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about Jeanine Just 
Jeanine works with the best .... and makes them better !!!

JEANINE is a Visionary Success Strategist ... a highly respected inspirational speaker, mastery mentor, entrepreneurs' advocate, awareness facilitator, prolific writer and world-class teacher. The Los Angeles Times said about Jeanine, “She is a trailblazer … a catalyst for change.” Corporate clients, business owners and individuals all say, “Jeanine is a very valuable resource in today’s changing times. When the going gets rough, you’ll want her in your corner. She’ll make sure you’re headed in the right direction.”

Visionary leader

A practical futurist with common sense 

approaches to today's complex issues. 


Valuable Resource

Clients benefit from her unique combination of

experiences, education and inspiration.



"If there's a will there's a way" can-do attitude

and a reputation for getting results. 


a breath of fresh air ... ray of hope ... creative spark

Enlightening visionary ideas. People

"listen" and "hear" what she says. 



JEANINE is the guiding force, Founder and CEO of VISIONARIES UNIVERSITY Since 1984, her unconventional wisdom has empowered thousands of people to produce breakthrough results in their businesses, projects and lives. Jeanine speaks extensively on trends, a new era in business, soulutions for the new success paradigm, activating the entrepreneurial spirit, the invincible power of values, co-creation technology and bio-energetic wellness. Jeanine and her VU team impact business growth through personal development. They are proud to be new millennium guides on a mission to reinvent success and create the business world of the future, today.


Professional Affiliations

• Institute Of Noetic Sciences



• Listed in Who's Who In American Women

• Listed In International Who's Who of Business and Professional Women

• American Legion Leadership Award



• Certified by Carlson Learning Co. in multi-dimensional training 

• Theological Science Society International, DD

• Honorary BA Degree from UHK, Pillipe, W. VA

Jeanine's Story

Visionaries University is the result of my refusal to live my success programming and forfeit my integrity for financial and social reasons. In 1980 I got a big-time wake-up call that changed my life forever. I had a life-threatening health crisis the doctors said was "burnout." From a very young age, I was a Type A over-achiever and an adrenaline junkie—determined to climb the highest success mountain. I'd worked from age 15 and accomplished more than lots of people do in their entire life. I "bought the success program" most Americans receive. I was married, had a child, owned a home and had an "important job." I made plenty of money and by society's standards I was successful. I was living "the good life"—but discovered it was not "my life." This life-threatening illness forced me to rethink my life and where I was going to live without a body. I had no conscious connection to my soul's purpose and I was doing things that were not aligned to Nature's Way. Even though this was "the norm"... my life nearly ended at 30.  I made a plea bargain with the God Force that If I was allowed to live, I'd do what I came to earth to do.

how i connected with my vocation of destiny

In 1984, I set out to prove to myself that I could make money—while making a difference. I re-evaluated the success programming I had received from lots of well-meaning people. I also explored a variety of success philosophies to prove to myself that profits and principles were inseparable. My quest to understand why some people fail and others succeed, plus my deep desire to do "success on my terms"—provided the stimulus to develop Visionaries University highly acclaimed business and personal tranceformational courses.


Today, I am a "Visionary Success Strategist"and Mastery Mentor—and I'm committed to role modeling what I teach. I believe we are in the New Aquarian Renaissance and everything has to be re-envisioned. My primary focus is pioneering a new success paradigm. I envision business, work and life activities being deliberately used as a personal self-development curriculum. In 1984 I did not set out to build a huge business or make lots of money. I'd already had done that. My intention was to fulfill my commitment contract "to do what I came to earth to do"—and to source my in-come from doing my vocation of destiny. I made a conscious decision to "transform while I taught—and teach while I learned." I stopped attending endless personal and professional development seminars, used my work as my earth school—and cleverly got paid while growing and evolving. I followed my passion, put one foot in front of the other and just kept going. No matter how difficult, there was no turning back, and no where else to go. 


Without a guide or blueprint for living my destiny and doing "success

from the inside out" ... I did what Steve Jobs, of Apple Computer, told

students to do in his Stanford University commencement speech.


He said,"You have to trust in something, your gut, destiny, life, karma, 

whatever. The dots you encounter in life, will eventually connect. Believing

that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to

follow your heart, even when it leads you off the well-worn path."

PHASE ONE was finding my life-work path. PHASE TWO: Allowing my mission to teach me—passionately, patiently tranceforming many businesses and lives, making plenty of money and knowing the "right time" to make a greater impact would reveal itself. Everything is now in place for major expansion. PHASE THREE: A great awakening is happening globally. Conscious evolution ideals are going mainstream. There's a readiness in millions of people to integrate spiritual/material values—plus there are new technologies available to easily disseminate information globally. Spiritualizing business has become necessary for the survival of life on planet earth. I am dedicated to making the insights and tools I've poured my heart and soul into creating since 1984—available to a global marketplace of Architects of the Matrix of Magic. I'm prepared to follow my inner guidance that is guiding humanity, me and Visionaries University into our Greater Destiny.

"Life can only be understood backwards

... but must be lived forwards."



IF THERE IS NO DESTINY, Then Please Explain 
how a Midwest, German, Lutheran
Farm Girl, with only a
12th grade education ... had an intergalactic consciousness
by age 40.

I often ponder this mystery. I'm in awe of what my life has become, the things I do, the amazing people I've met and how my life's evolving. My former goal-setting self never would have dreamt of doing or being even 25% of what my life has become. I agree with most of my family members who say I'm weird and belong in California. My life has shown me that just as each acorn is encoded to become a giant oak tree— greatness is each person's true destiny.


Sleeping giants 

sleep no more!

Ben Franklin was called " jack of all trades and master of many." I know this is true for me and also true for each of the more than seven billion people on the planet. It's exciting to think about how the many ways the world will change when only 20% of the people decide to unleash their sleeping giants.

Profound message

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life.

Don't be trapped by dogma which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other people's opinions drown out your inner voice, and most importantly, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary."


Steve goes on to tell Stanford students, "You have to trust in something ...  your gut, destiny,

life, karma, whatever. The dots you

encounter in life, will eventually connect. Believing that the dots

will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart, even when it leads you off the well-worn path.  And that will make all the difference."


Stanford University

Commencement Speech

March 2006 


Steve Jobs,  Apple Computer

Born 2-24-1955  Exited 10-5-2011

Letting my greatness out ... allowing life and my spirit to create my future

Letting my greatness out required a different mindset than what I used to select a job, project or career. My normal behavior was to make things happen. Aligning to my vocation of destiny was different. I unintentionally chose, or I should say was led by my spirit—to follow an organic unfolding process with lots of twists and turns. Along the way I was privileged to be "the wind beneath thousands of people's wings," made friends while I made money, authored a leading-edge multi-faceted curriculum for succeeding in the 21st century (one page at a time), wrote and published a great how-to success book entitled Playing a Different Game and authored two cassette learning programs. There's Life After BS and Activate Your Destiny. I'm overjoyed with my next book that will be coming out by mid 20124. I love the title—When Your Spirit Comes Knocking, Just Open The Friggn' Door ... and I love teaching my whole systems re-evolutionary success strategies to successfully navigating into the Aquarian Age.


I, like many ACA's (adult children of alcoholics), was an overachiever. I grew up in an alcoholic family. From an early age my role was "peacemaker." This developed my leadership skills and gave me plenty of practice in conflict resolution. Over time I realized childhood traumas, that once seemed like a curse,—were actually a blessing. Overachiever clients have gladly paid me for my innovative situation resolution and conflict resolution skill for over 40 years. I taught them how to achieve their objectives by trusting their intuitive guidance and heart's power ... and to align to a mysterious, powerful, invisible guiding force that had a master plan for their life. 


I had to learn that unlike my ego-personality self's success path—the Path of my Spirit had no competition, no "better-than" roles and no intense drive to be famous, wealthy or #1 in my industry. It was hard not to judge, myself or discount my contributions, just because I wasn't receiving the fame, recognition or money that other colleagues were getting. Over time, it was revealed to me that my intended destiny path in this lifetime was not to be just a quiet hero making contributions in quiet ways—but rather to be an outrageous "Sacred Rebel" manifesting bold visions for the benefit all of humanity and Mother Earth.. 


It's been quite remarkable how people from all walks of life "find me" when they are in a life, business, career or financial crisis. My clients don't fit into a demographic, but they all have unconventional mindsets and are enterprising spirits. They all want pain relief. They want me to help them quickly get them from where they are—to where they want to be. They are always grateful that I'm a highly intuitive problem solver with a Type-A personality. Clients never are in their situations for the reasons they think. Like me, they too come to a major crossroads and need new awarenesses and mastery mentoring. No matter what the challenge, I've always find kreative soulutions for clients self-sabotaging behaviors and creative ways to "dig them out of their success pot holes." I'm grateful to be encouraging client-friends to activate their inner GPS system and follow the powerful path of their heart.

success from the inside out... jeanine's path from "nobody home" to sustainable success

From age 15 through age 30, I was driven to climb the highest success mountain so I could live the American dream success programming. Books about courageous successful people intrigued me. Enterprising spirits like Mary Kay Ash, Paul J. Meyers, Henry Ford, Dale Carnegie, and Abraham Lincoln, made my spirit soar. From grade school I was taught that anyone could be president of the United States. I can't believe I actually believed that, but what it did was make me aspire to be and do great things.

from valedictorian of her 8th grade glass 

to founder and ceo of her own university

A clue about my future should have been my love of my two story red brick farm school and the teachers who fostered my insatiable desire to learn. As I got older I cherished the local library and my library card was well used. I graduated eighth grade as Valedictorian and vowed after that speech, I'd never speak to audiences again. I completed high school but never went to college, even though my successful grand uncle Elmer W. Kneip, paid for my four year college education. I was supposed to go to Cornell University, but decided to get married at 18, instead, I was chastised by family members and had to live with being told I'd never be a success without an education.

At age 16 I began to reject my Lutheran religious programming. At age 22 I embarked on my spiritual path, although I had no idea there even was a path. I enrolled in an 18 year Personal Development At Home Study Course with the Theological Science Society, Intl. A friend brought me a manual and said each month I'd get another one. I finished the course in 23 years and it dramatically changed my life and provided a strong foundation for building my future. The course taught me life awareness and skills that I feel should have been taught in the school system. Driven by my curiosity, I became a voracious reader, attended many mind-expanding seminars, met people from around the world, and in retrospect created my own version of self-education. I kept expanding and growing. Each new awarenesses expanded my horizons and created lots of opportunities.


Until age 30, I was a shy introvert, but my desire to share my insights was growing. I purchased a single cassette tape about public speaking from Success Motivation Institute. It changed my life. The message was clear, if you want to speak, become passionate about your message and just start speaking. That's all I needed to hear. No matter how scared I felt, I started speaking about self worth. It was my biggest personal challenge and I wanted to transcend it. To my amazement, it didn't matter if I was the perfect speaker. My enthusiasm, energy and ideas inspired my audiences. A few years later, my self worth topic really paid off when I was selected to tour with Elizabeth Dole (the former Director of the Red Cross who really wanted to become a U.S. president and first lady). Over two years I spoke to thousands of women at women's seminars from Minnesota to Florida, about "Self-Worth Your Ultimate Power." 


I received many fringe benefits from getting my clients out of jams or as I laughingly like to say, "success pot holes." Besides what they paid me, I received valuable insights that money can't buy. One was an unofficial Ph.D. in how to succeed in the 21st century and another was to create a multi-faceted success curriculum for how to do it. As I analyzed why people failed and why people succeeded, I realized most people were trying to succeed using outdated or skewed success programming.

After I'd worked with enough people and connected the dots, I began to share these new success insights, not only in one-on-one coaching sessions, but on bigger nationwide stages, in corporate boardrooms, at leadership symposiums and in many leadership, sales, and business development seminars. My income and marketplace expanded. Spirit used a brilliant strategy to activate my Soul Self and my soul's mastery—while doing my life's work.  With time, I began to realize my life's purpose was to be a leader waking up and guiding 21st century leaders. My clients and I both benefited. I'm eternally grateful to everyone who contributed to my growth and empowerment—and to all the consciousness shifting we contributed to planet earth and beyond.


In 1987 music began to play a new role in my life. I amazed myself by letting my singing abilities out. My singing voice enhanced my speaking voice. What a surprise to find out that transcending my fear of singing, would not only bring me great joy, but what I learned about music, changed how I taught team building, leadership and business building strategies


In 1990 a friend gave me a stack of manuscripts written by research scientist Kathryn Chardin-Watersun. After reading the "Einstein-like" information, I contacted Kathryn. I often refer to that afternoon as the best/worst day of my life. She invalidated most of what I had learned and was teaching up until age 40 .... but she also introduced me to her Science of Evology Whole Systems Actualization Blueprint and her curriculum for Conscious Evolution. From that day forward, Kathryn's model has been the foundation of all my writing, teaching and mentoring. My perception of reality was shifted. From then on, I could only teach a soul-based integrated success strategy. This is why I call myself a Visionary Success Strategist. 


Life had other plans for jeanine

Unbeknownst to me, my message was to empower people to use their inner GPS navigation system to access their multi-dimensional mastery within and take back control of their destiny. If I'd gotten a traditional education, I would not have common ground with the millions of people who could not afford a formal education. What if my education had opened doors to material world opportunity, but was not what I needed for my soul development and intended destiny? What if I'd been allowed to stay lost in a career or profession, rather than live the life I was born to live?


Being self-taught used to be the norm, but many people today are convinced that without an education they will never succeed. Lack of a formal education didn't carry the stigma that it does today. Successful examples of being self-taught are Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Edison. I'm not saying people should not get an education. I'm suggesting that before anyone goes into huge educational debt, that they do a "self study research project"—find out who they are, why they are on earth and their life's purpose. For anyone who is ready to "walk their Spirit's Path in the contemporary world" and get on a "fast track mastery path"—I highly recommend exploring my soul-based curriculum, attend enlightening presentations, online courses ... or read the treasure trove of info on my VISIONARIES UNIVERSITY website. Your intuition will validate what's right for your path. You will be guided to actualizing  your intended destiny— just as I have been.


If I can do it ... anyone can. I blundered my way to success with courage, discipline, integrity and curiosity. Along the way I discovered there is nothing more powerful than the resilience of the human spirt. I'm excited about these changing uncertain times. I believe everything that's needed to tranceform life onplanet earth is here. It's hidden in the DNA of every person alive today—hidden inside of them, not outside of them. I hope you've gotten new inspiration from reading my life's story ... inspiration to live the life you know you were born to live.


Helen Keller said, "Life is either a daring adventure ... or it's nothing". I guarantee that my life has been one amazing adventure after another. By age 30 I'd experienced more than many people do in a lifetime. Many experiences were tough. I'm glad they're behind me. I still encounter plenty of tough experiences, but I've learned empowering tools and skills to create my own reality, instead of playing a victim role. Until I take my last breath, I'm totally committed to teaching millions of people how they too can be a creative genius—living a life of joy, freedom and sovereignty.  AND THEN, when I get to the supposed "Pearly Gates" I intend to say to my greeters, "I was given a consciousness shifting job and special gifts of wisdom, courage, inspiration, empowerment and integrity to share with fellow earthlings— and I did it." I expect to hear, "Job well done. Welcome home." 


MEANWHILE ... I will continue to wake up each morning excited to see what adventures await


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