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FOLK MUSIC Concert ... Stephen Longfellow Fiske

September 17th     Time: 1:30 to 4:30    

Location: San Moritz Lodge, Crestline, CA


• Songs of the times        • Songs of social concern

• Songs of social justice  • Song of the environment

• 60th anniversary tribute to MLK King Jr., 1963 "Great March" 


This is an intimate small group. Limited to 100.

GET YOUR RSVP—ASAP!!!                                                                                                                                        



Tickets  ......   $ 25 


                                  Ages  6 to 18... $10


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jeanine's Vision 2023 ... PREDICTIONS and "THRIVAL" STRATEGIES



• What you can expect in 2023   • Trends   • WHY things will be happening  • What you should do 

• What you should avoid  • Where you should invest your time, energy and $$$


The 2023 QUEST is for earthlings to activate individual and collective soul power. Expect constant opportunities to choose MISSION IMPOSSIBLE or...MISSION POSSIBLE.


EVERY YEAR HAS A PLAN, PURPOSE and ENERGY.  Jeanine insights and courage-boosting strategies, will empower you to confidently make wise MISSION POSSIBLE DECISIONS in all areas of your life including work, business, finances, relationships, health, spiritual growth—and also for  Mother Earth and Humanity.


BEFORE YOU MAKE ANY 2023 GOALS—GET JEANINE'S MISSION POSSIBLE INFO. You can attend a seminar, online class, get a 2-hour Strategic Planning Consultation—or purchase an eBook. 


2-hour CONSULT with eBook ... $249 ($199 to Nov 1st)



VISION 2023 ...  MISSION POSSIBLE 18 page eBOOK   

2023 Strategic Navigation Playbook   $39

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