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"It's time for humanity to get out of its intellectual and idealistic spirituality—and get on its true authentic and natural spiritual journey. It's time to get out of mind 
energy and be our INFINITE SELF."

~George Kavassilas  Tranceformation Mentor, Author, Teacher

The most Re-Evolutionary Earth School Curriculum Available Today!


FOR PEOPLE WHO THINK DIFFERENT. Inspired Visionary Leaders, New Paradigm Builders, Bold Innovators, Nature Advocates, Cultural Creatives, Edgewalkers, Fringe Dwellers, Authentic Entrepreneurs, Conscious Capitalists, Sacred Rebels, Renaissance Spirits—and anyone trying to make sense out of "stuff" in today's world ... that makes no sense.

Did you know that everyone needs success tools

and information to succeed in today's changing times ... BUT people with different levels of

consciousness need different advice!!!

Will you be the next masterful old soul 

who activates your Intended Destiny?


•  Need to find creative ways to "spiritualize" all my daily life activities. 

Not enough time in the day to have separate spiritual/material worlds. 


•  Want to consciously navigate earth school—reconnect with my soul's

mastery—and reclaim the sovereignty and the zest for life I intended to

experience when I accepted this sacred earth-mission.  


•   Want to do what I love .... and have the money follow. 


•   I've been on my spiritual path for MANY years, tried lots of religious,

    spiritual and success ideologies. Always on the lookout for technologies

 that can activate more of my authentic genius co-creator.

•   Had  a recent "wake-up call"—a major financial, career, business, heath 

    or relationship crisis. I need to explore new options and choices.

•   Read lots of books, attended endless seminars, churches and spiritual

events, I know my astrology, had helpful spiritual readings and Reiki healings,

   done yoga and/or Tai Chi. I'm ready to integrate my soul into my work,

business, relationships, health practices and lifestyle

•  Want to shift my consciousness to integrate wealth and spirituality.

   I want to transcend the Matrix Systems success programming.

•  Don't really know anything about a "spiritual path." I want to live my Intended

Destiny and learn how to manifest my creative ideas for a better world.

•   Ready to "be done with" old time religions, new age, new thought and idealistic

spirituality. I want to understand the Gateway To Freedom Conscious Evolution 

Blueprint and  consciously embark on my new "self-directed" spiritual path.

•  After so many relationship disappointments, I'd like to get excited about

sharing my life with a complimentary mutually supportive spiritual partner.

•   I am a visionary transformational teacher, health practitioner, spiritual counselor,

success coach, business manager, chiropractor, artist or musician. I am, seeking 

"what's new—what's next" .... so I can be of greater service to "my tribe."


“Everything is backwards. Everything is upside down.  Doctors 

destroy health ...  lawyers destroy justice ... universities destroy

knowledge ... scientists destroy truth ... most major media

destroy information ... religions destroy spirituality ... and

governments destroy freedom.”

~ Michael Ellner

CURRICULUM ... walking your spirit's path 

WALKING YOUR SPIRIT'S PATH is a pathfinder for people seeking to progress on their inner

spiritual journey — while experiencing  a successful life in their external material world.   




Life does not have to be a game of chance, but a mountain top view is very different from what you see when you are in a valley. In WALKING YOUR SPIRIT'S PATH you will see life from a big-picture perspective. With the GATEWAY To FREEDOM Multi-Dimensional Transformation Blueprint, you'll be able to "see and know" how to merge with the mastery IN you and consciously be able to take back control of your destiny. The truth about who and what you are has been kept from you for centuries. The "powers that be" believed you were not mature enough to handle your awesome power. This comprehensive wholistic mastery strategy is guaranteed to put you on a tranceformation fast-track. It ingeniously synthesizes the diverse disciplines of physics, metaphysics, religion, psychology, sociology, business, economics, and the healing arts—into a practical curriculum. Get ready to say goodbye to the "artificial reality" and realign to "nature's way." Liberate yourself from 3D-—5 Sense programming control systems. Eliminate fear and victim programming. Learn how to tap into your Authentic Self, how to source universal energy, "how to see" life from an energetic perspective, how to connect to your innate wisdom and how to co-create from your soul's mastery. Life was never meant to be a struggle. You have an intended destiny that's wired into your DNA. Have FUN using this heart/soul based technology to resolve third dimensional problems rationally, equitably and expediently. Activate JOY in your life and life activities. Enjoy your sacred earth journey!!!!


EQUANOMICS is a 21st century economic consciousness—a master strategy for being interdependently wealthy in the new prosperity paradigm. We all were born into the world of commerce. It currently takes money to function in today's world. The "economist gods," and money manipulators have enslaved people across the planet with lots of money B.S. Get ready to debunk success programming, re-think money, how money is earned, where it's acquired, how it's used—demystify old monetary beliefs that won't work in the new prosperity paradigm—learn about spirit-infused products, inventions and services—discover clever ways to integrate material and spiritual values—and how your personal soul evolution impacts how you source in-come. This insightful thought-provoking course is designed for 21st century wealth creators to have a new relationship with money. Get transcendent insights about collective and personal Equanomics. Make wiser financial choices for yourself, your loved ones and the planet. 


Did you know that people in different levels of soul evolution have different relationship needs. Love and joy on planet earth will be greatly increased as millions of men and women empower themselves by consciously creating the most rewarding joy-filled relationships they can imagine. In REACHING NEW HEIGHTS TOGETHER you will learn about heart and soul-based partnerships, divine destinies, soul contracts, how to choose a spiritual partner—and how to be in a spiritual partnership. There is no relationship information available today, that is more relevant to what many people are searching for!!! The heart-warming unconventional wisdom revealed in this spiritual partnership program is guaranteed to challenge obsolete relationship programming most people are trying to conform to—and guaranteed to challenge current beliefs about relationships, marriage, lifestyles, love, romance and sexuality. REACHING NEW HEIGHTS TOGETHER will open your mind to new awarenesses—and especially the awareness of how to use spiritual partnerships for spiritual development.

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Schedule an online get-acquainted

GATEWAY to FREEDOM 90-minute intro session

for only $155. Call 909-338-1313 or    

Message from Jeanine Just .... visionary success strategist
In the 1920's, QUANTUM PHYSICS replaced NEWTONIAN PHYSICS beliefs from the late 1600's. Instantly an expansive reality was revealed. Life as it was known to be—was forever changed. In July of 1990, I met Kathryn Chardin-Watersun—and my life was forever trance-formed !!!
JJ New Human pic Corona Del Mar.JPG

Kathryn introduced me to her 40 year Eden Research Project, which included her Science of Evology Multi-Dimensional Actualization Curriculum for Conscious Evolution. She was amazed when she realized I was the first person she'd met that used her model to evolve myself—without ever seeing or knowing about it. Until she passed from this world in 2010, Kathryn firmly believed that the once mysterious (but now comprehensible knowledge of how reality works)—could be easily grasped by many people and applied in their daily life activities.


Over the years I helped Kathryn validate her work. We were Sacred Rebels and Soulutionaries. She always marvelled at my amazing ability to take her complex information and make it practical and applicable to people's everyday lives—while maintaining the integrity of her work. She appreciated my enthusiasm, not only for her work, but my dedication to being "in the trenches" and guiding many precious souls who, like her, were committed to tranceforming life on planet earth. 

Old success programming is diametrically opposed to soul-level growth and sustainable success.

On January 1st, 2000, humanity not only entered a new decade and a new century—but also a new millennium. Currently a major re-evolutionary shift is closing the old Picean Age and the opening the Aquarian Age. The vastness of the global Renaissance we are experiencing is much greater than the Renaissance from 1200 to 1650 AD. WALKING YOUR SPIRIT'S PATH is for people who wish there was an earth school success curriculum, beyond the K-12 curriculum (a kind of inner/outer development curriculum) to help them navigate these changing times and deliberately make conscious choices.


WALKING YOUR SPIRIT'S PATH was created for the millions of people who are experiencing a spiritual-material world crisis—people who would benefit from weaving together their material/spiritual realities and experience the best of both worlds. WALKING YOUR SPIRIT'S PATH makes growing and evolving as easy as going from first to second grade. No more living in the dark, struggling and doing the best you can. It's time to live a life of JOY and FREEDOM. WALKING YOUR SPIRIT'S PATH ingeniously synthesizes the diverse disciplines of physics, religion, psychology, business, economics, sociology and the healing arts into a practical curriculum people can use to take control of their destiny.


WALKING YOUR SPIRIT'S PATH returns power back to the individual by providing a blueprint for conscious evolution. It enables each person to be their own guru—the captain of their soul and master of their fate. Students learn how to use the Gateway To Freedom model to get control of their destiny, plus how to apply it to finances (Equanomics) and how to use it to transform relationships into Spiritual Partnerships. 


It's time for millions of people to use the Multi-Dimensional GATEWAY TO FREEDOM Spiritual Technology to solve 3D problems rationally, equitably and expediently. WALKING YOUR SPIRIT'S PATH provides unconventional, yet practical easy to apply information, for people on a higher frequency wave-length who are ready to launch themselves on a tranceformation fast track. 

I look forward to sharing these life trance-forming insights with

you ... and enabling you to live a life of Joy and Freedom !!! 


Online course
7 Week Online Course — THURSDAYS
CA TIME: 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm 
(Limited to 10 participants)
Save $____ ... prior to __________

life-changing reservation  ... TODAY !!!
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Spiritual Pathfinding — Mastery Mentoring  

If your spirit has come knocking and it's time to explore your authentic and natural spiritual journey, Jeanine will masterfully navigate you as you merge with your mastery. Jeanine is a no BS Visionary Success Strategist and Mastery Mentor who has not only walked her spiritual path for over 45 years—but since 1984 has been in the trenches guiding individuals and businesses with values-driven inside-out success strategies. Thousands of people have benefited from her innovative tranceformation wisdom.


Spiritual Mastery has no quick fixes, no magic wands, can't buy your way, and AMAZON  

can't deliver it in 24 hours. Spiritual Mastery takes time and disciplined intentions.


•  A game-changing step-by-step master strategy for progressing on your sacred

    inner  journey—while experiencing a successful life in the external world

•  Unconventional wisdom to consciously navigate “earth school," reclaim 

    your sovereignty—and activate with your intended earth-mission 

•  Take back control of your destiny from 3-D/5 Sense Matrix Reality programming

•  Introduction to and application of GATEWAY TO FREEDOM Conscious Evolution Blueprint 

•  Complete a Spiritual Tranceformation Current Reality Audit 

•  Understand the "energy world" and the New Spirit-Driven Paradigm

•  Free your Sacred Rebel—surrender to your multi-dimensional Greater Being

•  Situation resolution and conflict resolution as you integrate your new awarenesses

•  Accountability Action Plan to "gradually and naturally" keep you moving forward

• Guidance as you are pulled into your future self by the JOY in your heart 

• Visionary soulutions and transcendent insights financial planning and spiritual partnerships

Mastery Mentoring Sessions (12 @ 90 minutes) ... $1,897

                                                       ( 7 @ 90 minutes) ... $1097 (Save $100 prior to 6/1/2024) $997

90 minute GATEWAY TO FREEDOM intro session............................ $155


Two-90 minute Spiritual Audit Sessions .......................................... $399


INTENDED DESTINY CONSULT —to consciously know yourself as a soul .... $349

•  Sessions can be in person or ZOOM Online Consultations

•  Financial and time investment are custom-designed for each person.

•  Session packages can vary from 3 hours—to one year. 

•  Sessions are generally 90 minutes. (can be 2 hours)

Heart_Head with quote.jpg

is the answer to your prayers.

RSVP NOW ... for INTRO Online Class !!!

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