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18 Clues To Determine If You Are An AQUARIAN RENAISSANCE Soul 


Wondering if you are a Renaissance Soul? You are about to reveal the truth to yourself. There is a bias about earthlings who “think outside the box”—those who prefer to “take the road less traveled—those who can “connect-the-dots” and see what others can’t see—and those who just can’t be a “normie” and fit in. There were times in history, when people like this were admired. In fact, some of the greatest contributions to the evolution of humanity have come from “weird earthlings” who were—”a jack of all trades and master of many.” 


Consider Leonardo da Vinci, he not only was a painter of masterpieces, he also designed and built bicycles, canals, musical instruments and flying machines. Benjamin Franklin helped draft the Declaration of Independence, but he was also an inventor, statesman, printer, scientist and author. Maya Angelou, best known as an author and poet, was also a successful songwriter, journalist, actress, singer, dancer, civil rights worker and professor. And she could speak eight languages The following list of clues is designed to help you determine if you are a Renaissance Soul.


Read and mark the following statements that resonate with you.

      I have a genuine love of nature. I’m deeply concerned about insuring the well-being of Mother Earth. 


2.  q ... I have a hard time making a decision about what I want to do or be when I grow up. I have so

             many gifts, so many resources and so many things I want to do, that I often feel “whelmed.”


3. q ... I have powerful intuitive guidance and natural clairvoyant abilities. 


4. q ... I am multi-faceted ... and proud that I am a “jack of all trades and master of many.”


5. q ... I feel most fulfilled when I am passionately involved in the creative, expressive and/or healing arts. 


6. q ... I am often told I am an old soul ... and that I have “wisdom beyond my years.”


7. q ... I am passionate about authenticity. I have an above average, finely-tuned “BS meter” that makes me overly sensitive to living in today’s world where truth-telling, integrity and ethical commitment are not the norm.


8. q ... I don’t subscribe to any organized religions. I nurture a deep personal connection to Creator/Source

            and Mother Earth. What resonates with me is the metaphysical, transcendental and energy realities. 


9. q ... I often feel like I don’t fit on planet earth ... and that I am just visiting this planet. 


10. q ... I ‘m not dialed into making lots of money or being famous.

              My real motivation is a deep sense of spiritual mission. 


11. q ... Being highly creative, innovative, imaginative ... and challenging

              my ingenuity is extremely important to me.


12. q ... I have strong aversions to authority and authority figures.


13. q ... Unlike many people, I have had lots of really tough experiences in my life. 


14. q ...  Class, social status and thinking of one’s identity as a group, (alumni of a college, a political party,

a religion), are not important to me. What’s important is respect for human potential, individuality and

individuation—and a firm confidence in the innate worth, dignity and limitless abilities of each person.


15. I am extremely curious, adventurous and have an insatiable

       desire to be constantly learning and growing. 


16. q ... I prefer natural healing, herbs, energy integration and a variety of wholistic health facilitators. 


17. q ... I have an eclectic diverse group of friends—an.eclectic taste in furniture, art, music, 

              books, foods, architecture—and I embrace multilpe beliefs, ideas and theories.

18. q ... I feel a sense of destiny, even though I may not know what it is. My quest is to 

              follow my heart and live my intended destiny. I am optimistic about my future 

              and the collective future of humanity


If you have selected 10 or more ... go ahead and admit it. You are an Aquarian Renaissance Soul!!!


 RENAISSANCE SOULS ARISE!!! It’s time to create an Aquarian Age, 21st Century Renaissance. The time has come for humanity    to emerge out of another Dark Age and into a time  of radical tranceformation of earthling’s values, attitude, perspectives and motivations.

ACTIVATING THE “SPIRIT OF THE RENAISSANCE—IS A BIG CHALLENGE. New motivations—new ideals—new ideas—and new attitudes will launch humanity into a new Renaissance Era. It’s time to “wake up sleeping giants”—break out of old molds, and re-invent life on planet earth aligned to”nature’s way.” Earthlings need to be encouraged to bring forth the “Spirit of the Renaissance” that existed from the 1300’s through the 1600’s. That same underlying “Spirit” that brought Europe out of the Dark Ages and created many current advancements we enjoy today, can remedy today’s challenges in business, religion, government, medicine, entertainment and education. This will not be any easy task, because lots of earthlings have become lazy, selfish and concerned primarily with creature comforts and temporary solutions to permanent problems.

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