Visionaries University Is Bridging Old and New Success Paradigms

Visionaries University is a university without walls ... a contemporary wisdom school teaching 21st century practical real world success information for multi-faceted success. VU's innovative tranceformation technologies provide a unique curriculum for self-evolvement through business, work and life activities. Over the past 34 years, our Wholistic Total Success Courses have empowered thousands of people to live rich, full, enjoyable lives, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially. 

Our Mission is to Educate, Inspire and Empower the Last,

Most Powerful Natural Resource ... HUMAN POTENTIAL 


Within each person are acres of diamonds ... yet most people get programmed to seek outside themselves the riches that lie within. It's believed that Albert Einstein used no more than 10% of his potential, and it's believed that most people are only using 2 to 3% of their potential. Since many people are programmed to live in the outer 3D—5-Sense reality of the material world, very few people discover their multi-dimensional power, the spiritual worlds, intuitive guidance and heart-power. Visionaries University's integrated "inside out success courses"—teach what they don't teach in contemporary school systems. VU teaches information to "activate the world within," which contains unlimited treasures.  


Most education systems today only provide fragmented impractical knowledge with an outer-directed focus. It's designed to make people into economic cogs in the wheel and excludes "self" study and personal development. Education fails to access innate wisdom, innate abilities and inner genius. Accessing wisdom and common sense is different than book learning. At the heart of VU's self-mastery and self-management curriculum, is a commitment to help people integrate their intellectual mind with their intuitive wisdom and innate abilities. We guide students in the development of their hear-body-mind and spirit ... and teach them how to activate their vast potential.  

You Don't Know What You Don't Know ...
Until You Attend VU's Courses

There is no "Success 101" in today's education system. Traditional schools don't teach anyone, from kindergarten through Ph.D. programs, how to create success or what "true success" really is. If you went to school and didn't learn how to create and live a successful life, you didn't learn what you needed to learn. Programming and learning are two different realities. Outcome-based, mechanized education teaches people what to think and feel, and how to conform to a programmed illusion of success. Visionaries University will teach you how to think, how to feel, and how to succeed. You will learn how to tap into and use irrefutable universal laws to get control of your destiny—and how to achieve your objectives by accessing your unlimited spiritual power ... the new super power for the 21st century. 


"Mediocrity is self-inflicted.

Genius is self-bestowed."

~Walter Russell


What Can Visionaries University Do For You? 

Visionaries University is creating a Renaissance in success education. We bring you the future of learning that combines a passion for knowledge with "real world" applications. Regardless if you are a business, organization, school, church or an individual—you can expect valuable insights and practical strategies that will insure you're headed in the right direction. We will prepare you to succeed in today's changing times ... both personally and professionally. 


We help you inventively navigate through today's changing times. 

If you are trying to figure out how to get from where you 

are to where you want to be ... don't waste your precious

time, energy or $$$ on old old success programming.

Contact Visionaries University today! 



Get new insights, explore your options ... and

make sure you're headed in the right direction. 

Get the whole picture from one source

If what you've read on this page resonates with you, you must be ready to activate your destiny and take your visionary leadership roles. Please don't waste your valuable time, energy, and money on old success programming. We invite you to investigate Visionaries University's innovative 21st century tranceformational success and leadership curriculum. VU is proud of our curriculum and our unique Living Room LearningTM style. Living Rooming Learning TM ingeniously turns living rooms and corporate training rooms into cozy classrooms, instead of techy labs. Our leading-edge human resource development team is enthusiastically waiting to guide you on your quest.    



Why Visionaries University's founder & Ceo created VU

Visionaries University is the result of one woman's refusal to live her success programming and forfeit her integrity for financial and social reasons. Jeanine's quest to understand why some people fail and others succeed, plus her deep desire to "do success on her own terms" provided the stimulus for her to develop her highly acclaimed business and personal tranceformational courses. Like many people, she bought into mainstream contemporary success programming. She made plenty of money and was living the good life, but without any connection to her soul's purpose or doing things aligned to Nature's Way. Even though this was 'the norm'... it wasn't natural for Jeanine.

At age thirty, her wake-up call was a life-threatening illness. In 1984, she set out to prove to herself that she could make money—while making a difference. She reevaluated the success programming she had been taught by lots of well-meaning people. She also explored a variety of success philosophies to prove to herself that profits and principles were inseparable. 


Today, Jeanine is a highly respected visionary success strategist. She shares the mountaintop views she gleaned from nearly 35  years of working in the trenches with thousands of "real people' searching for 'real solutions" to their success hurdles. Now, people across the planet (from all walks of life and socio-economic levels) are forever grateful for the empowering unconventional wisdom and soul-utions Jeanine's developed. Her own and her clients experiences, provided the awarenesses for what has become VU's curriculum. With VU's insights, how-to tools and strategies, it's much easier today for people to reinvent their businesses, lives and future, than it was for her. Now anyone with a little ingenuity and some courage ... can activate the visions in their heart, live their destiny and make the world a better place.

Stay tuned for the next exciting episodes...

Abundant Blessings,


Visionaries University



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   Phase One

  • Values Clarification

  • Re-Invent Yourself

   Phase Two

  • Re-Invent Business & WORK




Part One                       

• Introduction to the


   Transformation                               Curriculum 

   Part Two

 • Equanomics

   Part Three

• Spiritual Partnerships  


• Living The Life You                        Were Born To Live


• Heart Power Isn't Wimpy


• What Makes People Tick?


• Got Energy


• Create Your Own Stage


• Dare To Think For Yourself


• Psychodynamics Of Success


• Together We're Better


• Vision Quest


• Visual Impact Training



We Believe 

Life long learning and a commitment to conscious continuous growth are more important than a formal education. We encourage UNLEARNING because much of what people are learning is information for succeeding in the 20th century. All rules for living a successful life have changed. Constant learning is required. A diploma isn't good for the rest of this lifetime.


We Believe 

that experiential learning

and OJT (on the job training)

are very important. We highly value direct experiences, even though society tends to value diplomas. Wisdom doesn't come from reading a book. It comes from direct experiences. 


We Believe 

Every person has vast innate wisdom and innate abilities. In a world that primarily values education and book knowledge, it's a very foreign concept for people to believe in innate wisdom, innate abilities and inner resources.  


At VU, we promote, "genius is

self-bestowed and mediocrity is self-inflicted." Our courses are designed with tools and awareness to help people

reveal their genius. The FUN begins when enterprising spirits wake-up and discover their unique gifts, purpose and destiny. It's like a cosmic joke to have so many people searching 'out there,' getting the right credentials so they can "be somebody"... when their innate resources were hiding in their DNA blueprint from the day they were born. FREEDOM and JOY are the payoffs for trusting our inner GPS navigation system. VU feels these are priceless gifts.

 Visionaries  University

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