How To Flourish In 2016 ... the year of RE-EVOLUTION 
by Jeanine Just ©2016


THE ROAD AHEAD FOR 2016:  Welcome to Earth School 2016. This is a “9” year for all 7.5 billion people on the planet. In 9-YearCycles each year has an invisible plan, energy and purpose. Knowing this 2016 information will empower you to pro-actively make “right decisions” and masterfully navigate these changing times. In 2016 the “winds of change are blowing.” We will be witnessing the collapse of the world ego and break free of the shackles that have tied people to assumptions through generations over centuries. All souls (consciously or unconsciously) have agreed to “stop rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic” and experience big-time shift while imagining and re-envisioning new possibilities for every facet of life on planet earth. By the close of 2016, millions (probably billions) will be revelling in this monumental year of perception shifts and “re-evolution.”

General 2016 Insights

1. 2016 is the closing of a 9-year cycle of experiences. As 7.5 billion people leave a 9-year cycle behind, 

    it’s important to celebrate how much “shift” you and others have endured. Give yourself a big hug.  

    Be gentle and compassionate with yourself and other people during this year. 

2. GLOBAL QUEST in EarthSchool 2016 is for RE-EVOLUTION—meaning a time of “great awakening” and 

    the next quantum leap in consciousness. It’s a time of Re-Evolution ... not revolution. Over the past 50 to

    150 years enough people have raised their vibrational frequency—and now collective humanity is poised 

    for possibly the biggest year of “collective shift” ever experienced on planet earth in one year. It’s a gift to be 

    on earth at this momentous time in history—consciously co-creating our individual and collective futures. 

3. Two distinctly different realities are evolving. The closing of 2000+ years of the PiceanEraof masculine power, duality, greed,             separation, authority, control and deception—the birthing of the AquarianConsciousnessEra of unity, truth, integrity, 

    oneness (not sameness), spiritual power, universality, feminine power, reverence and conscious co-creation. 

4. The world of duality and polarity will continue to crumble, with a clear division between old and new realities.     

    Expect to experience an “energetic tug-of-war”... 3-D 5-sense reality will try to pull you down into the old, 

    safe and familiar ... 4th/5th-D energy will be pulling you up into joy, adventure, abundance and new realities. 

5. 2016 will be a tumultuous year with continued “pressing forward shift energies.” No person or institution 

    will be able to take “lower vibrating beliefs, habits, people or stuff” with them into the higher vibrations.  

6. Lots of people will discover “timelines” are malleable. Co-creators are not restricted to embedded programmed timelines.

    “We the people” can consciously choose our preferred re-evolutionary timelines. Nothing is “etched in stone.” Timelines

     can be shifted, altered and co-created by willful intent and conscious choices.

7. If you feel “flustrated,” a sense of futility, or “what’s the use”—quickly shift your mood. Be a visionary,not awhat-is-onary, or

    you will spiral into negativity and create more of what you don’t want faster and faster.  

8. Focus on your heart’s desires and things that bring you joy—then plunge into your future trusting your 

    inner resources will serve you well. Agree to do what’s necessary, then joyfully move forward (even if the 

    outcome is unclear and the results you are getting are not what you intended). 

9. The Age of Conscious Awareness and new Era of Spirit kick into high gear in 2016. Be grateful for the vast amounts of

    informationavailabletoeveryone,onawidearrayoftopics.In previous times, only upper echelons of the hierarchical systems

    had access to information. Today, empowering information is available to everyone.

10.  Learn about consciousness, whatitmeanstobe“conscious”—what is consciousworkandbusiness, conscious living,

       conscious breathing—conscious relationships, parenting, and deathing—and conscious co-creation.

11. Think about this! “Consciousshifting” is a big game-changer because it’s not linear. SHIFT HAPPENS faster than a blink of

      an eye. When a group of clearly intentioned people commit to a new vision and vigilantly focus their energy they create a                 TIPPING POINT—and shift just happens. It doesn’t take consensus of 100% of the people to shiftconsciousness.

      It only takes approximately 2 to 10% to create a “critical mass tipping point.” 

12. Prepare yourself to “knowtruthsthatwillsetyoufree.” This year ushers in a new era of TRUTH causing 

      stuffthat’sbeenhiddentobebroughttothelight of day.” Control and manipulation deceptions will be 

      exposed. Don’t “fear truth”—welcome it. Consciousness expands by releasing illusions. Corruption will 

      end when “wethepeople” wake up, educate ourselves—and courageously make new choices.

13. Anything that’s outlived its usefulness and inhibits growth requires release—whether it’s in life, media,

      business, banking, politics, religion, economics, medicine, education, science, law or entertainment.

      Greater accountability, reverence and respect will be required from now on. If something isn’t being 

      corrected it will destroy itself. It’s a good idea for people to agree to “walk the straight and narrow” 

      before they “get caught.” Takeanethicalstanceoftruthandintegrityin everything you say and do in 2016.



14. As things seem to be falling apart, don’t personalize anything, beat yourself up, take things too seriously 

      or blame yourself for “screwing up.” It’s not about you. It’s about huge planetary and intergalactic energy shifts. 

15. Humanitarianism takes priority this year! Expect your inner self to guide you away from personal, small 

      and narcissistic interests—and towards universal thoughts of conscientious stewardship. You can expect to

      flourish, If you align your personal goals so you contribute to the betterment of yourself, others and society. 

16. HELP ONE ANOTHER !!! Don’t wait for the government or institutions. Regardless of media’s perception 

      distortion—99% of the people on the planet are instinctively loving, kind and compassionate.

17. This year is not about right-wrong or good-bad. It’s about living an integrous life and living by higher 

      spiritual laws—or—learning the consequences of violating personal integrity and spiritual laws. 

18. Discover the difference between joy and happiness. Joy is a vibrational frequency. Happiness is usually 

      short-lived, like the thrill of a new car or clothes. Wake up each day and remind yourself to ... choose joy. 

19. LIBERATE JOY. If something wants to go out of your life, bless it, thank it for the gifts it’s brought you ... 

       then lovingly let it go. Allow friends, colleagues and relationships to drift out of your life. “Done-finished” 

       beliefs, relationships, lifestyles and “stuff” must be let go–even if you don’t want to release it. 

20. Don’t think of letting go as a sacrifice. It’s a way to create space for new stuff to enter your life. You’re likely 

      to be surprised when you feel relief, liberation, joy and empowerment—instead of pain and loss. 

21. Make JOY a priority !!! During “tough experiences” don’t wallow in pain, grief, sorrow and drama. To move

      through stuff quickly, vigilantly shift to experiencing joy during flustration, sadness and even during despair. 

22. Whether you’re traveling the world, reading a book, listening to music, working in your garden, or 

      sharing special moments with family or friends—take time to savor whatever brings JOY into your life. 

23. Let go of anything outdated or undesirable in your life, be it a job, relationship, baggage or even cherished       

      beliefs you’ve been holding onto. The “9” energies support getting on with the next chapter of your life. 

24. Simplify your life. Look around your home and office. If they’re filled with things you don’t use and don’t 

      need, like clothes, furniture, old books, videos and other collections—give them away. Trust that you will 

      manifest what you need when you need it. 

 25. Lots of contemplating and soul-searching this year—both reflective and futuristic. Expect to be asking       

       yourself, “Who am I, what’s my purpose, the purpose of life ... and what really matters to me?”

26. A keyquestiontofrequentlyaskyourselfthroughout2016is ... “What beliefs, responsibilities, habits, 

      relationships and stuff, etc., do I want to take with me into my future?” 

27. Regardless of people’s age or socioeconomic status, awakening to the divinity within is a priority in 2016. In order for 

      for inner truth to be reflected in one’s lived reality, many people will be taken to their spiritual knees, stripped of

      non-essentials and forced to clean up their act. Remember: Lett hings happen around you but not in you.

28. 2016 is about endings, letting go, closure—but it’s also about activating a new era of practical spiritual 

      understanding and using new re-evolutionary spiritual technologies to learn, grow, ascend and transcend.

29. Character Counts in 2016. Activate “integrous living and a virtuous life.” As things are removed, either by choice

      or default, character will be tested. People will discover the ultimate measure of a person is not 

      where they stand in moments of comfort, but where they stand at times of challenge and controversy. 

30. Commandthattruthprevailsinallsituations. Look beyond societal laws to spiritual laws. If you don’t 

      know what to do—clearly and emphatically state, “LET TRUTH PREVAIL.” Then watch what happens. 

31. Unlike change, perceptions and perception shifts don’t require actions and they don’t take time. 

      Get new insights ... and faster than a blink of an eye, your reality is changed forever.

32. Get “simple joys and richness” from participating in cultural, spiritual, philosophical, inspirational and 

      creative activities—and regularly indulge yourself in nature and take R & R nature escapes. 

33. It can be an unsettling year. New beginnings are just around the corner, but you’ll have to let go to begin 

      again. It will help to take the focus off yourself and serve others. Think of yourself as a trapeze artist who has       

      to let go of one hoop to catch another one—and who has to sway back and forth to stay on the tightrope.

34. Raise your vibrational frequency and let your heart-light brightly shine. Become aware of the impact your  

      BEing has on others. The effect you have on others is the most valuable contribution you can make. 

35. None of us knows what’s “right” for anyone else or “right” in situations and events, so let your prayer

      be: “IaskforDivineRightActionthatisforthehighestandbestforallconcerned.”

36. When you’re trying to help but nothing seems to be working, use your mind and send angels to hover 

      over a home, business, a country, a weather disaster area or a war torn place on the planet.

37. Hearts dream—hearts love, hearts care. Get beyond reason and logic ... to trusting your intuitive guidance.

      Think with your heart. Become a logical, rational ... and intuitive problem-solver. 

38. Pay attention to your children and “furry friends.” These 2016 insights don’t only apply to adults.

39. Linear time and space realties are passe` beliefs. Past-present-future is old programming. There is only NOW. 

40. Incremental shifts create exponential transformation. Don’t wait to make changes until you have everything perfectly

      figured out. Re-invent incrementally by practicing “segment intending.” Be content to do what you 

      can ... and then when it’s time, do the next segment and then the next and the next.  

41. LET GO—RECREATE. In the past, most people would get a new job or relationship—then make life changes. 

      But things have changed. Now letting go comes first (especially energetically letting go)—or you will attract more 

      of what you had. It’s important to raise your vibrational frequency so you attract the new and different 

      people, jobs and stuff you’ve been wanting all along ... and then the “new” just zooms in. 

42. The truth is about to be revealed about the contrived illusion of scarcity and poverty. The universe is abundant and

      abundance is everyone’s birthright. The “magic formula” for activating the flow of bounty, abundance and prosperity

      is appreciation and thanks-giving. 

43. Don’t get discouraged if you see lots of pain, suffering and violence in 3-D reality. Remember shift takes 

      place in the invisible higher 4th/5th energetic dimensions first. It’s often hard to “see” that humanity is really 

      on the brink of the “new reality” of integrity, harmony and love, when the media promotes yucky stuff. 

44. Many of today’s norms are ... normalbutnotnatural. A high priority in 2016 is aligning everything to “nature’s way.”

45. As you review your life and choose what you’d like to keep ... gradually new plans for your future will reveal

      themselves. If you release lots of stuff in the first half of 2016—the last half of the year will be much easier.



46. Stop believing in separation.Stop pretending separation is real.Shift tointegration/unity consciousness. Polarized opposites

       are designed to manipulate people. Don’t allow yourself to be polarized by right/wrong, good/bad, war/peace, win/lose,

       dark forces/lightworkers, material/spiritual, political parties, gender, race or religions.

47. Stop all “anti or against” thinking. Practice being aginst nothing. Energetically whatyou’re against—you’re for.

48. Choose light-hearted, joyous thoughts and emotions. Deliberately reach beyond struggle, disappointment, fear, pain and

      all reactive negative emotions. Be forewarned—many people will listen to the media and worry about the economy, jobs,

      food supply, health, safety, global warming and life in general. Their reality will be

      created by their choices. Don’t join them or you’ll bury yourself in negativity.

49. A BIG LESSON: Author David Icke said, “YOU CAN’T WAR FOR PEACE.” It hasn’t worked in 1000’s of years 

      and it’s certainly not working now. Make PEACE a personal priority and remember peace on earth is created

      by peace of mind, inner peace and peace in one’s life choices.

50. Mutual benefit, patience, tact, diplomacy and love are very important !!!  Don’t allow yourself to get sucked in

      by the media and it’s “so-called enemies.” Instead of fighting recalcitrant souls—embrace them with compassion.  

51. Have the courage to voluntarily let go or you will be forced to do it involuntarily. Get off your 

      command-control post and give life (and your destiny) a chance to help you!

52. Consciously co-create your new life. Manifest new personal realities by vigilantly staying in 4/5-D vibrations.

      There are no free lunches.  It doesn’t matter how much money you have or who you know. Each person has 

      to “earn their warbonnet feathers” and earn the right to live in the “new vibrational paradigm.” 

53. Release—break free—let go. You can’t hold two thoughts simultaneously so your mission, (should you 

      decide to accept it), is to toss out the old without a lot of drama—and only focus on those things you prefer 

      to experience. Don’t invest any energy in past losses, shattered dreams, bad decisions, old hopes that are 

      no longer relevant, discordant relationships, divorces, illusions, hopelessness, old beliefs and attitudes. 

54. Many people will “be on edge,” impatient and feel that their daily demands are more than they can deal with. 

55. GUARD AGAINST worry, fear, feeling anxious, being emotional, giving up, moodiness, despair, depression 

      and impulsive actions. It won’t be uncommon to feel alone, uncertain, uninspired, annoyed, de-pressed, 

      discouraged and out of control. No matter what ... discipline yourself to remain poised, joyful and compassionate.

56. Learn new spiritually-based grieving skills. Life has natural cycles of birth, death, endings and beginnings. During 2016

      many people will feel great sorrow for both small and large “letting go’s.” Don’t fall prey to programmed grieving

      “shoulds.” Create more joyous transitions with new grieving/releasing insights.

57. Contemplate the “taboo subject of death.” Learn re-evolutionary insights on living, dying, consciousness, frequency

      transformation and also expanded perspectives on death ... the ultimate mystery which awaits all of us. 


Business-Work-Financial Insights for 2016

1. Leaders lead the way—be wayshowers (way-show-ers) for people in all walks of life who need your insights and inspiration.

2. All year long be prepared to receive inspiration, help, ideas, $$$ and assistance from others.

3. Let life and others shoulder some of your responsibilities. You don’t have to do it all yourself.

4. All year long provide extra service. What you do for others will bring you personal rewards. It’s a “we” not “I-me” year. 

5. Share wisdom that helps others straighten out their affairs. Be a compassionate teacher, counselor and philanthropist. 

6. Regardless of your profession or job, if you educate, inspire, comfort and protect people ... your possibilities are unlimited.

7. Complete unfinished business or activities in order to prepare for your new future both in 2016 and 2017.

8. If your motives are only for personal gain, $$$, achievement and power—you can expect pain and disillusionment.

9. The voiceofyourDivineLifePurpose will be speaking louder this year and will be less tolerant of your “ya-buts.” 

10. Connect with like-minded people committed to worthwhile personal and planetary transformation projects.

11. The energy of a “9” year supports endings and closure. It’s not a good year for most people to start new businesses. 

12. INTEGRITY COUNTS! Actions will speak louder than words throughout all of 2016. Eloquent people who speak 

      with “spiritual authority,” brilliance or wisdom and express lofty ideals—won’t be heard if they don’t “walk the talk  

      and practice what they preach”—they won’t be able to touch that deep place within others and create real change. 

13. Be a visionary—not a what-is-onary.  Envision and do your part to co-create the world as you believe it could be. Put 

      your energy, wisdom, consciousness, expertise and money into projects that bring the Earth back into balance.

14. Together we’re better!!! Join with “like-minded” people in community. Encourage each other, be creative, constructive 

      and help each other achieve success, not through “Lone Ranger” independence but through interdependence. 


Pathways of Service You Can Follow in 2016 

Good News !!! 2016 provides lots of opportunities for visionaries and new paradigm builders to create “real value in the marketplace” —whether it’s new products, innovative ideas and solutions, new approaches to old problems or changing something that already exists to make it truly beneficial. If you have a product, service or insights that would enhance the quality of life on planet earth—connect with like-minded people and get your “spirit infused creations” into the marketplace. Don’t be intimidated by “big box businesses” or people who are providing similar information or services. Regardless of your business, profession or job ... see yourself in a larger context. Be wise leaders, counselors, guides, mentors, healers, uplifters and teachers.

     ~ Businesses ... be a re-evolutionary business playing the contributiongame.Use your business to transform the world.

     ~ Writers ... write your books, booklets and blogs, etc. Shift consciousness with your writing.

     ~ Artists ... paint, sculpt, photograph and draw. Your creations shift consciousness and enrich people’s lives. 

     ~ Musicians ... create, create, create. Create and perform harmonious soul-stirring music. People will crave it.

     ~ Ministers, spiritual teachers and counselors ... your wisdom and healing will be needed by lots of folks going through “shift.” 

     ~ Babyboomers ... there’s no retirement. Start living your unique life purpose (vocation of destiny) now, and for

        the rest of your life.

     ~ Philanthropists and philanthropic organizations ... in this “9” year people desire to give. Humanitarian endeavors flourish.

     ~ Chiropractors, bodyworkers, healers, massage practitioners ... expect lots of people to need your healing and integration.

     ~ Attorneys and mediators ... take your legal practice to a higher level. Incorporate spiriutal laws into your legal transactions.            ~ Got something to say? Speak to groups of people at businesses, schools, churches, organizations and homes.  



1. Instead of making your happiness contingent upon future events, decide to be happy now! 

    Don’t allow outside circumstances or relationships to determine how you feel.

2. Family is very important this year—soul, genetic, communal, global, galactic, intentional, extended and ... “all relations”.

3. Feel loving, lovable and loved. Sadly, many people unconcsiously prefer betrayal to love. It’s time to feel safe

    receiving, expressing and giving love. Allow people on earth to send you “I love you messages” as well as

    people who have passed over. 

4. Many people will put greater value on sharing life with a “special someone” this year.

5. Romantic relationships are re-evolving into soulmate partnerships and spiritual companionships, but you will have to let go 

    of the romantic relationship programming from “Hollywood and Hallmark cards. Discover how to choose a spiritual partner,           how to be in a spiritual partnership, and how divinedestinyandsoulcontractswork. 

6. Start “being cause.” Give up victimhood, victim mentality, “old stories” and being at the effect of others. 

7. Make healing estranged relationships a priority in 2016. Express yourself authentically and seeming miracles can happen. 

8. Be forewarned. During this year, other people could be annoying—but think wisely and don’t respond emotionally. 

9. People learn they can live without many conveniences—but they can’t live without the kindness 

    of strangers and love that’s shared with good friends.

10. Avoid quarrels and arguments. Little is gained this year by trying to force an issue or force people or “stuff.”

11. Join with “like-minded” people in community. Encourage each other, be creative, constructive and help each other.

12. Expect some friends and family members to leave your life, not only through death, but simply because 

      there is no solid foundation of authenticity, empowerment, respect, openness and mutual support.

13. Can’t stay in disempowering “done-finished” relationships. It will become too uncomfortable.  

14. It’s time to leave unhealthy situations and relationships. Do an honest life-review—then courageously make changes.

15. Be authentic. Honor, trust and act on your true feelings. Express your emotions with love.

16. Accept the choices people are making. You may know better, but each soul is learning from their own choices.  

17. Talk things over with others for clarity, better understanding and for the good of all concerned.

18. When interacting with anyone, remember that we are all connected and interdependent.

19. When a relationship ends, contrary to what you may have expected ... you’re likely to feel liberated and happy.

20. Allow others to “work out their own stuff” without your interference.

21. Practice “carefrontation” in all your relationships. Carefrontation is loving yourself and the other person 

      enough ... to speak your truth and not be concerned with the outcomes and what might happen. 

22. Surround yourself with people who are committed to doing worthwhile things in the world. 

23. Help children to understand the importance of being a humanitarian, the joy of sharing his/her gifts and giving              

       to others. Teach him/her about charity, have them donate their time and money to worthy causes. You might 

       even encourage creating a worthy cause around something that’s important to


HEALTH Insights for 2016

1. Falling in love with your body is the ultimate secret to heart-body-mind-Spirit health, happiness and longevity.

2. Create a truly loving partnership with your body and make your body the foundation of your financial portfolio.

3. You may feel more tired than normal. Stop, take “time outs” to rest and work through your quandaries.

4. During 2016 expect TRUTH to be revealed about many things negatively impacting health, longevity and 

    quality of life. This includes the “business and politics of medicine,” allopathic medical doctors, drugs and insurance, etc.

5. Expect beliefs about degenerationthat have been programmed into “collective consciousness” to be challenged.

    Discover that regenerationisnatural. Sort through confusing health B.S., expand your knowledge, take charge 

    of your own health and well-being ... and say goodbye to “cradle to grave doctoring.”

6. Learn about energy, energy medicine and energy management. Discovering your body is a holographic projection 

    of your consciousness is “re-evolutionary.” It will empower you to courageously make informed heath choices.

7. Differentiate purging ... from being sick. Don’t say you are sick, or get sucked into joining those who say

    they have a cold or flu ... when what you’re really doing is purging old cells and energy from your body.

8. Fasts and fasting will be helpful for “resetting your energy.” Check out the time-tested 

    MasterCleanse—a master re-sync process that’s been around since the 1940’s.

9. Empaths and “psychically senstive” people will need to take extra precautions this year to protect 

    yourself. Picking up other people’s undisciplined thoughts will have a negative impact on you. 

10. To stop absorbing fear, pain and sickness vibrations into your energy field—do a media fast. Perception managment and                  perspectivemanipulation are huge sophisticated industries. Turn off “brainwashing” and “agenda-promoting” major 

       media like Fox News, CNN and most talk radio. Get your “news” from select alternative journalistic sources.

11. Heart-Power is not wimpy. During 2016, raise your heart energy to manifest healing of mind over matter.

12. Use your heart’s wisdom to find out what you really want and what will most fulfill your life. Use the heart-breath

       exercise to center and ground yourself. (see energy managment exercises page) 

13. Eat healthy life-enhancing foods—foods that increase energy, stamina and heart-mind-body-spirit strength.

14. In a “9” year it’s easy for anyone experiencing serious life/death issues, to exit this life. Exiting is like the run-a-way truck                   lanes for big trucks on a rugged highway so they can safely slow down. Be compassionate and help people exit. 

15. If you are stuck or feel like you’re getting nowhere—rest or take a short vacation.

16. Make your business, work and life a meditation, then you’ll only need to meditate 15 minutes or less per day. 

17. Nature is cheap therapy. Spend lots of time in nature. Learn about “earthing.” Take off your shoes and connect with

      Earth energy to raise your consciousness, reduce stress, relax, rejuvenate and increase productivity. 

18. Take mini-vacations. Go to places like the mountains, desert or beach to give your body the energetic support it needs.

19. To raise your consciousness, activate your pineal, pituitary and crown chakra.

20. Get massages, acupuncture, chiropractic treatments and body work to support your body in re-evolving.

21. Become energy savvy. Massive planetary electro-magnetic energy changes can impact your brain, nervous

      system, immune system and perception of reality. If you don’t understand what’s happening this can be scary.

22. It’s important to pro-actively integrate new energies. When you feel awkward or discombobulated—stop and Sync/Re-sync.

23. FINAL HEALTH THOUGHTS: Make peacefulness a priority. Without delay be honest with yourself, simplify your life, follow                 your inner guidance, be helpful, generous and kind to others, eat healthy foods, maintain healthy exercise and sleep 

     habits, avoid negative people, divorce yourself from media mania, take back your life from social media and the 

     techno-craze, commune with nature—and ENJOY the vibrations of JOY.



By now, I trust you realize that 2016 is a big-time wake-up call for “we the people” across the planet. It’s a turning point—not the end of the world, but the end of an era. Humanity is standing at the edge of an abyss. It’s “we the people” who will create “RE-Evolution.” With joy and inspiration you and the world are becoming new. I’m not sure whether I want to conclude with “fasten your seat belts, hang on and go for the ride”—or “unbuckle and go for the wildest adventures of your lifetime.” 


You can expect lots of volatile, unpredictable energy swirling around this year because of resource grabs and the ecollogical destruction that’s generating conflicts and violence. Vigilantly distance yourself from the manufactured reality of fear, hatred and scarcity.Begin immediately envisioning the end of monetizing natural resources for profits while destroying the planet and it’s biodiversity, and destroying the ecological context for our survival as a species. Sow seeds of peace—peace with the earth and with each other. Wake up each day and pretend you just arrived on the planet. Don’t have preconceived ideas about anyone or anything. Keep a sense of humor and laugh a lot. Commit to valiantly being an answer to someone else’s prayers and the prayers of the world. Give thanks for your life, talents, mission, health, possessions, family, friends—thanks for all that you have, all you are ... and all you are becoming. 


2016 is like the final leg of a relay race when the strongest runner grabs the baton and runs as if their life depended on it. Each of us needs to be like the final strongest runner of a relay race, follow our intutive guidance and give everything we got to insurethatre-evolutionbecomesareality. Remember, it’s each incremenal shift that creates exponential transformation. Re-Evolution can be as simple as the 7 billion “sparks” on planet earth deciding to use the “9” energy to make even one small shift in their lives ... and/or “the flames” (those new paradigm builders who have been working tirelesssly to make this world a better place) deciding to use more of their multi-dimensional powers. Voila ... the tipping point is reached, the quantum shift into an illuminedAquariansocietyhappens...andwe’reready for a new 9 year cycle in 2017. 


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