VU's EnVISIONEERS Teams are designed to provide 21st century success strategies, for people who feel called to raise their personal level of consciousness—and also raise the consciousness of collective humanity. You will practice being a visionary—instead of a what-is-onary, integrate your heart-body-mind-spirit into your success goals, and activate your innate genius creator so you can consciously manifest fulfilling work, flourishing businesses, rewarding relationships, vibrant health, sacred lifestyles ... and greater JOY.


IF YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO CREATE REALITY ... THEN HOW DO YOU EXPECT To Create More Success, $$$, Health, Right Relationships or JOY?  


If you want to succeed in today’s changing times, learning how to create what you want when you want it ... is not a luxury. It’s a skill you have to learn and master. BUT ... from kindergarten through Ph.D. programs, there are currently no manifesting or co-creators courses taught in our school curriculums. The result? Lots of people struggle and create more and more of what they don't want faster and faster.


With a little help from your friends"

you will create sustainable success.

There is great power when people support each other in actualizing their potential. 

In this new era of being interdependently wealthy ... you can't reach your zenith alone. 


EnVISIONEERS Teams are a place to individuate while you practice energy management,

coopportunity, co-creating and interdependence. The format is not a 12-step program,

therapy group or church format ... yet embodies aspects of each. 

EnVISIONEERS Teams ARE A 21st Century Support Group




• Discuss important issues

• Get validation and support

• Get new tools and insider insights  

• Be in a safe place to express yourself

• Clear your body/mind of energetic blocks  

• Break old habits ... let go of old B.S.

• Move forward with clear objectives

• Activate your heart's desires

• Live your intended destiny

• Shift consciousness 

Incremental Shift .... Creates exponential tranceformation


It's each small shift that ultimately creates major tranceformtion. Accountability is built into  

the EnVISIONEERS program structure to insure results that shift your "lived reality."

You can expect to resolve contemporary conflicts using soul-based solutions

and innovative tranceformational technology.


Great joy awaits those who courageously plunge into their

future trusting their inner resources will serve them well.

5 Reasons To Join an EnVisioneers Team



 #1.    Want to be more enterprising, market yourself or build your business.


#2.  Haunted by an inner urge to do more with your life.


#3.  Re-examining your priorities? Ready to active your heart's desires.


#4.   Time to reinvent your future? Need accountability to JUST DO IT.


#5.  Need courage to "get on with it" and quit wasting your precious time.


Inspired Leaders, Sacred Rebels, Architects of the Matrix of Magic, Bold Innovators, Authentic Entrepreneurs, Corporate Refugees, Edgewalkers, Cultural Creatives, enterprising people with a deep desire to make a difference ... and anyone who needs help to do success on their terms. All ages, young and old, are welcomed to become an EnVISIONEER. It's time for generations to learn and succeed together.


EnVISIONEERS Teams are comprised of like-hearted pro-active people.

They can be private groups ... or groups within a business or organization.

Join an EnVISIONEERS Team Today!


If you have an EnVISIONEER Spirit, and you know in your heart-of-hearts

you're ready to do not only personal and professional tranceformation, but

also to contribute to planetary tranceformation ... then find out today

what is required to become an EnVISIONEER.

Have FUN ... Tranceform ... Make Friends ... and enjoy

sharing your "shift process" with like-hearted people.


"Without the new insights and support

it would have taken years instead of months, to achieve what I've achieved. Thanks so much .... "

—Kenneth S.,     Entrepreneur




"I always thought I could succeed being the 'lone ranger' but

in the past year I've realized the value of having others in my corner when I got

into things I had no reference points for was invaluable.

I've learned a very important lesson about inderdependence...." 

—Marc B., Sales




"After attending

VU'S EnVisionQuest,

I discovered who I really am, why I'm on earth and what I'm supposed to be doing. It was scary at 68 years old to 

launch out and live my destiny, but knowing I had the support of the EnVISIONEERS Team

has made risking easier and even 

more fun...."

— Linda L.,

Business Consultant



"Before joining EnVISIONEERS I was

"wanna be" with dreamitis. I made plenty of money in my day job, but longed to be my own boss and help people with their health and wellness. I'm bridging my day job and building my healing practice part time. Things are going well financially and

I expect to be totally

on my own in six months ..."

—Dana  T.,  

Massage Therapist




"At first I thought it

was a bit arrogant when I was told my understanding of today's business world was totally

old school. I soon discovered it was true. I was a manager and not a leader. My team was not being 

productive and without learning leadership skills I would have been out of a job. When found 


accepted without judgment. I'm so much happier to be learning and growing. So is my team. I especially enjoy

my new like-minded friends...."

—Gerry M.,

Regional Manager 




"I've been really successful the past few years at creating more stuff I don't want faster and faster. I kept wondering what was wrong with me. I now understand I never learned how my thoughts and feelings create my reality. As I learned intention and cocreator skills, my life changed fast. It's fun to feel in charge of my life AND fun to be supported by my EnVISIONEERS team.

I really like the accountability. All is well in my world...."

—Sondra T.,


If you are interested in joining (or starting) an EnVisioneers

Team ... email or phone Visionaries University today.  


FINAL THOUGHTS About BRIDGING Old And New Success Paradigms

The time has come for millions of people to stop thinking about, meditating on, reading about or only talking about spiritual ideals. It's time to reinvent business, work and institutions so millions of people can take their body and soul to work with them. Sustainable success can only be achieved by using values-driven success strategies that integrate business, work and spirituality.

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