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Educational Video Collection
we hope you enjoy these leading-edge videos.

values are more than buzz words

Jeanine Just explains the invincible power of values, the global material/spiritual crisis and today's need for authenticity.

Power of Human Consciousness 

Amazing consciousness shifting info.

A video by Jay4louise ... David Icke 

gregg braden: energetic healing
Mind-blowing, paradigm-busting insights about how real healing works.
Openhand "5Gateways"

Celebrated popular spiritual movie on the five expansions of consciousness - the Five Gateways in the 5D Shift.

Tribute to Robin Williams

Robin Williams shared his gifts unselfishly ... and many were richly blessed. With much gratitude we bless him in his new adventures. 


Dr. Andrew Weil shares a simple breathing technique to help with relaxation and insomnia

i pledge allegiance (PLEDGE TO MYSELF) 

Rev. Dr. David Ault, a renowned teacher, author, singer and songwriter wrote this inspiring sacred contract to support people in living with authenticity while fulfilling their divine destiny.


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