed and power motivate dastardly folks with multiple agendas, to disrupt governments and political processes. 


MORAL VICTORIES —— “We the People”...

46. We The People contemplate and resolve our personal material/spiritual values conflicts. We are committed to 

      progressing on our sacred inner journey—while experiencing a successful life in the external world. 

47. We The People examine and rethink the ethical foundations of society—the exploitation of nature and natural

      resources, economic sanctions, climate alarmism, war machine, predatory banking, debt, student loans,    

      company loyalty, sweat shop manufacturing conditions, exploitation of third world countries, mind- controlling

      fake media, plastic pollution, etc.—and we the people come up with our own ethical decisions. 

48. We The People  make economic choices that reflect equality and integrity. 

49. We The People support only enlightened business and financial exchange systems that are integrous and fair.

50. We The People ditch industries and businesses that lack environmental ethics, exploit Mother Earth,

      thrive on people’s desires to have the newest, latest and greatest and thrive on calculated obsolescence.

51. We The People drop into our hearts and ask the hard questions—but we cleverly avoid melancholia, worry, fear,

      discouragement, half-hearted undertakings, and caring what people think or say about your actions. 

52. We The People investigate and contemplate current assumptions about economics and morality—then 

      expand into an entirely new economic consciousness for ourselves and our loved ones.

53. During political posturing and dramas, “We The People” don’t let ourselves be “played” or manipulated 

      by polarized distractions, 30-second mind-control sound-bites or the “drama of the elections.”  

54. We The People respect the systems but don’t worship them—only participating in ways that honor ourselves and our values. 



55. At the start of 2020 you can expect serious thoughts about your future and the future of humanity. 

56. WE must CREATE Our Way Out—the only way out is to harness the creative energy of genius creator beings.

57. Quest in 2020 is to create our “natural” individual and collective future—stop dreaming dreams and live them. 

58. Re-evaluate programmed beliefs (both individual and collective)—about what we the people truly want from life—and

      what we thepeople need to contribute to life.


60. Stop manipulating energy to get what YOU want, so that YOU can live the good life. 

61. Stop getting caught up in “ain’t it awful” conversations. Only think and talk about alternative creative solutions.

62. Change yourself to change the world. Today’s world is fraught with chaos and crisis, yet each of us has the           

      power to change ourselves, live our intended destiny—and BE the change we want to see in the world.

63. WE must establish economic business activities that create a firm basis for everyone’s future growth.

64. WE must re-create “our future” Nature’s Way. 

65. We the people are not problems to be solved. We are CHANGE AGENTS.

66. We the people have been cleverly mind controlled—but we are not evil, bad or stupid.

67. Contrary to the “climate alarmists”—We the people are part of the problem—BUT not “the” problem.           

      Earth goes through natural cycles—but weather maniputation/warfare is changing the climate.

68. Don’t buy into the BS that humans are bad and Agenda 21/Agenda 2030 will make us “better humans and global citizens.”

69. Don’t be deceived by Ai (artificial intelligence) which is really Ti (technologic intelligence) and it’s 

      ploy to make “Sub-humans” into “Transhumans.” 

70. 2020 is the year to activate your new desires, gifts, abilities and sense of purpose. Pay attention 

      to your heart as it entices you to explore, achieve, create and experience your intended destiny.

71. No half-hearted undertakings this year. Be willing to follow an arduous process to achieve your goals. 

72. You need to dare and need to try—without any compromise or compromising. 

73. Work and lots of it is required—but work that inspires your soul. Be progressive, tenacious and thrifty.

74. Elicit the help of your “unseen team” and your soul’s mastery.

75. Start where you are, clarify what you need, create an action plan, persist through 

      challenges—and you be will amazed how cleverly your goals are achieved.

76. Don’t talk about all the great things you are intending to be or do. Quietly and intently co-create your future.

77. Get inspired by reading books and watching videos about change-makers who are, or did, strive to help humanity.

78. In 2020 millions (maybe billions) of people will download a new OS (operating system) that activates “heart            

      co-creation vs. brain-power creation.” Catalyst events will shift “head-stuff” to the heart’s intuitive wisdom. 

79. Divine Uploading is a new gift available to everyone. Each of us is multi-dimensional with vast soul mastery            

      inner resources. Receive ideas, inventions, music, etc., directly from Source and your creative genius.

80. All year long you will come across obstacles—make these “bumps in the road” your activation calls. 

81. Empower youth with the insights and skills they need to succeed in the new world.

82. The energy of 2020 supports ALL HANDS ON DECK. Everyone is being summoned to make shift happen. Currently less

       than 10% of the people contribute their time, energy and abilities to charitable organizations,  churches, community

       events or political campaigns. From 2020 on—“contributionism” is a natural way of life.  

Business-Work-Financial Insights for 2020

1. Right action in a “4” year is to work, be disciplined, be frugal—create order, routines and     

    solid foundations. Individuals, businesses and governments need to balance their spending

    and be fiscally responsible.

2. Seriously consider economic solutions that establish stability, security and a firm basis for future growth and 

    on-going success in personal affairs, family matters, business activities and the global monetary systems.

3. Proper preparation prevents poor performance. Analyze everything. Organize your insurance papers, 

    mortgage or lease papers, know how much money you have, what your property is worth, and make 

    sure all legal matters, contracts and agreements are in first class order. 

4. In 2020, ASK THE RIGHT QUESTION—“What does life want from me? ... instead of ...“What do I want?”

5. This is a good year to start or build a business that’s committed to making $$$ while making a difference. 

6. Use your spiritual values to create material wealth—insure your success by investing in specialized knowledge.

7. Going within does not necessitate “going without.” Being on your spirit’s path doesn’t require living an

     impoverished life. Celebrate the money you make from the fruits of your labor and wise investments. 

8. Avoid arguments and hasty decisions. Use skill, discernment and common sense to handle all challenges. 

9. Don’t be a time manager—be a priority manager. Cut major goals into bite-sized pieces. Break down 

    big goals and commitments into smaller steps. In time you will accomplish your goals.

10. Learn manifesting/alignment strategies. Don’t get into action before you’ve created vibrational alignment. 

11. Re-evaluate your business to determine if it needs a heart transplant. The biggest competitive advantage is 

      not money and profits—but the elusive powerful heart qualities of values, vision, energy, spirit and passion.

12.  CONTRIBUTIONISM: Ditch monopoly capitalism for contributionism. “Nature’s Way” only supports the “Law 

      of Reciprocal Energy—meaning, those who enrich life will be enriched—those who impoverish life will be 

      impoverished. Create spirit-infused businesses, projects, products, services and inventions and reap big

      financial rewards for cleverly incorporating soul into your enterprising activities.

13. To get inspiration, peace of mind, a change in perspective, enhanced heart-body-mind-spirit health and

      increased productivity—business people need to get out of artificial environments and into nature. Take              

      mini-vacation “time-out nature escapes” (without phones and technology). Schedule business meetings in 

      outdoor retreat centers, camp out, and have group fireside chats about heart-warming mind-expanding subjects. 

14. Remember “all work and no play” diminishes productivity and health. All year long—find  creative

      ways to build FUN into business, work, projects, meetings, gatherings and experiences. 


Pathways of Service You Can Follow in 2020

Lots of opportunities to put what’s inside of you into the world. If you have a product, service or insights that would enhance the quality of life on planet earth—connect with like-minded people and get your spirit infused creations into the marketplace. Don’t be intimidated by “big box businesses” or people who are providing similar information or services. Be wise leaders, counselors, guides, mentors, healers, uplifters, teachers—and the answers to someone’s prayers or the prayers of humanity.


    • Businesses—play the contribution game and use your re-evolutionary business to transform the world.

    • Writers—write your books, articles, stories and blogs. Shift consciousness with your writing.

    • Artists ... paint, sculpt, photograph and draw. Your creations shift consciousness and enrich people’s lives. 

    • Musicians—create!!! Create and perform “happy” soul-stirring music. People will crave it.

    • Spiritual leaders, teachers, mentors—your wisdom will be needed by lots of folks going through “shift.” 

    • Baby Boomers—there’s no retirement. Your unique life purpose (vocation of destiny) is waiting for you.

    • Chiropractors, bodyworkers, healers, massage practitioners—lots of people will need healing and integration.       

    • Got something to say? Speak to groups of people at businesses, schools, churches, organizations and homes.

      Speak about honoring Mother Earth, empowerment, spiritual/material values, prospering, co-creation and 

      whatever you have expertise in and feel passionate about sharing. 

HEALTH and WELL-BEING Insights for 2020

Reminders for 2020: Sort through confusing health B.S., expand your knowledge, take charge of your health

by becoming your “own authority” and say goodbye to “cradle to grave doctoring.” Avoid negative people,

divorce yourself from media mania, take back your life from social media and the techno-craze, commune

with nature and invest time building a support system of like-minded people. 


1. Self-Care is very important this year. Take time-outs to stay healthy, get plenty of rest and spend 

    time each day stretching, walking, relaxing, meditating and following healthy eating regimes.

2. Clean out the clutter. Get organized. Beautify your home and work environments.

3. Do Tai Chi/QiGong, yoga and sports. They’re good exercise and provide an inner model to succeed in your life. 

4. Play a musical instrument. The discipline creates an inner structured template for multi-faceted success.

5. Think and meditate on life. Your spiritual understanding will increase your health, vitality and well-being. 

6. Be forewarned and pay attention to important people in your life. During 2020, lots of people will be feeling 

     miserable, fed-up, lonely, depressed or afraid—and for relief turn to drugs, alcohol, opioids and suicidal thoughts.

7. Higher planetary energy frequencies are increasing everyone’s intuitive abilities. Empaths and psychically sensitive

    people” need to learn how to protect themselves, so they don’t pick up other people’s undisciplined thoughts,         

    energy and emotional stuff—and think it’s theirs. If you feel “yucky” ask yourself whose stuff did I pick up and clear it.

8. Get off your command/control post over your body. Make your body the foundation of your financial portfolio. 

    Falling in love with your body is the ultimate secret to heart-body-mind-spirit health, happiness and longevity.

9. Gain new respect for your body and create a loving partnership with it. Become a masterful energy manager. 

10. Create a loving partnership with Mother Earth. Ground and learn how to energetically 

      merge with her vibrations to receive energy, wisdom messages and support. 

11. Become a “Nature Advocate.” Nature, fresh air and sunshine can greatly enhance your health. 

       Spend lots of time in nature. It’s cheap therapy. Learn about “earthing.” Take off your shoes and

       connect with the earth. 

12. Don’t neglect small illnesses or health challenges. Pay attention. Take care of your health daily. 

13. Turn off the media. It’s psychological PR warfare. TV and news stories drain people’s

      energy, create heart-break, manipulate people, increase fear and make people sick. 

14. Areas of your body that need extra attention this year are hips, knees, legs, ankles, feet and low back. Do 

      grounding/earthing to give your body earth’s energetic support and to balance your electro-magnetic energy. 

15. The six best doctors in the world are sunlight, rest, exercise, diet, self-confidence and friends.

16. Consciously build a support system. Build family—genetic, soul tribe, extended, intentional and inter-dimensional. 

17. STOP ALL INVOLVEMENT WITH VIOLENCE. Don’t support the creators of entertainment who promote violence          

      and killing. Only experience movies, books, video games, plays and music that are positive and uplifting. 

      Support only entertainment that promotes beautiful, magical, and uplifting stories and games.

18. Journal to get your thoughts/feelings out of your head and onto paper, so you can see them. This will 

      stop incessant mind chatter, free you from the think-think-think rut—give you clarity—help you sleep               

       better and allow space for new creative ideas and options to come into your mind. 

19. Differentiate purging—from being sick. Don’t say you are sick, or get sucked into joining those who say

      they have a cold or flu, when what you’re really doing is purging old cells and energy from your body.

20. Take mini-vacations. Go to places like the mountains, desert or beach to give your body energetic support. 

21. Amidst all the work and flurry of activities, intentionally eat right, create quiet time, relax, take walks, sing,          

       dance, play a musical instrument, get plenty of sleep and do daily time-outs to recharge your batteries.

22. Co-create with your body’s wisdom. Ask your body what it wants to eat and drink, what clothes it wants to            

       wear, music and movies it prefers, where it wants to live, who it wants to be with, what exercise it wants.  

23. Expand your understanding of health to include healthy heart-body-mind-spirit ... plus healthy

      businesses, work, finances, economies, relationships, emotions and a healthy planet. 


Helpful DVD to create an energetically strong body. FIT 150: Mind/Body Exercise—To order call Joy or 

Teresa at  512-306-053. No online orders. ($25.00)  


RELATIONSHIP Insights for 2020 

Connect with people who share a common earth mission and values—people you feel a sense of belonging, community

and soul-connection with (regardless of their unique diverse life paths, cultures, backgrounds, religious or spiritual disciplines, education, different perspectives and out-there approaches to world problems).


1. Support others—support yourself equally. Don’t permit anyone to manipulate you and run your life. 

2. Look into each others hearts and understand the unique challenges someone is facing. 

    Treat each other more gently and with more love, patience, tolerance and compassion.

3. Share your authentic feelings honestly and directly—encourage everyone to do the same.

4. Family is very important this year—genetic, soul tribe, furry friends, extended, intended and galactic.

5. Attend family gatherings, social gatherings, parties, meetings, combine family trips with business trips.

6. People and family matters will need to be taken care of all throughout 2020. Remember it’s important for 

    you to be helpful to employees, relatives and family members ... but you must hold everyone accountable         

    and not take their responsibilities away from them.  

7. For pleasure and inspiration hang out with children, young people and “hip seniors.” 

8. Make new friends. Find ways to meet new people who will play important roles in your future.

9. Select friends and associates who are moral, ethical and doing practical worthwhile things in the world. 

10. Most people don’t innately know how to support others, so learning how to support others is important this year.

11. Re-evalute business associates, friends and all relationships. End those that don’t fit and create new friends.  

12. Collaborate with others folks who have an “interdependent consciousness.”

13. A big challenge this year is to learn new ways to work together in synergistic partnerships—(working as 

     a collective group mind without individual egos getting in the way, where everyone honors the talents and

     abilities of the others—and where each person pulls their own oar and responsibly does their own job.

14. Humanity is being manipulated towards fear instead of love. Subtly, lots of folks are being polarized and           

      brain-washed to believe most people are evil and violent—and women and men have irreconcilable differences. 

15. No superficial communication this year. Create deep meaningful conversations with people in your life. 

16. Set healthy boundaries. Graciously (without misunderstanding, resentments, or arguments) 

      release anyone who does not celebrate who you are and who you are becoming.

17. Nurture and cherish Divine feminine and Divine Masculine energy in both women and men.

18. Make helping each other a natural way of life. Don’t wait for some kind of a trajedy  

      to “help one another”—like what happens in fox holes or severe weather conditions. 

19. You can expect your relationships during 2020 (and through 2025) to force each other to grow and 

      become more authentic. During 2020 find creative ways to transcend family issues and programming. 

20. Courageously create heart-soul based spiritual partnerships. Learn how to choose a spiritual partner, 

      how to be in a spiritual partnership—and how Divine Destiny and soul contracts work. 

21. Establish rituals in everything you do. Make ordinary moments—extraordinary. Life enrichment ceremonies            

      can include a business blessing, new home/sacred space blessing, home release ceremony, welcoming          

      a newborn baby,  spiritual partnership ceremony, divorce-partnership release ceremony, end of life 

      celebration and nature celebrations for Equinoxes and Solstices. 

22. Be sure to make expectations clear so you avoid misunderstandings, resentments and hurt feelings.

23. Practice Care-frontation!!! When “stuff” comes up between you and someone else—love yourself  

      and the other person enough to speak your truth and not be concerned with what might happen. 

24. Don’t be surprised if other people impose on you or try to take advantage of you this year. Speak 

      your truth, stand up for yourself, stick to the facts, use diplomacy, and quickly put stuff behind.

25. Teach children about structure, foundations, discipline, order, routine and frugality. Remember, all children          

       are watched over, guided, nurtured and protected by their guides and soul’s mastery. Thank yourself often

      for being a good parent, grandparent or role odel for these precious souls.

26. Spend lots of time with heart-warming “furry friends.” They will need grounding and extra TLC.

CHALLENGES in 2020       

1. Conscious participation with nature and Mother Earth—vs. the general consensus of

unconscious(and unconscionable) manipulation, won’t happen overnight. Shifting gears from having

a deeply irresponsible command-control post over nature will require that people step out of the

agendas and seriously rethink their personal relationship with Mother Earth. People can watch

Youtubes and read, but the best way to regain respect for the earth is to spend lots of time in

nature. If you are a “nature advocate and earth warrior,” share your practical wisdom with unenlightened

people. Get them to contemplate what it will take for them/us to heal the planet and help it’s inhabitants. 

2. BECOME A “MATURE ELDER”—AND EMPOWERED CITIZEN OF THE NEW EARTH. Disruption and chaos will intensify during 2020. What was only annoying up until now, will become more obvious. As great numbers of “we the people” wake up from the control games and manufactured reality—it can be devastating to one’s present world views. The new insights can undermine everything you have been taught, believe and rely upon. The truth can set you free, but it’s natural to react with a variety of emotions from anger to elation. Be discerning. Stay out of fear. Respond vs. react. 


3. MAKE SOMEONE’S DAY—SPREAD JOY IN THE WORLD. Turn perfunctory tasks like dealing with cashiers, technicians, customer service people and coworkers—into joyous experiences. “Consciously connect” with everyone. Before “getting the job done or problem solved”—introduce yourself. In 2020, talk to neighbors and strangers. Even if you’re flustrated or angry—commit to making all interactions loving and memorable.


4. Media mind-programming has gotten very sophisticated. The “spin” is manufactured, emotionally charged, dualistic, polarized distractions that cause heart ache, steal people’s energy and make them sick. Like TV soap operas, people are addicted to TV and radio shows so they “get the next episode and know what’s going on.” Because 2020 is an election year in America, collective mind-entrainment will be intensified. If you want to be healthy, happy and harmonious—turn off the news. Be very selective with your intake of media. Refuse to watch anything violent, polarizing or cruel!!! Remember everything you read, hear on the radio or see on TV is propaganda promoting someone’s agenda. Media is big business. Stop perpetuating the “latest stories” by talking about them. Stop watching TV “to veg or zone” after an energy draining day at work. Go for a walk, meditate, read a heart-warming mind-expanding book or hold someone’s hand. Want to contribute to making life on planet earth utopic? TUNE OUT the “ain’t it awful”—TUNE INTO feelings of ecstatic joy.


5. Train yourself to see LIGHT AT THE BEGINNING OF THE TUNNEL. Most people have been programmed by the saying, “There’s light at the end of the tunnel.” This causes unconscious feelings of struggle and hopelessness because you’ve got to get to the end of the tunnel before achieving your objectives. During 2020 envision “Light at the beginning of the tunnel.” Then immediately begin feeling how you will feel when you create what you choose to manifest. This gives you “light at the beginning of the tunnel.”  


6. Men and women have feminine/masculine energy—yin/yang energy. Currently there is a huge imbalance in yin/yang energy in both males and females. During 2020 identify feminine and masculine energy qualities—then diligently monitor and integrate your masculine and feminine behaviors. Don’t bounce the M/F energies back and forth.  Flow yin/yang energy like the yin/yang symbol.


7. Make a contract with yourself to eliminate all perfunctory tasks in 2020. This year requires lots of work, but you can 

make conscious choices to transform routine, mindless, boring activities—into joyous adventurous activities. 


8. Know the difference between benevolent and malevolent technology. Ditch addictions to the unhealthy techno-craze. Technological Intelligence (Ti) has lots of useful tools, but behind some (Ti) are profit-driven people with huge marketing budgets who have subtly usurped control of many minds across the planet. Their long-term dastardly intentions are to “mine hearts and spirits,” isolate people and remove human empathy. Instead of empowering multi-dimensional humans, de-evolutionary “data-mining technologies” are dumbing people down and turning them into unconscious, controlled, manipulated, reactive zombies and “techno transhumans.” 


9. Want to help someone in need? Remember, none of us knows “what’s right” for anyone else or “right” in situations and events. The best way to help is to say: “I ask for Right Action that is for the highest and best for all concerned.”
You can also emphatically command, LET TRUTH PREVAIL. You are never a helpless victim of circumstances. Regardless if what’s going on seems out of your control, you can always send energetic help. By sending positive thought energy or envisioning angels hovering over a home, a hospital room, a car accident, a business, a country, Washington DC, a weather disaster area or a war torn place on the planet—you are sending help.

6 ENERGY MANAGEMENT EXERCISES — Extra Support To Prosper in 2020

1. HEART BREATH: To get out of your head, turn off your mind chatter, activate your heart energy—and consciously breath. You can do this when you are stressed, can’t sleep or when you need to get centered. Close your eyes, put your hands on your heart and sacred heart center, take in a deep breath through your nose. As you exhale notice your rib cage as it expands and contracts. Focus your energy on your heart instead of your head. Count one on the inhale, two on the exhale and do at least 50 breaths. (When you are super stressed—you may have to breath up to 400 breaths). Make this empowering heart breath your “first go-to tool” for every energetic challenge!!! 


2. GROUNDING YOUR ENERGY: Merge with nature!!! Walk in nature, do Tai Chi, yoga, breathing exercises, the prayer to the four directions, sun salute—or whatever works for you. Create a loving partnership with Mother Earth. Find ways to connect your heart to her heart. Don’t just look at nature or be in nature. Feel Mother Earth’s love for you, just like the love a mother feels from the connection with her child. Consciously source your life-force energy from Mother Earth. To energiz, empowerment and protection, stand on the earth, and create a big bubble of energy all around you. Take nature adventure escapes, walk in nature and sync your body-clock with the rhythms and cycles of nature. Consciously listen to the sounds of nature, listen to the trees, wind, birds, waves—see the stars, moon, sunrises and sunsets.


3. SOLARIZE—BECOME A “MITOCHONDRIAC”: The sun is your friend. Light is a potent medicine that is crucial to creating a healthy body, healthy cells and emotional well-being. Daily do “Mito Basking.” The best time to get healing frequencies from the sun is from dawn to 10am. All you have to do is go outside, walk or just sit.  Even if the sun is not out, the sun’s frequencies get absorbed by your cells. You can also “solarize” by going outside in the sun (without sunglasses and sunscreen). Sit or lay on a natural fiber blanket on the ground, relax, close your eyes and let the sunlight energize you for at least 20 minutes per session. (To get more energy, you can do this barefoot with your feet on the earth).


4. LETGO/RECREATE is a new protocol for conscious co-creators to make changes in their life. The old way was to get a new job, relationship or home—then release the old job, relationship or home. But things have changed. Now letting go comes first (especially energetic letting go)—or you will attract more of what you had. In the new heart-first co-creation construct, regardless if you want a new relationship, home, car or job, you must determine your heart’s desires first. To attract new and different people, jobs and stuff—you must raise your vibrational frequency before getting into action. When you reverse old ways of manifesting, then “new stuff” just sorta zooms in. 


5. Appreciation and Gratitude Can Quickly Shift Your Vibrational Frequency!!! If you feel stuck, de-pressed, scattered, exhausted or fearful, this appreciation writing exercise will be invaluable. For best results get in the habit of doing this every day (preferably in the morning for about 10 or 15 minutes). Sit down with a piece of paper and write your appreciation thoughts, as fast as they enter your mind. Write only things you truly appreciate such as your health, eyesight, home, city you live in, your co-workers, dog or cat, creativity, friends, job, in-come and ingenuity, etc. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your energy shifts and you’re back to being a masterful mighty manifester. If you lose your positivity or vibrational frequency during the day, sit quietly for a few minutes. Think or write appreciation thoughts. To get more of what you really want, you will need to train yourself to notice all the wonderful things you already have. Eventually, you will get to where your default emotion is appreciation and gratitude. Then you won’t have to seek happiness, it will exude from you like the fragrance of a flower. You are a genius co-creator. Get into the “appreciation habit.” You will be forever grateful.    


6. EARTHING/GROUNDING: Take off your socks and shoes and sit outside in a chair with your feet on the earth for 15 minutes. You may not feel anything, but the electrons come into your feet and energize your body. Be like a tree sourcing its energy from its deep roots in the ground. Get into the habit of walking barefoot on grass, earth, dirt and concrete—but not blacktop because it’s an oil based product. Walking barefoot also massages the acupuncture points on your feet. If you live near the ocean, then walk barefoot on beach. Wet sand and grass are great conductors of energy. Be kind to your feet. Don’t do things to hurt them. If your feet are sensitive, with time you will gradually build up leather-like skin on the bottom of your feet. Enjoy creating a new relationship with your feet. It will pay huge dividends. 

Jeanine’s WRAPPING IT UP THOUGHTS for 2020 ... the Year Of NATURE’S WAY


I trust you feel as honored as I am to consciously know the Aquarian Wisdom and invisible plan that’s been

revealed in Vision 2020. When I was “uploading” this info, I kept hearing in my head, ALL HANDS ON DECK.

I looked up the meaning of these words and learned they are often used in situations requiring everyone to

diligently work together in order to achieve a specific objective. These words are perfect for the EPIC TASKS

“we the people” (consciously or unconsciously) agreed to set in motion during 2020 to 2030.


My best advice is to STEP IT UP. If you’re doing something to enhance life on planet earth (and beyond)—this

is the year to be more and make a greater impact. If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines thinking about your

life’s purpose, it’s time to get into action. If you’ve been busy maintaining a lifestyle and surviving—then turn

off the media, listen to your heart vs. your head, join groups of people who are awake and informed—and

open new doorsof opportunity. I believe the “architects of the new paradigms” are currently incarnated

on earth—and within these 7.5 billion people are all the solutions to earth’s problems. It’s time to  believe in

ourselves, rollup our sleeves and get to work!!!!  AND SO IT IS.

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Ah-Has & Ideas in Vision 2020 that “really spoke to me”... 











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