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What Is Your Vocation Of Destiny 

by Jeanine Just, Visionary Success Strategist, ©2003 ©2014, ©2024

Are You Looking For Work In All The "Right" Places?

Very few people know about the growing movement to re-conceptualize work, careers, and jobs —and even less about how to choose them. The new focus is on a vocation of destiny—your calling, life-work, right livelihood, or area of tranceformational service. "Work" for many people, will be based on their mission, life purpose and soul's intention—"Work" that brings JOY and money. Instead of work being something to do to make money or pay the bills, lifework is a labor of love—something meaningful to be cherished. Regardless of your chronological age, in the new Aquarian Renaissance, you have a special contribution to make, a special reason for being on planet earth, that only you can fulfill. When you are sharing your gifts you will feel more vibrantly alive in heart-body-mind-spirit—and you will experience great joy. When you don't share your gifts—you will feel unfulfilled or de-pressed, because you are de-pressing your spirit and blocking your creative energy flow.  

If you are unfulfilled in your life or work, or are sick and tired of your job, profession or career—please don’t make the mistake of believing that you don’t want to work. From deep within, you are instinctively motivated to grow, achieve and be productive, but for your reasons and nobody else’s. The truth is, you want to work in order to fulfill your innate need to feel productive and useful. But making a living, or being used instead of utilized, crushes your spirit. You want to work and be successful—but you want to do success on your own terms. New success paradigm builders are playing the "contribution game" which means they are making money while making a difference. Using a new unique formula for self-evolvement through business, work and life activities, these courageous souls are reinventing their business, work, jobs, lives and future. 


The best way for me to help you redefine work and look for work in all the right places is to start by sharing a poem written by my friend Noel Mc Innis. He wrote this over 60 years ago, after he realized he and millions of earthlings got led astray. His poem is entitled:


CREATING YOUR OWN SPACE … a new paradigm for livelihood

There are two ways these day to find your livelihood.

The conventional way, is to look at all the slots that have been designed by 

those who have worked out their life before, and, choosing one of these, to then 

endure the maze of preparations designed to shape you into it as well.

This is the way of those who are content to have their livelihood 

sustain, what little else of their life remains.

The unconventional way

is to look into yourself—and to nurture what you find most worthy there,

and to grow it into some of the unfilled space that others have not predestined.

Life has always ample room for one more space.

And since all spaces represent the trace of some event, why not 

begin to fill a space, evented by no one’s occupation save your own?

This is the way of those who are not content until their livelihood and life are one.


Noel Mc Innis, a futurist and my dear friend, wrote about how making a living created a cultural trance that enslaves people to jobs. He realized over 60 years ago that with the invention of manufacturing, commercialism and menial jobs, people began to adopt the belief that their lives had to be made. Throughout previous history, unless one was overtly enslaved, work-life, whether it was farming, a craft or a trade was a meaningful expression for ones’ living—not a prerequisite to it. Noel says, “The Industrial Revolution gave birth to the insidious idea that our freshest, most alert and energetic hours must be devoted to making a living—while actual living is deferred to the left-over weary hours presumably thereby made livable. Only in modern times have tens of millions of supposedly free people chosen to experience their existence as a daily life sentence with overnight parole, and weekends off for good behavior.”


Most people make career choices from the narrow confines of a few choices such as doctor, attorney, teacher, nurse, engineer, etc. Once a choice is made, an education path is laid out and the person begins their step-by-step process of becoming a career. Today, many people never use their costly education, end up doing something very different and carry a huge debt load. Paying off large school loans for something you will never use, isn’t the most productive thing you can do with your time or innate abilities. Another bad idea is preparing for one career, when most of us will have three to five careers (not jobs), in our lifetime. 


What's The Difference Between a Job, a Career or Profession ... and a Vocation of Destiny?

Each serves a purpose. You need to decide which is right for you at this time in your life. A job is something you choose to do to pay your bills. A career or profession is the specialized training and licensing you receive which enables you to use your credentials to create your desired lifestyle. Lifework is an extension of who you are and your purpose for BEING—not just something you learn how to do or be. 


Sustainable success in the 21st century, requires everyone’s contribution, regardless of age, ethnicity or education. Lots of people get the "matrix success programming" to follow an out-dated career path model, then they waste forty to sixty valuable years of their life, trying to wake up to the life they were born to live. Most people born after the 80s, don't want to follow the old career model, but without role models they get confused by other people's opinions and way too many choices. Because a vocation of destiny is not in collective consciousness yet, neither group knows that what they are really seeking is a vocation of destiny—and seeking to bail from life as usual so they can activate their intended destiny.


There is a great urgent need for lots of people to wake up to their piece of the tranceformational puzzle and begin making the contributions they intended to make when they incarnated on this earth journey. Enterprising wealth creators will value their innate abilities, wisdom, soul gifts and life experiences. They will stop looking for money in all the wrong places. Instead, they will use ingenuity and clear intentionality to find creative ways to activate their soul gifts so they can begin to enhance life on planet earth. When a soul gift emerges, it's becuase there is an application waiting for it. Simply stated, it's time has come. Adults are not the only ones with soul gifts. All children and youth have them too. Instead of following an outdated indoctrination process, it's important to encourage children to identify and activate their gifts. Unlike most adults today, children don't have to "go to sleep." They can begin to make their contributions without having to take fifty years to overcome their programming. 


I believe that all global problems will be solved when individuals wake up to the fact that the soulutions are within each person on the planet. That means with 8 billion people on the planet, we have 8 billion soulutions. Similar gifts are in many people, because not everyone will make their intended contributions. On the "gameboard of life" players are only given small clues bit-by-bit, or the "game of life" would be too easy. When you understand this re-membering process you will realize "it's the game that makes life a continuous adventure." Most people get programmed to look "out there," to an education, a financial windfall or their relationships, etc. to get successful. Imagine how quickly shift can happen when lots of people realize the last and greatest natural resource is human potential—the potential of the indomitable human spirit and soul-power. 

If you have been looking for economic security in all the wrong places, it's time to stretch your imagination and get beyond the box referred to as a "career mindset." Knowing the unconventional wisdom presented in What is Your Vocation of Destiny, will make revealing your vocation of destiny quicker and an exciting adventure.

If you are still endeared to the idea of retirement, here is a little known reality. Around 2000, Earth school ditched the 20th century belief in "retirement." It is a concept of a bygone era. You have to move creative energy through your body, or the result is illness and/or death. When you don't have exciting vision, goals or plans for ages 60 to 90—your body energy decreases. Today, no one is on the planet to just take up space, do cruises, play golf, etc. and not contribute to the well-being of life on planet earth.  If you are a Baby Boomer (born from 1946-1964) and if you don't have clear visions for ages 60 to 90—then make it your priority to create them.


How To Catch Up With Your Vocation Of Destiny ... And Play The Contribution Game

Your destiny is not a destination and it's not predestined. You have free will and you co-create your life by the choices you make. None of us knows the end result or exactly where our destiny will take us—but our only job is to unfold the mystery. Catching up with your destiny is like playing the board game called CLUE. The purpose of CLUE is to solve the murder mystery of who did it, in what room, and with whom. Let go of control—and allow yourself to enjoy the adventures as they unfold. Remember, the things you don’t are understand will usually be the most rewarding. When you are mystified—it is a sign that what you are doing is perfect.  

When Your Spirit Comes Knocking ... just open the friggn’ door! 

You were born with a great vision for your life ... a unique mission to fulfill, that longs to be fulfilled. It’s wired into your DNA. Your (VOD) vocation of destiny, integrates your destiny, innate abilities, life experiences, personal values, lifestyle choices, environmental concerns and spiritual resources ... into a profitable soul-based success strategy.


If you’re searching for that “elusive something” or your “spirit has come knocking” ... then consider this: There comes a time when fulfilling your destiny contract is no longer a matter of free will. The choice is not up to your ego-personality-self. It’s your soul’s turn. The catalyst is usually a major crisis that I call "a Cosmic 10X10." From then on Greater Force takes over your life. Whether you want to or not, it’s time to live your vocation of destiny ... time to fulfill your mission by contributing your piece of the planetary tranceformation puzzle.


Your life-work or vocation of destiny, can’t be defined by an arena such as an industry or by profession or career—and it can not be defined by what you will be doing. It starts with defining your Being—meaning your 5-Core Values, what you stand for, your heart’s desires, and your purpose—and then making your "doingness" an extension of your "beingness."


For example, most ministers feel they were called to the ministry. I believe everyone has a ministry and that we are all called to our ministry—which is our life-work or vocation of destiny. Put all your doingness together—and create from beingness. Take what you have learned and custom-design your own tranceformational role. My vocation of destiny is to share my gifts of unconventional wisdom, courage, in-sight and inspiration. My tranceformational arena is human resource development.


Ask the right question, "What does life want from me vs. what can I get from life." Stop asking, “What am I going to BE when I grow up?” The appropriate question to ask is; “What institutions, industries or products would I like to see functioning differently?” The truth is, all businesses, institutions, society and communities need to be transformed. Your opportunities will be endless as you discover the ineptness of most current institutions to deliver what they promise. 


This is the era of Consciousness Awareness. Forget about focusing on jobs, careers or paying the bills. Look for alternative forms of work, not the same-old, same-old. Focus on transferring information for profit. Empowering people is a huge growth industry. Consider the following people and businesses who are profiting from providing self-help, do-it-yourself and self mastery information. Ask yourself how you can empower people with your knowledge and replace your income doing it? 


Regardless of whether you like or agree with the following examples, 

these people are empowering others, in their own unique way:

David Icke—was a soccer player and then BBC anchor who awakened to how "journalism" worked. Since 1990 he's been a truth speaker and writer, renowned globally for his insights about the matrix manipulation of humanity and how to break free.  


Christiane Northrup, M.D.—an innately wise OBGYN whose medical education didn't work too well for her in the real world,

so she rededicated her life to empowering women with her integrated Heart-Body-Mind-Spirit wholistic health insights. 

Motley Fools—decided that "the normal investment strategies" benefited the financial system, so they decided to make their mission to educate and empower "everyday people" to be financially savvy investors. 


Braco—a Croatian man who at age 27 ditched his business education and family business. He dedicated his life to helping people. He's a conduit that opens people's hearts and activates their spirit. His silent gaze not only ignites people's inner spark, he's globally awakening humanity's consciousness and changing the lives of millions of people in countries all across the planet.


Jeanine Just—followed her American success programming until she nearly left the planet at age 30. She re-dedicated her life to being a Visionary Success Strategist who empowers people who THINK DIFFERENT to take back control of their destiny. For over 40 years she's been reinventing people's businesses, lives and future in alignment with their values and intended destiny. 


Leela Hutchison—lived a "normal life" until she became a multi-faceted intuitive personal and planetary energy healer. She courageously became the first woman to enter the giant Selenite crystal caves near Naica, Mexico. Today she shares her unconventional life tranceforming experiences and inspires people across the planet.


Home Depot—provides products, encouragement and education to their customers for "do-it-yourself" improvement projects.


Clark Howard—didn't like how people got "customer no service" much of the time, so he created his "Consumer Empowerment Zone" radio/TV show and newsletter, to empower individuals vs. big no-service businesses.


Dr. Mercola—came out of med school and created a medical practice based on his medical school teachings. With time he discovered alternative health insights and then he re-dedicated 30+++ years to educating and empowering people to make wise conscious informed health choices. 

Kevin Trudeau—had weight and health challenges, so he committed to and promoted health by doing infomercials, writing books and making recordings. He provided lots of everyday people natural health cures "THEY" didn't want you to know about.


Louise Hay—from a child she had self-worth and negative thought issues. She acquired unconventional insights and strategies to transcend stuff. Ultimately she inspired millions of people across the planet to "heal their life" (long before most people knew about the power of thoughts. By the "seat of her pants" she launched a publishing company for herself and then became the catalyst that launched many authors to international fame, and who then globally impacted millions of people. 


Rush Limbaugh—was known as the pioneer of AM radio and the “Doctor of Democracy,”  He revolutionized the media and political landscape with his unprecedented combination of serious discussion of political, cultural and social issues along with his satirical and biting humor, which parodies previously “untouchable” personalities and topics. His passion inspired millions of Americans to be the best they can be and dedicated his life keeping America on course to a brighter future.

Patricia Ward Kelly—made a commitment to her husband (the American dancer, actor, singer, director and choreographer) Gene Kelly, that she would not let her nor her husband Gene's life experiences—go to the grave with him and/or her. She was a librarian when they met and married. She interviewed him everyday for nearly 10 years and wrote down Gene's version of his life vs the Hollywood publicity version. Attendees of Gene Kelly the Legacy learn lots of intimate "behind the scenes" insights about Gene's life, his motivations, his challenges and his commitment to dig deeper into himself in order to tap into more of his inner genius. After this show, people go home inspired to do more with their own lives.

Are You Trying to decide your Vocation of Destiny—or what you are going to BE when you grow up? First determine your "Being" (meaning who you are and your 5-Core Values)—then get out a piece of paper and use these five unconventional criteria to help you discover your Right Livelihood or Vocation of Destiny.

#1: Don’t expect nice or easy tranceformation projects. Successful tranceformation visionaries are motivated by a burning desire to see things different, better or more humanitarian. This creates the passion required to do whatever is required, in order to turn their heart’s desires into reality. Ask yourself, what is something in society that I passionately want to be different?


#2: Don’t just look for things you like—make a list of things you fear doing the most. You are likely to find your greatest satisfaction hiding in what you resist doing. If you fear public speaking, you probably have much to say that needs to be said. Your greatest satisfaction is likely to be unleashed when you begin sharing your thoughts and ideas. 


#3: Ask yourself, “What is something in society that makes me angry, or what things or experiences do I hate to hear about?” Injustices can arouse "creative anger energy"—which will stimulate deep passion and is a very powerful creative force when used positively.  Consider how  M. L. King used his life to transform racial inequality.


#4: Even if you don’t want anything to do with your current industry or expertise, return to it—but return to it in your new role as "tranceformation agent" and tranceform it, instead of getting lost in it. You will be compensated immeasurably.


#5: Consider a difficult experience you learned from, or a new idea you had about how to do something different

or better—then find ways to share your insights and experiences. Monetize them and get paid for sharing your wisdom. 



Examples Of People Who Can Trigger Bright Ideas For Your Future 


Often it is from painful experiences that your new future emerges!!! For example, Lee Glickstein is a person who was terrified to speak in public. He transformed himself from what he describes as "charisma-impaired"— to "vibrantly vulnerable." He developed a revolutionary approach to authentic public presence and public speaking. He created a very successful business bringing creative expression out of his clients, and unlike Toastmasters. the structures of his system are based on love. Lee's primary purpose wasn’t’ to build a business—it was to help people experience their authentic power and revel in the joy of their own natural charisma.


It infuriated the UK entrepreneur Anita Roddick of The Body Shops International, that ludicrous amounts of marketing was spent to sell women on the idea that something in a bottle was going to make them youthful and beautiful forever. She also detested "animal testing" of products. Speaking out about her values and educating not only her customers, and co-workers—but with her book BODY AND SOULProfits with Principles," she provided a master blueprint for businesses and enterprising people to create a new brand of business she called conscious capitalism. Anita  built a very successful international body care business and demonstrated how to use your business to change the world.


Remember the TV series Touched by an Angel? It was one of the longest running American television drama series. It premiered in 1994 and ended in 2003, after 211 episodes.Della Reese would be quick to tell you that a limo didn’t drive into the Detroit ghetto and take her to Hollywood. In the mid-80’s I heard this great entertainer tell her story about hurriedly going out to the swimming pool in response to her grandchild's cry for help. In her haste she did not realize the sliding glass door was closed, walked into it, and the glass severely cut her in the abdomen. She was rushed to the hospital. While in the emergency room she experienced an NDE (near death experience) where she received help from beyond this earth. She found herself above the operating table watching the doctors trying to save her. She heard the doctors said it was futile, but.... a young doctor on the team "decided to give it all he had." She got back into her body, with time got healthy again. Those experiences became the inspiration for the television series Touched by an Angel—where she deeply touched the lives of millions and the reruns are still giving people hope and inspiration.


Sometimes Your Love For Something Or Some Industry Are Clues To Your Vocation of Destiny

For example, one of my clients loved golf. He could have become a professional golfer—but instead he realized for him, golf was a metaphor. He decided to teach golfers breakthrough technology for "mastering their inner game of golf." To do this he created a self-mastery seminar and mentoring program that not only enhanced people's golf game—but the skills and tools they learned in his seminars and mentoring, were transferable skills they could directly apply in every area of their lives.


Ron Rodecker was a former teacher and greatly admired artist in Laguna Beach, California. He loved dragons!!! For years he brought great joy to people of all ages, with his delightful dragon art. Then one day. Children’s Television Workshop, which produced “Sesame Street,” contacted Ron to use use his dragons in “Dragon Tales,” which was a public broadcasting animated series for pre-schoolers. The purpose of the show was to help kids discover fun and imaginative ways to approach life and its surprises. Doing what Ron loved ... brought him greater joy, international notoriety and also enhanced his bank account.


Following Your Intuition Can Reveal Your Next Step


In 1990 I was contracted to write an article on visionary management and leadership. I was not a writer and had never been contracted to write and article. My inner guidance sent me to the library with instructions to study the Renaissance era. I never thought about the Renaissance before, but I listened. Well, I not only wrote the acclaimed article, "Capitalizing On The Spirit Of The Renaissance," I reconnected with my life's purpose and launched my 7 year marketing promo as "The Renaissance Woman waking up 21st century leaders." Prior to this I did not know I was a trailblazer or a Renaissance Woman. Shortly thereafter, the Los Angeles Times wrote an article about my values-driven success strategies and in it they stated, "Jeanine is a trailblazer ... a catalyst for change." Following my inner guidance gave me clarity about my role and continues to pay off to this day.


How about the Horse Whisperer? The horse whisperer is a person whose gift (from a very young age) was an ability to know what horses were thinking and feeling. Who would have ever guessed that he would not only work with horses—but he became a management consultant who taught his common sense ideas gained from horses, to help business people be more effective managers and leaders. Read his book, watch the movie that was made about his life, or listen to his CD. Your life will never be the same, especially if you love animals.


Self-employment and a Home-based Businesses Are A Vehicle To Express Your Vocation Of Destiny

Being self-employed and/or having a home-based business provides a way for you to take back  control of your life and destiny. A home office or home-based business enables you to activate your entrepreneurial spirit (even if you have limited financial resources)—helps you get control of your time and your destiny—it’s cost-effective—stimulates your creativity—allows you to take your heart-body-mind and soul to work with you—lets you create a sacred nurturing work environment—allows you to raise your own children—lets you work when your energy is highest so you can get a lot done quickly—allows you to dress more comfortably—you will have more fun doing what you want, when and how you want—and you can consolidate your energy from one primary location rather than dissipate your energy by spreading yourself in too many locations. You can fulfill your vocation of destiny within an enterprise or through your own business. A word to the wise though, be sure to choose a business that's aligned to your 5-Core Values and includes tranceforming something in society.


Create Valued Experiences! 

Whatever you decide to do—create valued experiences! People don’t buy products and services. They buy experiences. Oftentimes businesses create just another business, product or service, but not something distinctly unique. Just buying "stuff or things" does not make our hearts jump for joy. Granted, it is just fine to purchase some necessities in a routine, timely manner, but as more people simplify their lives they are not just going to buy "stuff for stuffs sake." They will demand a valued experience. Put your heart and soul into designing products or services that meet people’s real needs. You will discover that businesses have destinies—just as people have destinies.


Living Your Destiny

It takes great courage to live your destiny—and great courage to trust your path and trust divine timing. The trick is to listen to your heart. As a child your heart’s desires are easier to access. As you get older, fear stops you from communicating with your heart. Your intellect ego-personality-self fears suffering, but the fear of suffering is always far worse than the suffering itself.  It’s important to remember too, that heart’s don’t have fear. Only your ego-personality-self has fear.


Your heart will show you where the treasures are, but you must immerse yourself into your process and let your process teach you. Very few people follow their heart’s path—the path to their destiny and real happiness. They fear they might lose everything they have acquired, or they just don’t want to suffer or struggle. Your destiny is your total life’s blueprint of experiences. Don't seek the treasure of your destiny as if it were a prize or the goal. You'll end up looking in all the wrong places, or not understanding that the unfoldment process ... IS your destiny. 


An important reminder: When you come from your heart, people are very forgiving. When you sing you don’t have to be note perfect, you don’t have to say all the right things when you speak—you only need to show up with 100% of your immediate talents, and be your authentic self. This bonds people to you heart to heart—it connects people at a very deep level. From now on, forget about networking and passing out your cards. Practice connecting. The next time you're at a networking group, be your authentic self, "wear your heart on your sleeve," and radiate joy. You're likely to be amazed at who is magnetized to you and the fabulous opportunities you are offered.


Heart’s Help Those Who Are Living Their Destiny 


When you are living your intended destiny you will know and have everything you need when you need it—but maybe not all you want. As  you connect to your intended destiny, you will experience great joy. You won’t care how many hours you work, or be motivated by grand schemes of zillions of dollars. Don’t expect your intended destiny to be easy. When you're being your unconventional self you can expect some resistance—but struggling is not necessary. You will be required to put forth dedicated effort and focused intention. You will also have to prepare yourself to experience your true greatness—because with time, as your vocation of destiny unfolds, you will be amazed with your innate abilities and the grand things you are doing.


Religion doesn’t generally teach about reincarnation or how each of us can tap into universal wisdom, even though they teach that we are a soul and there is a hereafter. But "tapping in" is a critical factor to living your intended destiny. We are all masterful creator genius beings. In fact, since 2017, I've been teaching that all earthlings who "listen" have innate ability to "divinely upload" music, art, inventions, books, breakthrough products, and soul-utions to all problems on earth today. I really believe that when we function with greater connection to our spirit and soul's mastery, we connect into and are tapped into infinite information. This is where we  get everything we need to know when we need to know it. 


You can evade and avoid your destiny, but ultimately you can’t escape from your heart’s desires and living the life you were born to live. Did you know that heart problems are the #1 medical issue, not only in our American society, but globally. Could there be a connection between heart health and a vocations of destiny? What if heart-power is not wimpy, but instead your GPS system for heart health? I recommend you listen to your intuitive voice and follow your heart's promptings. If you don't, your heart will shut down and your dreams will die inside of you like a still-born baby. I guarantee that failing to live your destiny, indecision and too much pain will crush your spirit. Your dreams and purpose for incarnating in this lifetime will go to the grave with you. 


So, forget about trying to build a BIG BUSINESS. Instead, find a creative way to use what you know from your life experiences to replace your income. Let this be your motivation to start—and see where it takes you. Do something you love, pour your heart and soul into it—and let your "unique calling" take you to your greatness. Don't try to make sense of every moment. Your life can only be understood backwards—but it must be lived forwards.


Your Real Quest Is To Live The Guidelines Set Forth In Your Soul’s Blueprint.

Start today. Your journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Just put one foot in front of the other and get started. BEGIN—your hardest decision is to start. Once you are committed, your path begins to naturally unfold. But a word of caution, if you wait too long you risk your spirit becoming too weary. The result will be that you settle for a purely material lifestyle. You will be real sad when you discover too late, all the wonderful adventures and experiences you could have had. I suggest that you, "Live each moment as if it were your last ... because you never know when it will be."


This article is written by and the property of, Jeanine Just, founder and CEO of Visionaries University. You have permission to share it through any medium as long as proper credit lines are included. Jeanine Just empowers people to courageously reinvent their businesses, lives, and future. Jeanine is a visionary success strategist, mastery mentor, author, inspirational speaker, seminar facilitator—and highly acclaimed tranceformation agent  For interviews, radio/TV guest, seminars, consulting, or more information for taking back control of your destiny, please contact Jeanine Just at  949-486-9240 or 

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