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Success Seminars & Human Technology Trainings


Looking for visionary soulutions, transcendent insights and THRIVAL skills for succeeding in today's changing times? Look no further. If you THINK DIFFERENT—Visionaries University will be your innovative resource for leading and succeeding. IF you want to integrate your spiritual and material values, achieve goals, build a successful enterprise, inspire your co-workers, be your own boss, be a 21st century wealth builder, or create a healthy, enjoyable lifestyle—then you have come to the right place. VU has "been there" for thousands of people over the past 40 years. The information is relevant for a wide range of businesses and industries—and essential for new paradigm builders,  consciousness crusaders and Architects of the Matrix of Magic. 


We guarantee innovative, results-oriented strategies that insure sustainable success. Seminar curriculums integrate human technology with scientific and cultural advancements—teach what they don't teach in contemporary school systems—and provide tools for strategic activation of "people resources" ... the last and most valuable natural resource. Success seminars are custom designed to meet clients needs. Formats can include half-day or full-day workshops, on-going leadership training, breakout sessions, roundtable discussions, or 2-5 day retreats.

empowerment strategies for architects of the matrix of magic  
JJ's WIZARD cover SM.jpg

ATTENTION FELLOW TRUTH SEEKERS!!! Planet Earth is going through a dynamic moment in human evolution!!! Billions of souls across the planet are trying to "wrap their heads around” the shocking events of 2020 and 2021. Beholding the world in this state of turmoil, seems like a collective nightmare that most people wish was only a bad dream. Behind The Wizard's Curtain, provides INSIGHTS, THRIVAL SKILLS and HOPE for people who are ready to look behind the wizard's curtain and feel destined to be an ARCHITECT of the MATRIX OF MAGIC.  


Behind The Wizard's Curtain, is not just about "what's going on"—but more about what Architects of the Matrix of Magic can do to build the new matrix of magic. In February of 2020, Jeanine put on her Visionary Success Strategist hat and began researching what was really going on. She invested 800+++ hours—and then 200+ hours writing this WIZARD'S COURSE. It's designed for people who want to stop acquiescing to perceived authority figures and power structures and want to stop being manipulated by the pandemic, fear, health scares, economic devastation, political posturing, lockdowns, social distancing, masks, and lots more confusing B.S.

Debunk Lots of BS — Transcend FEAR — Clear Up Confusion — Reclaim Your Sovereignty 

If you are feeling fearful, traumatized, confused, angry or powerless—and determined to break free of centuries of the Matrix Masters' deception—THEN do yourself a favor and take advantage of Jeanine's wisdom and 3000+ hours of research. JOIN THE PERCEPTION RE-EVOLUTION. Cast aside what you think. Prepare yourself to accept new information. Jeanine's unique insights, inspiration, and common sense soul-utions will empower you to take back control of your intended destiny—and ensure the well-being of you, your loved ones, and also your global family.

Part One: Reinvent Yourself 
Success On My Terms COVER.jpg

$UCCESS ON MY TERMS is a life tranceforming experience, guaranteed to change your professional and personal lives forever. Before you change jobs, go back to school or start a business, DISCOVER THE BIGGEST MISSING PIECE TO YOUR SUCCESS PUZZLE—YOUR VALUES Everyone has an AUTHENTIC SELF that desires to live an INTEGROUS LIFE, but you have to be ready to stop fantasizing about what you want out of life—and be ready to KNOW for certain you were born with a great vision for an extraordinary life—a unique intended destiny that's wired into your DNA and waiting for you to fulfill. You have to be fed up "with life as usual," and seeking answers to elusive soul-searching questions like, 1) Who am I, 2) Why am I on earth, and, 3) What am I 'supposed" to be doing.


You are ready for $UCCESS ON MY TERMS if you are done with believing the retirement myth, done with the "should's," done with climbing the highest success ladder, done with roles, personas, and an artificial reality, and done with sacrificing your integrity for economic or social reasons. Regardless of achievements, socioeconomic status, education, or whether you are age 15 or 85, when it comes to heart/soul based success strategies—everyone is on common ground. Your new quest becomes liberating your Authentic Self—identifying your 5-Core Values and then integrating your material/spiritual values, life experiences, innate abilities, spiritual resources, intended destiny and environmental concerns ... into a profitable soul-based success strategy.

$UCCESS ON MY TERMS provides sound advice and tools to 1) Debunk Success Myths 2) Identify your Personal 5-Core Values, and 3) Use the INVINCIBLE  VALUES  MASTER  STRATEGY to courageously create soul-based work, flourishing businesses, a vocation of destiny, rewarding relationships, healthy lifestyles .... and plenty of JOY and PASSION. 



SEARCHING FOR A COMPETITIVE EDGE? USE YOUR BUSINESS AS A POWERFUL FORCE TO TRANSFORM SOCIETY.  RE-INVENTING BUSINESS & Work provides a blueprint for self-evolvement through business and work, plus a GamePlan For Greatness Success Blueprint for translating personal ideals into a profitable strategic business building action plan. This re-evolutionary comprehensive blueprint provides everything you need for doing the process of reinventing yourself, business and society through business and work. It's an integrated master strategy for making $$$—while making a difference. The year 2000 was the beginning of a new decade, new century and a new  millennium. To insure sustainable success, business as usual must change. Humans invented corporations and today's business practices. If humans want to survive as a species, business has to be re-invented. Neither transnational companies nor governments, can continue to rule the world solely for financial profits. NO MORE BUSINESS AS USUAL. 


Values-Visions and Victories is the new success formula pioneered by a new breed of 21st century spirit-infused leaders committed to capitalism with a conscience—and committed to profits with principles. It doesn't matter if the new business paradigm is called Conscious Capitalism, Enlightened Business, Corporate Citizenship or Authentic Entrepreneurship. What matters, is that a re-evolutionary heart-powered, values-driven ethical business navigational system becomes the foundation of 21st century business cultures. Customers are voting with their feet and their pocketbooks. They're expecting moral decisions based on corporate values—and not just financial profits. In Re-Inventing Business and Work you will 1) Discover what new success paradigm builders are doing to create flourishing businesses, meaningful work and sustainable success, 2) Get sound advice for integrating personal values, integrity, destiny, business principles, environmental concerns, lifestyle choices, and spiritual resources into a profitable operating philosophy, 3) Create clever ways to get customers and employees clamoring for your brand of business, 4) Explore new ways to increase passion, make decisions, generate sales, build relationships, increase productivity, resolve conflicts, liberate the entrepreneurial spirit, activate the spirit of an enterprise—and as John Mackey, founder of Whole Foods said, "Create multiple kinds of value and well-being for all stakeholders: financial, intellectual, physical, ecological, social, cultural, emotional, ethical and even spiritual." 

WALKING YOUR SPIRIT'S PATH in the contemporary world


 Spirit's Path Big Sur cover SM.jpg

WALKING YOUR SPIRIT'S PATH is for anyone who has been on their "spiritual path" for 5 to 50 years and is searching for an innovative approach to "walking their spiri's path in the modern world." Transformation Teacher and Mentor, George Kavassilas says, "It is time for humanity to get out of its intellectual and idealistic spirituality—and get on its true authentic and natural spiritual journey. It's time to get out of mind energy and be our INFINITE SELF." 


WALKING YOUR SPIRIT'S PATH was created for the millions of people experiencing a spiritual-material world crisis—and who wants to progress on their sacred inner journey while experiencing a successful life in the external world. It's not based on any previous religious paradigms. It's not new age. It's not new thought. It's perennial wisdom. The GATEWAY TO FREEDOM Multi-dimensional Tranceformation Blueprint cprovided a self-directed path for Conscious EvolutionYou can expect unconventional perspectives and soul-utions that are outside of conventional thinking. It ingeniously synthesizes the diverse disciplines of physics, religion, psychology, sociology, business, economics, and the healing arts into a practical curriculum you can use to take back control of your destiny. Learn how to tap into your authentic multi-dimensional Self, connect to your innate wisdom, create from your soul's mastery—and how to apply this Multi-Dimensional Gateway to Freedom Technology to solve third dimensional problems rationally, equitably and expediently. 


Reclaim your sovereignty and the zest for life you intended to experience, when you accepted this earth-mission. If you are on a higher frequency wave-length, deeply desire to merge with the MASTERY IN you and are ready to get on a conscious tranceformation fast track—then WALKING YOUR SPIRIT'S PATH may be what you've been seeking. Discover radical new information about how to be the captain of your soul and master of your fate, how to liberate yourself from the 3D Matrix world of tick-tock, how to awaken your natural creative genius, energy and reality management, how to evolve from monopoly capitalism consciousness to Equanomics ... and how to reach new heights together in complimentary mystical partnerships. 

Part Two: equanomics .... for 21st century wealth creators
a blueprint for ... evolving monopoly capitalism to equanomics

Looking at the ocean from inside a cave

EQUANOMICS is a re-evolutionary 21st century economic model—a master strategy for being  interdependently wealthy in a new prosperity paradigm. Equanomics activates the Law of Regenerative Supply—instead of promoting survival of the fittest. Humanity is at a major global financial crossroads. All monetary systems are breaking the sacred laws of the Universe. Money, wealth, capitalism, obsession with materiality and making a living, have to be re-conceptualized. They're throwing nature as out of balance as our national debts.  The old paradigm of monopoly capitalism is collapsing, with nothing to replace it. Instead of burying our heads in the sand and waiting for a crisis, "we the people"—not the governments and corporations, need to re-invent new money vehicles. In this insightful thought-provoking seminar, concerned 21st century wealth creators will re-think money, how money is earned, where it's acquired, how it's used—demystify old monetary beliefs that won't work in the new prosperity paradigm—learn about spirit-infused products, inventions and service—discover clever ways to integrate material and spiritual values—and how one's personal soul evolution impacts how they source in-come. Participants will learn about collective and personal Equanomics—and be empowered to make wiser financial choices for themselves, their loved ones and the planet. 

Part Three: Reaching New Heights Together 
The magic of mystical partners sharing destinies and dreams



 In REACHING NEW HEIGHTS TOGETHER you will learn about heart-soul partnerships, divine destinies, soul contracts, how to choose a sacred partner—and how to be in a mystical partnership. You will open your mind to new awarenesses—and especially the awareness of how to use mystical partnerships for spirit-soul development. The heart-warming unconventional wisdom revealed in this course is guaranteed to challenge obsolete relationship programming most men and women are trying to conform to—and guaranteed to challenge current beliefs about relationships, marriage, lifestyles, love, romance and sexuality. It takes great courage to address the most painful area in many people's lives today—relationships. There is life beyond dating websites ... and life beyond single, married and then divorced, only to try it again and again. REACHING NEW HEIGHTS TOGETHER is based on the new Gateway To Freedom Whole Systems Actualization Blueprint. There is no relationship information available today, that is more relevant to modern relationship challenges. This relationship course has good news and renews hope for anyone who has given up on fulfilling relationships. Participants become inspired to dream again, to awaken hope for lovingly relating together in a complimentary partnership—and to discovering totally new ideas for how to turn relationship dreams into reality. Participants can expect to: 1) Explore relationships and marriage from a very different point of view, 2) Get alternative ideas about love, intimacy sexuality and much more, 3) Discover different relationship needs for people in different levels of soul evolution, 4) Find out how to integrate sacred and romantic ideals, 5) Determine when to get involved in a relationship and how to transform or exit it, 6) Commitment and commitment to what, and even 7) How to set up legal and financial agreements. If ever there was an important crusade to get involved in, this is it ... a new partnership paradigm. Love and joy on planet earth will be greatly increased as millions of men and women empower themselves by consciously creating the most rewarding joy-filled relationships they can imagine.

Living The Life You Were Born To Live

What's Your Destiny Number? What Life Were You Born To Live?

What is your destiny path? Are you a 23/5 ... 29/11 ... 3/0/3 ... 26/8 ... or something else? People's lives dramatically change when they know what these numbers mean. In this fun, enlightening seminar participants will find out if they are living the life they were born to live ... and also find out whose life they are living. From a soul-based perspective they will understand their past, clarify their present and empower their future! The intention of this d life purpose destiny seminar is to help participants make sense out of the theatre of their life. Learn about the science of vibrational frequency, soul-code patterns, and how to use ancient wisdom and spiritual laws to identify core issues, heart's desires, inborn talents, and innate abilities. Expect new strategies and tools to align to your destiny and create the life you were born to live. Learning about destiny paths, soul-based living and how to use soul-code #'s to make future decisions about work, $$$, relationships, health, where to live and lifestyle choices is empowering. Not only will it be personally beneficial, everyone else in your life will benefit from your new insights. Once this information is known, life will never be the same! 


ADVENTIVITY 101 is a breakthrough in goal achievement technology designed to activate inner GPS navigation systems. This is not goal setting. It's a unique co-creators training with creative solutions and straight talk about how to turn dreams into reality. If you don't know how to create reality—then how do you expect to create more $$$, success, right relationships, health ... or FUN in your life? Manifesting is a skill you have to learn, just as you would learn to play a musical instrument or become a mechanic. Manifesting should be as natural as breathing, but co-creation is an assumed skill and not taught at any level of our contemporary school system. WHAT-IS-ONARY or VISIONARY... which will you be?  You are not ready to move into your future, until you are a competent co-creator, so don't leave your day job until you know how to manifest. Many people are creating more of what they don't want, faster and faster and faster—and don't understand why. They're playing the role of victim, instead of deliberate co-creator. If you want to succeed in today’s changing times, learning how to create what you want when you want it, is not a luxury. ADVENTIVITY provides powerful, vitally important information about the physics of manifesting, to teach people to master vibrational frequency and master their inner GPS navigation system. Learn how to become master of your thoughts, words, feelings, actions and beliefs—instead of the victim of unconscious programming. Learn how to use vision and intention to re-invent your future. ADVENTIVITY will not only inspire participants, they will get practical, powerful co-creation tools very few people have today. They will join an elite group of empowered deliberate co-creators who are  having fun consciously manifesting their desire reality.

got energy ... or are you running on empty?

Ingenious Bio-Energetic Wellness Strategies for Becoming A Masterful Energy Manager



GOT ENERGY provides life trance-forming information for anyone who is ready to take control of their health destiny. Many years ago Thomas Edison said, "The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will  interest their patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease." Stop worrying about when your body will become a bogey man and attack you. Stop worrying about medical insurance., Stop giving your power to god-like doctors. Stop consenting to big pharma/AMA medical tyranny. This insightful Bioenergetic Wellness course is jam-packed with easy to understand and easy to implement 21st century energetic health solutions.


Health makes good financial sense. High medical costs are financially strapping billions of people and endangering people and businesses across the planet. It's time to consider your body an investment and make your body the foundation of your financial portfolio. In this course you will get unconventional empowering regeneratIve health strategies. You will understand 1) this elusive thing we call health, 2) 12 Laws of Bioenergetic Wellness, 3) the difference between sickness and wellness industries, 4) acute and chronic diseases, 5) how to communicate with your bodies innate wisdom, 6) cell energizers/de-energizers, 7) energy anatomy/energy bankruptcy, 8) psychosclerosis, 9) the nocebo effect, 10) why each person was gifted more than 100 trillion regenerating cells at birth, 11) how each cell is a complete factory performing more than a million chemical reactions every second 24/7, and 12) get how-to strategies for using bioenergetic integration to increase your energy levels, enhance your natural healing process, shift your consciousness—and nurtures the soul. Stop wasting energy being a what-is-onary. Begin looking for health in all the right places.

heart-power is not wimpy

Accelerate the activation of your heart's desires and say good-bye to heart problems. This seminar will give you "insider information" regarding the real causes of heart problems, diabetes, and blood pressure ... and new choices each of us can make to insure heart-health. Things we will explore: 1) Why heart problems are the #1 health issue today, 2) Amazing research that proves the heart has its own brain, 3) Debunk 500 years of overly valuing the brain and intellect, 4) The importance of a recent 20,000 poll that concleded HAPPINESS was ranked as the #1 desire, 5) The heart is a living intuitive energy center that needs TLC and JOY, and 5) Why a healthy heart-center insures plenty of $$$ in your life. In this mind-blowing seminar participants will learn about psychosclerosis, the negative impact the emotions of fear, stress and frustration have on their heart and new ways to train their heart to flourish in all circumstances including tough economic times.

WHAT MAKES PEOPLE TICK   A Unique “People Reading” strategy

Do you like to “people watch?” Want a fool-proof system to accurately “read” customers, co-workers, family members and friends? In WHAT MAKES PEOPLE TICK you will learn fun, valuable Insights to:


1) Determine what makes you and others “tick”

2) Appreciate the differences in people,

3) Increase sales using the DiSC system to “sell with style” 

4) Manage with style and build an all-star synergistic team 

5) Select, motivate and develop the right people 

6) Create strategic DiSC motivation and goal-setting strategies 

7) Communicate with style so “you are heard”


THERE ARE NO BUSINESS PROBLEMS. There are ONLY PEOPLE PROBLEMS. Wherever people go, they take themselves and their "suff" with them. To be successful in these changing times it is not enough to know your product and your industry. You must understand people. That begins with understanding yourself. Expect to learn how to use the DiSC Internal Management System to better understand your ego-personality selves, identify supporting or sabotaging behaviors, and then be better able to consciously choose jobs, environments and people who will help you succeed. Discover new tools to better manage, market and motivate yourself, new ways to manage your entrepreneurial spirit, make decisions, resolve, conflicts, communicate more effectively, and select personal or professional partnerships. Success today requires wearing many hats. This seminar is especially important for leaders and anyone creating synergistic work teams, working in independent work teams, self-employed, independent contractors, operate a home-based business, or anyone who wants to successfully be their own boss.


CREATE YOUR OWN STAGE is an ingenious self-promotion and business development course that's intended for people in all types of business who need to create their own stage. It provides everything enterprising spirits need to passionately turn their ideas and creations into profits. In the old marketing paradigm, artists, musicians, entertainers, authors, speakers and other professionals hired agents. Today, everyone has to become "marketing savvy." Professionals such as doctors, attorneys and business executives were never taught, in any of the education system, how to market themselves. They've relied on marketing firms or people who believed in them, to do it for them. Things are different now. Marketing is to be consciously used as a self-development course. People who value themselves will increase their self worth, become better communicators, learn to focus, use clear intention and become mighty cocreators. Explore the ABC's of marketing yourself, your expertise and your skills. No more "starving artists" or people endlessly seeking "someone to do it for them." Falling in love with marketing yourself needs to become as much fun—as creating whatever you've created. You can expect innovative strategies for selecting the right business—and clever cost-effective ideas for gaining visibility and credibility, even in a crowded marketplace.


Successful people dress for desired outcomes. You can’t dress in a neutral way. Silent messages sent from your visual impact affect at least 75% of other people’s perceptions and decisions about you. Knowing how to positively impact others helps you be consciously and confidently in control of outcomes. With this visual impact information you will be empowered to confidently create the perceptions and responses you choose in every situation. You will learn about color, personality, how to be harmonious from head-to-toe, how to make your visual impact congruent with your 5-core values, and how to more effectively silently assert yourself. Consciously packaging yourself for desired outcomes enhances your health, increases confidence and respect, communicates trust, and makes succeeding easier. Individuals benefit because they quit wasting energy worrying about whether they are dressed right or wishing they had worn something else. Businesses benefit because the organizational visual image impact is consistent. Creating favorable impressions from the inside out ... makes good business sense. When people look and feel good ... they are happier, creative and more productive. Knowing the psychological-emotional-physiological, spiritual and financial impact of color and visual impact are especially important if you are in leadership roles, a sales person, speaker, teacher, entertainer, involved in TV or video, or selecting company shirts or uniforms. Not only will participants be empowered to take back the power they've given to marketing wizards and clothing industry trends ... they will save money as they silently assert themselves. 


This VISION QUEST is a very unique way for participants to go within and create a magic book of possibilities for their sacred earth journey. The purpose of the vision quest is to reveal a person’s destiny, vocation of destiny and their tranceformational role. This very important and valuable goal achievement process that impacts a participant’s life forever. It’s formatted to cleverly reveal a new personal vision of the person’s future from their subconscious mind. Participants can expect greater clarity about their destiny, increased inner harmony, and new patience to relax into their life's unfoldment process.

together we're better ... the art of bringing out the best in people 

TOGETHER WE'RE BETTER provides breakthrough ideas for achievement. Participants learn about coopportunity—innovative ways to build and sustain empowering partnerships—that there are no business problems, only people problems—and new strategies to make sense of relationships from the board room to the home front. Explore how to co-create synergy through co-opetition, cooperation, negotiable and non-negotiable partnership qualities—and how to use "carefrontation" to stop negativity in its tracks. Participants will be able to more confidently choose the "right people" in both their personal and professional lives ... and able to more productively invest their energy bringing out the best in themselves and each other.


PSYCHODYNAMICS OF SUCCESS is a breakthrough in motivational technology that de-mystifies motivation. Participants wil understand what makes people tick, why people buy what they buy ... and how changing values, motivations and lifestyles impact their personal future as well as the future of business. Motivational conflicts are impacting productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction. Demographics studies reveal important statistical information for business success. Psychodynamics reveals people's internal values and motivations. Combining psychosclerosis, psychodynamics and demographics information creates an invincible success strategy—a valuable competitive-edge. To excel in today's changing times, everyone needs to understand psychodynamics. Armed with the information from this comprehensive leading-edge seminar, participants participants will be able to confidently align their business or career strategies to the new psychodynamics.

Dare To THINK For Yourself
TranceFormational ideas to win the battle for your mind

DARE TO THINK FOR YOURSELF is chock full of fascinating insights about the battle for your mind and identifies specific things to do to get control of your own thoughts and feelings. Discover, 1) Whose thoughts you are thinking, 2) 25 ways you are subtly programmed, 3) Laugh about "one-liners" millions of people have mindlessly repeated for generations, 4) Understand how advertising, media, PR and TV override your intuitive guidance, and 5) Unconventional ways you can determine "truth" for yourself. Participants are empowered with new understanding of the energetics of success—and learn how to play in the fields of consciousness ... consciously. 

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