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Adventures In Manifesting

by Jeanine Just ... visionary success strategist ©1999 ©2014


Are you ready to move into your New Life? You’ll know that it’s time to re-invent your future if you don’t wake up in the morning so excited you can’t wait to get out of bed—but then what do you do? Where do you start? What do you want to take with you into your future? What are people going to say when you start being the Authentic Self you were born to be? 


Forget about changing or rearranging—re-invent. You can change your job, address, or relationship, and for a short time things seem different, but re-inventing is a permanent tranceformation of your life. It’s much like the metamorphosis of a butterfly who has no option to go back to the cocoon. In the past most people used linear logical goal achievement strategies. For some people this will still work—but if that’s not working for you it may be time to explore new ways to give direction to your dreams.


The only possible reason for the PAST … is the FUTURE. 


But what does this mean and how does this apply to re-inventing your future? It means that what you envision … is what you get. Your past does not provide a road map for your future. Instead of getting yourself into a crisis and wasting valuable energy getting out of it—you can use vision and intention to consciously co-create your future. You can decide what qualities you require and stop creating your reality from past programming and beliefs.


Many people believe that history repeats itself, and that you can predict the future based on the past or on predictable cycles. For example, economists believe all they have to do is observe what has happened over an extended period of time and then they can predict what will happen in the future.  But, everything is different now. Isn't it interesting that manifesting or co-creation classes are not taught anywhere in our school system. The result? Instead of people experiencong the joy of crafting their New Life, all too often they end up disillusioned, in debt and traumatized. Please don’t leave your day job until you know how to manifest. Successful self-employment requires knowing how to consciously create income. It’s easier if you practice manifesting while employed, then when you launch out on your own—you have already developed manifesting skills. 


7 INSIGHTS for Co-Creating with your Future Self


Insight #1:  Forget about goal setting—create from vision and intention


Goal setting requires identifying and writing down specific objectives you choose to achieve, including time frames, etc. For example, by December 25th, 2015 I will have a new 2016 black Mercedes 500 SEL with a wine colored interior.  Then several times a day you imagine yourself enjoying driving your new car. This process works if you work it.


When you use vision and intention you identify the qualities you require. You do not list any specific names of people, places or specific things—and you don’t project out into the future. You identify your current heart’s desires, write them down and begin activating living them in your daily life. Here are some examples of qualities you require for meaningful work: 1) I am respected by my colleagues and co-workers, or 2) I am passionate about our products and services, or 3) visionary leadership guides our profitable values-driven business, or 4) I love working and I’m paid what I’m worth. 


Insight #2: Practice energy alignment to pull your future into your present


Next begin investing your energy into raising your vibrational frequency to "allow" your desires into your life.  All that you want is already "hanging around you."   You've launched lots of rockets of desire, now you must become an energetic match to what you want to create. Do whatever it takes to feel joyous, free, unlimited, empowered, and vibrantly alive, etc. Decide to feel successful NOW. One way to do this is to make lists of everyone and everything you appreciate. Identifying your blessings, strengths and gifts will make you feel empowered. Outside forces won't determine how you feel. You determine how you feel. This activates your pathways of manifestation. Don't jump into action ... until you've aligned your energy!!! Then "stuff" will flow into your life.   Often greater things than you ever thought possible come to you almost effortlessly. You won't be "making it happen"—you are "allowing it to happen."


Insight #3:  Consciously monitor your heart's desires 


Identify your heart’s desires instead of intellectual wants or needs. Identify your 5-core values and use them to reprogram yourself to think with your heart. Your heart must be awakened to fulfill your destiny. Follow your passion. You can accomplish anything you set your mind and heart on. Make an agreement with yourself to: Focus on what you prefer—on what excites you —what makes you feel good—on what your heart desires right now.


Insight #4:  There are only 5 primary change focuses


Genuine needs are not just material stuff that provides temporary illusions of happiness. Your ego-personality self has intellectual wants and imagined needs which are often diametrically opposed to your heart’s desires. This is why so many people can’t manifest their objectives. They've got a split commitment between the motivations of their ego-personality self and their heart's desires. When you're ready to make changes, start by asking yourself, “What hurts the most in my life right now?”  When you stop focusing on issues you will discover there are 5 primary change focuses: 1)  My career, job or work—2) my physical body—3) my finances—4) my relationships—or 5) my home or work environments. Pick the one that hurts the most.  Write out the qualities you require as explained in Insight #1 and  immediately practice Insight #2, energy alignment. When you've transcended that challenge, take the next focus and transcend that. Before you know it you will have consciously crafted the life you desire.


Insight #5:  Don't ask how or why


Asking how or why stops your manifesting process. These are momentum building sabotagers. When you notice yourself asking these questions, use them as clues to get back on track. Refocus on alignment and allowing. Keep moving forward being a might co-creator.


Insight #6:  Release your past


Moving into your new life will require releasing any “stuff” you have collected that you no longer need. This includes furniture, clothing, books, ideas, friends, beliefs, etc., that you acquired when you were your past self. Ask yourself, “Do I want to take this idea, person, thing, etc., into my new life?  Then keep the things you want. Bless, thank and release/recycle everything else.


Insight #7:  The gift of "contrary stuff "to enhance momentum


Once you are clear about what you want, you also activate its opposite. Don't go looking for them, but as your contrary thoughts, feelings and beliefs surface, welcome them so you can transcend them. It's important to know that cleaning up old programming is a necessary step in the process of living your vision. It may appear you're messing up or that things are getting worse. Regardless of the circumstances, you need to relax, remain harmonious and focus on maintaining a positive attracting field. Focus on what’s right with you. You are likely to discover it’s a lot easier to focus on what you don’t want. If you are like most people you got programmed to sabotage yourself by preparing for the worst—to take the good with the bad, or that all good things must end, or worst case scenarios. The result?  It is easier to focus on the possibilities of the bad stuff or on what can go wrong—describing what you want in terms of what you don’t want. For example, I don’t ever want a relationship like the last one.


Without Vision—people perish. WITH VISION—People Flourish!!!


As you move into your new life, constantly ask yourself, “ What beautiful and good stuff can happen to me?” 

Focus on what’s right with you! Everything else will atrophy of neglect.


A word of caution about your ego … it likes to live in the future which tends to pull your energy too far out in front of

you to support you in manifesting your heart’s desires or it likes to take you back to the good old days. Looking into the future tends to create insecurity and fear because it’s unknown—filled with “what ifs.” Going into the past is often painful because it’s the past and it’s over. It’s history and only a memory that can’t be recreated again. Either response

results in draining energy.


To experience inner harmony live in the now. Make each moment an extraordinary moment. Legalize Happiness!!! 

Claim your inalienable right to experience your natural states of prosperity, freedom and JOY. Return to childlike simplicity. LIGHTEN UP!!!  Smile—enjoy life—live each moment as if it were your last—and actualize your dreams

with a light-hearted joyous Spirit.


This article is written by and the property of, Jeanine Just, founder and CEO of Visionaries University. You have permission to share it through any medium as long as proper credit lines are included. Jeanine Just empowers people to courageously reinvent their businesses, lives, and future. Jeanine is a visionary success strategist,  new paradigm builder, author, inspirational speaker, seminar facilitator  —and  highly acclaimed trance-formation agent For interviews, radio/TV guest, seminars, consulting, or more information for getting control of your destiny, please contact Jeanine at 949-486-9542or

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