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by Jeanine Just ...  Visionary Success Strategist  ©1994  ©2014

Together We’re Better!

Ben Franklin said, “We must hang together or assuredly we will all hang separately.” These words of wisdom are currently very important because we're shifting from our independence and independently wealthy consciousness ... to interdependence and being  interdependently wealthy.  


Many people are struggling from being stuck in polarized extremes. One extreme is co-dependent, dependent, and over-giving, victim, doormat—and the other extreme is independent,controlling, narcissistic and self-centered. Because these extremes are polarized it has been difficult to find the centering point of inter-dependence. People have been bouncing back and forth in unhealthy ways and creating no-win situations. This was often labeled passive-aggressive behavior. It's time to transcend polarity and discover how to be inclusive and integrated. 


Old Independently Wealthy Paradigm

Let’s say good-bye to the John Wayne rugged individualism model and the Lone Ranger model of independent living—good-bye to struggling, competing, isolation, victim and co-dependence. The new success paradigm builders are committed to being interdependently wealthy—to connecting, cooperating, co-creating and committed to building community as a natural way of life and not just during a crisis. When future generations read about the era of being independently wealthy—they will find it hard to believe that past generations actually functioned this way.


These changing times require people to know and live as if they are connected—connected as one human family. It’s an illusion that anyone can exist separately. The biggest hurdle is that most people have been programmed to be independent and independently wealthy. We bought into doing it my way, doing it myself, or to getting our financial nest-egg without regard for anyone else, or we played helpless victims and turned our power over to the institutions or authority figures, or both. Now it’s time to get beyond these polarized positions—time to work together interdependently and experience being interdependently wealthy.


Partnerships are natural and are everywhere in nature. The Kingsford Principle is my way to help people understand synergy, partnership and co-creation. Sometimes I think charcoal briquettes may be smarter than people. Picture a charcoal grill with four coals placed far apart. What will happen? How long will it take to cook your meal? You answered correctly—a long time or the coals will just go out because they are trying to operate independently as islands. But take these same coals and put them in a circle—and they will ignite each other. The coals will function interdependently in a synergistic partnership. 


The moral of this story is—everything in the universe is interdependent. Nature, trees, water, people, plants, bugs and animals. We all need to harmoniously work together. From now on we can’t afford to live as islands, doing things just for ourselves or functioning separately. Natural laws are synergistic. Synergy means the cooperative actions of each becomes greater than the independent sum of the parts—and greater than the individuals could ever be separately.


From the Kingsford Principle we learn that we are truly connected and our energetic frequencies ignite each other. Alone, we each hold energy—together we are a united force. Our energy, united in a synergistic partnership, can co-create seaming miracles. Together we’re better— together we collectively create an exponentially empowered positive attracting field.


If you want to shift into the new success paradigm you will have to let go of your old beliefs about being independently wealthy, competing, scarcity and survival of the fittest.  Old ways of being in relationship or running a business revolved around power struggles, competitiveness, survival at all cost, stifled creativity, back-stabbing, and often-times compromised personal integrity. These old beliefs won't work in the "interdependently wealthy" paradigm. Since this old programming is deeply rooted in people's collective psyches— transforming these beliefs will take time and vigilance.


In the early 1900s, many people were still dependent on agriculture, so there was a greater natural need to help one another. But lifestyles began to radically and subtly change after 1950. During the 50s the “Ozzie and Harriet” ideal family was promoted, but then during the 60s and 70s the “me” generations brought about relentless changes. Baby Boomers were altering status quo—kids were attending colleges far a way from home—corporations were relocating people across the globe—fewer people were living in the same house or community all their life—and the trend of jet-setting seniors was emerging. Throughout the 80s and 90s, regardless of their age, people were doing their own thing.


Today most cities are producing crowded individuals—instead of clustered communities. The majority of people live in individual homes, drive around in separate cars, and have their own bank accounts, code numbers, etc.. They’ve forgotten how to think wholistically, forgotten that the parts can’t be separated from the whole, forgotten that thoughts impact everyone and everything, and forgotten that when someone else hurts, a part of each of us hurts too. Hopefully the Internet is rescuing humans by teaching the importance of connectedness. Maybe it will help people realize isolation, separation and solitude are not healthy—and how important it is to connect with one another.


Interdependently Wealthy Paradigm

The partnership mindset needs to become a way of life. We need to build true community where people are connected with each other—AND connected to their own beingness. The importance of each person and their effect on the whole needs to be acknowledged. Just as a an acorn is encoded and holds a blueprint for a giant oak—so too with us. Each of us, supported by the proper environment, is destined to fulfill our purpose. Our energetic frequency needs to be supported to stimulate quicker unfoldment.


An important step in becoming interdependently wealthy is to individuate. True synergy is created by empowered individuals who know who they are, know their purpose—and then join forces with other empowered individuals. Their commitment to playing the “contribution game” has to be real.  Their two-fold purpose is to make money–while making a difference. For the greatest impact projects need to be dedicated to true service and contribute to the betterment of self, others and society.


As you awaken to your heart power you will not lose your desire for excellence or achievement—but you will lose your competitive mindset. As you expand your consciousness into being interdependently wealthy, you will naturally create strategic alliances that increase profits through partnerships. The Blue Angels are the United States Navy's flight demonstration squadron that I feel exemplify interdependence. They magnificently demonstrate the power of synergy and interdependence to over 11 million people each year at 70 shows in 34 locations throughout the United States. 


Anthropologist, Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” When a group of even ten people stop using "Newtonian particle thinking" and fuse their energies into a single force, their collective resources become mind-boggling. The interdependently wealthy mindset is the key success strategy for Conscious Capitalists, Edgewalkers, Cultural Creatives, small businesses and authentic entrepreneurs in the world of “big businesses.” There are endless things we can learn from each other, as well as amazing things we can accomplish by working together.


Another big hurdle to living interdependently wealthy—is the false information economists have promoted about the "law of supply and demand." For eons lots of people bought into the economist’s scarcity programming —programming that there is not enough for everyone, so everyone had to compete and fight for their share. This has become normal—but it’s not how natural laws work!!!

Economists False Premise —Law of Supply and Demand

TRUTH? .... Planet Earth operates based on the Law Of DEMAND AND SUPPLY.


The real law is the law of demand and supply ...  which says, if you demand it, it must be supplied. This means that whatever service to humanity you are here to give, when you make your contribution—a continuous supply of money, people and experiences are guaranteed. But, it’s hard to turn a big ship around mid-stream. It will take conscious effort to shift collective consciousness from scarcity and poverty—to the prosperity paradigm based on being interdependently wealthy.


I recently observed a group of blue jays in the woods, that were acting like typical humans. They didn’t know I had plenty of food for all of them for several days, so they pecked each other, screeched, and took two pieces of food at a time—instead of just having a good time eating. They had a scarcity mindset. This caused me to think about what would happen if people knew there is enough of everything for everyone—and that each of us can create what we need when we need it.


The truth is, there is enough of everything for everyone. The problem? It’s currently in the hands of a few who control the flow for their own self interests. This will all end when more people know how Universal Laws work and they prove to themselves ..., if you demand it—it will be supplied. The Great Law of The Iroquois Constitution said, "In all our deliberations, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations." New prosperity paradigm pioneers will not be short-sighted and ego driven—they will follow "natures laws" and think of the long term impact of their decisions and actions. 


Build Synergy—Not Teams

Many team building seminars have tried to teach people how to work together interdependently. But they rarely achieved their desired lasting results. The reason? Participants were territorial and self-centered, because they'd not experienced a perspective shift from being independent to interdependent. They had no experiential reference points to be interdependent. Once people understand synergy and the power of co-creating through partnership—they will rarely return to their old ways. EnVISIONEERS groups bridge old thinking with the new. Visionaries University created EnVISIONEERS which are a new model of support group intentionally developed to support people ready to experience being interdependently wealthy. 


There is great power (and it’s a lot more fun) to create partnerships where people lend a hand and mutually support each other. Humans are not buildings and corporate statements—we're people. It's time to live as if we are one planet, and one human family. The last and greatest natural resource is human potential ... and people can accomplish seeming miracles, when they work together synergistically.


This article is written by and is the property of, Jeanine Just, founder and CEO of Visionaries University. You have permission to share it through any medium as long as proper credit lines are included. Jeanine Just empowers people to courageously reinvent their businesses, lives, and future. Jeanine is a visionary success strategist, new paradigm builder, author, inspirational speaker, seminar facilitator—and  highly acclaimed tranceformation agent. For interviews, radio/TV guest, seminars, consulting, or more information, please contact Jeanine at 949-486-9240 or

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