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get out of relationship pre-school & reach new heights together


by Jeanine Just, Visionary Success Strategist  ©2002 ©2014

Have you given up on fulfilling relationships? If so, I want to inspire you to dream again—to awaken hope for lovingly relating together in a complimentary spiritual partnership. Because spiritual partnerships are totally different from romantic relationships—you'll need to prepare yourself for "unlearning and relearning." Sit back, relax and read this article with your heart-mind open to new ideas, possibilities ... and totally new ways for reaching new heights together.  
Many of us have put ourselves through hell in intimate relationships and marriages over the past 50 to 60 years. Please don’t personalize it. You were not in the experiences for the reasons you may think. What if you’ve endured tough experiences because your soul chose to contribute to healing old planetary relationship consciousness? What if you’ve been contributing to creating a new paradigm of loving heart/soul-based partnerships? I believe this is true, AND I believe the healing is done. Everything we did was appropriate—but now it’s no longer appropriate. It’s time to consciously create the most personally rewarding, joy-filled relationships you can imagine!  


It’s Time For Millions Of People To Experience

The Most Rewarding Joy-filled Relationships They Can Imagine!!!  


In some cultures marriages are pre-arranged. Believe it or not, marriages in America are pre-arranged. We believed we were free, but we were modeling social conditioning we received prior to age 5. I’m convinced it’s time to legalize happiness—time to explore relationships and marriage from a very different point of view. Yes, your spirit may be weary and you may have shut down your heart, but there are new experiences beyond single, married and then divorced—only to try it again and again and again. Let go of all that. Don’t give up now. The prize you've wanted all along is within your grasp. You're probably very clear about what you don't want, but now you need totally new insights to stop repeating what's familiar. The new archetype of spiritual partner is foreign to the human experience, but from now on you can use your intimate relationships for spiritual development.


The unconventional wisdom I'm revealing will challenge any obsolete programming you may be trying to conform to—and challenge your current beliefs about relationships, marriage, lifestyles, love, romance and sexuality. Get ready to explore alternative ideas about love, intimacy and sexuality. You're about to discover new ways to integrate your spiritual and romantic ideals, and learn how you can manifest a sacred partnership. Read on, if it's time to allow your heart’s desires to be fulfilled. Prepare yourself to shift your consciousness in order to allow for greater joy than you ever imagined possible!!!


Since 1987 I have enjoyed meaningful conscious sacred partnerships with wonderful men who have added to my life. None of these relationships evolved into a lifetime partnership—but none of them had to in order to be of value. I am very grateful for each persons' beneficial contributions, which include rich emotions and life enhancing experiences.


Since 1990 I’ve been consciously role modeling 21st century sacred partnerships. I don’t have all the answers for making relationships work, because we are evolving a new model. There are no hard and fast rules for entering this new sacred partnership paradigm. I'm sharing what I’ve learned, in hopes that the information will be helpful to others who are searching for a healthier model for relating together. Instead of punishing or judging myself for “what I did for love,” I used my experiences as a research project.


I bring good relationship news—a new hope-filled message. I feel I've earned the equivalent of a Ph.D. from my own real life relationship experiences, plus from what I learned over the past 35 years as I’ve helped clients "transcend their horror stories about what they did for love.” I discovered that my lessons are everybody else’s too—and in order to teach this stuff I had to directly experience it.


One thing I know for certain—people are truly wanting to connect with one another in deep meaningful ways. They are longing for community, touch, intimacy, friendship, synergy, validation, companionship, respect and love—BUT while they crave togetherness, deep inside they have a great fear of experiencing love. None of us will be able to manifest our heart’s desires, until we resolve our split motivations of wanting love (yet fearing and not expecting love).


Cultural Programming Is Very Different From Natural Scripting

Our current model of marriage doesn’t work for most people today. It hasn’t for many years. I discovered there was not something wrong with all of us. There's something wrong with the system we are trying to conform to. With the divorce statistics of 50% nationwide and 75% in California, it is no wonder people are reluctant to fully participate in relationships. Who in their right mind would play a game where they knew the chances of winning were 25 to 50%. Marriage, as we know it today, doesn’t serve at least 50 to 75% of the people. So, instead of following old programming of sex-marriage-divorce (and doing it faster and faster and faster), let’s consider a whole new system.


Have you been doing therapy, attending seminars, ACA, 12 step programs—and trying to figure out if you love too much, too little, or if you’re codependent, dysfunctional, or too independent, or if you are from Mars or Venus, etc.? If so, why not agree to jump into a new kind of intimate sacred partnership—one that follows your natural scripting instead of cultural programming. I believe we’re designed to be interdependent and need each other. However needing each other and being needy—are very different. Two halves will never make a whole. I believe it’s in the Divine Universal Plan for each of us to be integrated in our masculine-feminine energy. Intimate relationship is the perfect place to experience integration and wholeness.  


Get a Life … Then Get A Relationship

Know yourself first. Individuate! Most of us have been conditioned to seek relationships outside ourselves, because we have been living in an externally driven society. Our challenge is to understand that relationships are 50% internal and 50% external. We have been “seeking in far off lands that which lies within”—seeking in others what we were looking for in ourselves. All relationships are transitory and change form. Even the dearest husband, wife, significant other, or life partner of 60 years, is a transitory role. You came into this earth alone and you are going out alone. The only relationship that is always with you is the relationship you have with yourself. Relationships become like a tapestry with each thread an experience. At the end of this life, all you take with you is your experiences.


Empower yourself. From now on, consciously choose specific relationships and real life experiences to transcend issues and grow yourself. Stop going to therapy, seminars and reading books. Once you connect with someone you choose to explore life with more seriously, outline reasonable expectations, define boundaries, create a vision that identifies what you're willing to commit to co-creating, and clarify your purpose for sharing life experiences. Some people want to share material and financial stuff—others want to share “beingness.” Some want both. Neither is better. You must be clear about what’s important to you.


Make sure you share honest authentic communication, be playful, light-hearted, sensuous and loving. Intimacy means being in-time—on the same wave length and able to share complimentary activities. Intimacy is not just a close sexual relationship. It’s a feeling of connectedness, closeness and interdependence of a deep nature. Intimacy can be experienced in a split second or can be built over a period of time, depending on the vulnerability level of the people.


If you attract someone into your life that you don’t want, simply “Go Fish’n.” Be aware, totally present, live fully in the moment...and see reality as it is. Don’t force the person to be in a relationship with you, if they don’t "fit." Remember, there are always more fish in the sea. Just like going fishing, if you reel in someone you don’t want, you can throw the person back. They will be perfect for someone else.


Looking For Love In All The Right Places

Love is a Universal Energy that's unconditional. Human romantic love is based on emotion, ego and conditions. Deep down people crave unconditional love—yet as strange as this may sound, they deeply fear the loving relationships they desire. It's a strange paradox. On one hand each of us wants to be loved—and at the same time our greatest fear is experiencing love.


Hallmark cards and Hollywood programmed people for romantic love, lust, romance and sexual physical attraction that's based on romance, not love. It’s an artificial program most of us bought into. The music industry capitalizes on all sorts of painful experiences and perverted romantic ideals. Romance is wonderful and important, but not the foundation for a spiritual partnership. You will have personal preferences in your partner—qualities you prefer, but if you want a complimentary partnership, it’s time you looked beyond the wrapper, beyond the external package. Use discernment, not judgment. Discernment does not make anyone right or wrong—good or bad. It just clarifies your preferences.


Most people only experience outcome-based relating. Everything they think, say, or do is to achieve a predetermined outcome. Everything is done to achieve a “next step.” I suggest that you be spontaneous, stay in the moment and enjoy the process of relating together—rather than being concerned about the outcome or “where all this will lead.”


Conscious Sacred Partnership

In 1988 I read Gary Zukov’s book, The Seat of the Soul. His spiritual partnership concepts made sense of the theater of my life experiences, and really impacted me. In 1990, when I met research scientist and visionary, Kathryn Chardin-Watersun, my whole reality changed. She introduced me to her Science of Evology 9-Level Actualization Blueprint. That changed my life forever. She introduced me to a spiritual partnership model I could use to translate conceptual relationship ideas into a lived reality. I traded in my cultural relationship programming for my innate natural scripting. Many people are grateful for my unconventional relationship awarenesses. Some used the new insights to transform their marriages into heart-soul based partnerships—others used the insights to consciously and lovingly unravel their relationships.


A heart-soul level relationship or spiritual partnership, will expand your awareness beyond marriage or romantic, physical, financially-based relationships. Spiritual partners must share a compatible level of spiritual consciousness. True partnership brings lasting freedom, is mutually empowering, and is only achieved by separate and whole people who retain their uniqueness while being in partnership. Sacred partnerships are vital to your soul’s developmental process. You can’t reach your zenith alone!


Relationships are not separate from life, and they're not a luxury. Relationships play an important part in planetary evolution. The Gateway To Freedom Actualization Blueprint that I teach, has five levels for conscious partnering. You determine where you are in your development process, and then create a personal action plan for consciously manifesting appropriate partners at the appropriate time. How cool is that?


Level One is individual where you only have an awareness of being part of a social-cultural group. Level Two is based on sexual attraction and is primarily focused on temporary attraction, flirtations and possessiveness. The primary purpose in Level Three is for marriage partners to procreate, build a family and create financial security. Then in Level Four you're ready for heart-soul based relationships where each person's primary purpose is to individuate, connect with their soul’s purpose, and explore shared experiences in unconditional love, acceptance and mutual support. In Level Five you connect with a Divine Complement Life-work Partner. At this level of relating, two whole persons unite to share life and life-work  projects. You agree to experiencing an awesome intimate loving relationship—while cooperating and co-creating planetary transformation projects. Once you consciously understand relationships from this expanded point of view—you can consciously co-create “perfect” partnerships all the time.


Cultural programming has enslaved millions of people to outcome-based relating which is based only on levels one, two and three. In this newly emerging world of conscious partnering, anyone who chooses, can reach new heights together. We have been in pre-school when it comes to relationships. It’s time, now not just to wake-up—but to grow up and be more loving to ourselves and each other. I know for certain that if I, my clients, my friends and most people I meet, had not been programmed by society to follow an old relationship road map, most of us would have started in levels four or five. We’ would have experienced much more relationship joy in our lives, instead of so many painful experiences and regrets.


Heart- Soul Based Relating

Say good bye to “sparring partners”—settling, dominating, controlling, fearing dysfunction, fearing STD’s, fearing being alone, and fearing losing yourself.  Say good bye to trying to source energy from each other and learn how to source energy from the Universe. Trust your heart’s desires! Admit that you really hunger for a deep heart-body-mind-spirit connection with a "complimentary partner." Trust in the magic of sharing destinies and dreams. Trust your knowingness that “together you're better.” Right now, give yourself permission to experience sacred partnership.


What’s different in a soul level relationship is that you are free to live your destiny. You get to experience the joy of freedom and intimacy. Each person clearly states who they are and their boundaries. Everyone is a free agent. There’s no trapping the other person, no “have-to’s and shalt nots”—only “thou shalt's" and clearly communicated visions. If someone doesn’t want to treat you the way you want—don’t try to change them. Speak your truth, try to resolve differences and then just tranceform the relationship into something that works right now, not five or thirty five years ago, or what might work in 6 months or two years. When one person outgrows the other, you must consciously and lovingly change the relationship form. It’s irresponsible to try to hang on to a “done-finished relationship” that hinders the growth of either person. Love yourself enough to set yourself free. Love your partner enough to set them free. Love each other enough to release each other to find someone more appropriate. 


Most people intend to marry for life, but we are transformational beings—transformational beings with our own path, unique experiences and intended destiny. Just as nature is constantly changing, we too must continuously change. It amazes me how hard people will strive to hold on to a "done-finished" relationship, or how they believe they can “get a relationship in place once and for all,” and then get back to life as usual. Divorce statistics prove relationships must change or they die. Since many people today are on a fast track soul growth cycle, it only makes sense that partners may have to change too. You will need to learn how to transform relationships and get new skills to consciously evolve relationships.


The question I'm most frequently asked, is ... "What about commitment?" Good question? What about commitment? Commitment to what? Are we committing to a fairy tale ideal to “live happily ever after” or are we being authentic and realistic about our relationship expectations? 


Here is my answer regarding  commitment: First of all, I believe two people should partner for growth and not necessarily for life. The quality of the relationship is far more important than the length of time. For some people partnering for growth could mean a lifetime. For others, they can expect several serial relationships throughout their lifetime. Unlike bitter marriage endings, partners need to know how to create harmonious completions. Some relationships can be very intimate and fulfilling, even though they are only a brief chat in the grocery store checkout line. These are merely intended to touch our hearts and not meant to take the person home and try to make them into a long term relationship. Regardless of the end result, the most important factor is the quality of the relationship—not the length of time. Personally, I'd rather have five cherished memorable minutes, than to be my Mother who experienced over 20 years of hell with my father who was an irresponsible raging alcoholic.


Soooooo .... What Should You Commit To?

The most important things you can commit to are living the life you were born to live, being your authentic self, following the Divine Plan for your partnership, being as present as you can be at all times, honoring, cherishing and respecting each other for who you are and who you are becoming, passionately sharing your lives, dreams and destinies … and treating each other as precious gifts. After all, there are over 7.5 billion people on the planet. It’s a miracle (Divine Destiny) that two people's life paths cross at all. Commit to being spiritual partners, friends, confidants and lovers … commit to reaching new heights together—and commit to having a good time on your sacred earth journey for as long as it mutually serves both of you.


I ask you to contemplate past relationships and then explore this new paradigm of relationships. Imagine how different life on planet earth will be when when awakened women and men consciously form new sacred life-work partnerships. Sacred intimate partnerships will depolarize competition, war, conflict and the depletion of planetary resources. they will create healthy family and social systems—and relationships that support men and women who are cooperating, co-creating and transforming the quality of life on planet earth. What if this is has been what you, and millions of others, have been searching for in your past relationships?


If ever there was an important crusade or project to get involved in, this is it—a new relationship paradigm. I trust the new awareness you've gleaned from reading this information, has deeply touched your heart and inspired you to be a role model for new 21st century complementary partnerships. Please don't waste a moment looking back. Instead, trust that your "heart's desires are coming true." Perceive all the love that surrounds you and begin to feel safe receiving, expressing and giving love, in all relationships. One more thing, your romance angels are always standing by to help you experience the magic of sacred partners reaching new heights together ... but you will have to ask for their help. 


This article is written by and the property of, Jeanine Just, founder and CEO of Visionaries University. You have permission to share it through any medium as long as proper credit lines are included. Jeanine Just empowers people to courageously reinvent their businesses, lives, and future. Jeanine is a visionary success strategist,  new paradigm builder, author, inspirational speaker, seminar facilitator  —and  highly acclaimed trance-formation agent For interviews, radio/TV guest, seminars, consulting, or more information for getting control of your destiny, please contact Jeanine at 949-486-9240 or

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