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Not happy with your

job, business or life?

Ready to wake up every
morning so excited you can't
wait to get out of bed?

A Values Success Strategy You'll Wish

You Had Discovered Sooner!!!


TO DETERMINE IF IT'S TIME TO CLARIFY YOUR 5-CORE VALUES AND USE THEM TO RECREATE YOUR FUTURE—COMPLETE THIS 15 CLUES AUDIT. Read each CLUE. On a separate piece of paper, write out the clues that are important to you. If you choose 7 or more—then immediately enroll in $uccess On My Terms!!!  

1.  I'm trying to make sense out of "stuff" in today's crazy world that makes no sense to me. 

2.  I'm rethinking how I got where I am, what happiness means to me, and where do I go from here.

3.  I want to stop postponing my future—stop fantasizing about the life I'd prefer to be living.

4.  I'm in a material/spiritual values quandary. I'm successful, making plenty of $$$—but not happy

5.  Retirement is not what I expected. I'm ready to envision my heart's desires for ages 60 to 90.

6.  I want to consciously know my 5-Core Values. I want to be clear about what's important

      to me—what I stand for—and what I need to stand up for.

7.  I don't know exactly what I'm looking for, but I'm seeking unconventional success information

      for today's changing times. I need a strategy and plan of action that I can use to create what I               want for this new chapter of my life.I need to re-evaluate all areas of my life—work, business,                finances, a vocation of destiny, a healthy body, rewarding relationships and a healthy lifestyle.

8.  I'm grateful that I survived a life-threatening health crisis. My old life ,

      is over and my values priorities changed. Now what? 

9.  I need courage to release all the BS in my life—and keep only what truly matters to me.

10.  I'm done with the "should's" and "have-to's"—done living everyone else's version of my life.

11.  I've been soul-searching. I want to know who I am, if I have a life's purpose and if so, what is it.
12.  I know I'm asking a lot, but all my life I've been on a quest to figure out how I can integrate

         my material/spiritual values, life experiences, innate abilities, spiritual resources, destiny and                      

         environmental concerns—and somehow create a profitable soul-infused success operating                  philosophy that integrates money and meaning.

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PEOPLE RAVE ABOUT ... $uccess On MY Terms   


$UCCESS ON MY  TERMS is about being “Authentic”—it’s a real-world success

strategy that amazingly integrates material and spiritual values. It’s practical 

spirituality at its best....” - Clara H., HRD Manager


“After $UCCESS ON MY TERMS I understood why I quit 2 jobs, why I got a 

divorce, why people are sick and why I’ve had money issues....” - Jill S., HMO Nurse


“I met someone new today—ME!  My self worth soared. My heart thanks you, 

my head thanks you and my spirit thanks you....” - Catherine W., Entrepreneur

“If only I’d have known about the power of values when I was 18 or 25, instead of 65. I feel

validated and grateful for my new clarity, courage and peace ....” John C., Entrepreneur   


$UCCESS ON MY TERMS deepened my understanding of my own values. 

As I continue to make choices about how to live, my 5-Core Values help me 

make exquisite choices....” - Rich M., V. P. Sales


My most glaring revelation was how much I'd compromised my integrity (for financial

reasons) by living outside my personal values. From now on I will honor myself by using my

5-Core Values to make all future decisions and company policies..."  ~ Don G., Entrepreneur 


“There really is an invincible power of values!!! Who knew? Jeanine tricked 

all of us into revealing what we really value and our Intended Destiny. What

a mind-boggling heart-warming experience!!!....” - Steve H. Consultant


“If anyone wants to get a handle on what they REALLY want from life and 

consciously know their life’s purpose and destiny, I recommend this seminar....”  

                                                                                                                 - Julie C., Sales 


"I can't thank you enough for your dedication and hard work in developing your spiritual

healing tools and teaching techniques. After your values seminar I felt complete, nourished, calm

and centered. I felt at one with my 5-Core Values...."  ~Addie L., LA SBA Development Specialist

Success On My Terms COVER.jpg
Clarify your 5-Core Values.
Re-connect with your heart's desires.
Re-connect with your INTENDED destiny.

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SPECIAL Message from Jeanine Just ... Why I Created $UCCESS ON MY TERMS

For nearly 40 years, I'v been privileged to guide and support thousands of clients as they courageously exited the Matrix Success Programming and re-invented themselves, their lifestyles, businesses, work and financial future. I’ve been "in trenches" helping “real people find real solutions.” All my clients were in some sort of crisis. Some were at a big-time crossroads and searching for what's next—but most were experiencing business failures, job loss, financial trouble, health crisis, divorces, addictions, depression—and a myriad of other "wake-up calls." 
I created $UCCESS ON MY TERMS for people who were, by no fault of their own, living "A LIFE"—but not their destined life. They'd bought into "societal success programming," did all the "right things," and achieved success by outer world criteria. But something was missing. Nowhere in "their programming" did they learn about themselves—their values, intended destiny, life-purpose and what success really meant to them. It was time to "take the inner journey"— time to debunk success myths, bail from life as usual—and find ways to liberate their enterprising spirit. 

$UCCESS ON MY TERMS is a unique, practical, step-by-step blueprint for self-evolvement through business, work and life activities—plus common-sense SOULutions for the values crisis forcing the global tranceformation of society, businesses, lifestyles, families and institutions. It's my SOULution to support courageous souls who unconsciously signed up to play the Contribution Game vs the Success Game—the people needing to understand a new earth-school success curriculum, shift gears, navigate uncharted waters and activate their heart’s desires.

Whether you are age 15 or 85, this one-of-a-kind Tranceformation Strategy will help you sort through life’s B.S., give you relevant 'big-picture' awarenesses, unconventional insights, sound advice, and powerful tools for succeeding in today's changing times. When you complete $UCCESS ON MY TERMS, I guarantee you won’t be confused, indecisive, de-pressed or stuck. You’ll stop trying to sustain an outdated success program—and empowered to live a richer, fuller, simpler, more integrous, authentic life—both professionally and personally. Your intentions, motivations and purpose will become crystal clear. Not only will you know  your Authentic Self, your life's purpose and your vocation of destiny—you will know your 5-Core Values, your Spirit's Blueprint ... and you will have powerful tools to turn your dreams into reality. 


When Your Spirit Comes Knocking ... just open the friggin' door

One thing is for certain, there comes a time when fulfilling your destiny contract is no longer a matter of free will. The choice is no not up to your ego-personality self. It’s your soul’s turn. A Greater Force takes over your life. Whether you want to or not—it’s time to fulfill your mission. Prepare yourself NOW to make your life a series of treasured experiences! Stop wasting your precious limited time on this sacred earth journey supporting a programmed lifestyle. Stop searching, wishing and dreaming about what you really want to BE when you grow up, or when you have the money or time. Stop searching and activate your destiny now! Discover that you, and everyone else, is born with a great vision for their life. This unique “mission” is wired into your DNA and it's longing to be fulfilled.

This Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal. 

If you are an Architect of the New Matrix of Magic, a Sacred Rebel, Cultural Creative, Conscious Capitalist, Edgewalker, Change Agent, or a flustrated out-of-the-box thinker who sees things differently—I guarantee you will be forever grateful you attracted $UCCESS ON MY TERMS into your life. It’s not “airy-fairy"—and not for the faint-hearted. It’s a fun, results-oriented soul-based achievement technology designed to help you quickly create breakthrough results in your business, projects and life. Some participants will use their new insights to tranceform their current work or business—and others will activate their vocation of destiny and create success on their terms


I envision millions of courageous souls across the planet using my $UCCESS ON MY TERMS unconventional wisdom to passionately turn their dreams into reality—while having FUN playing the “contribution game.” I see them finding ingenious ways to integrate their innate abilities, life experiences, personal values, intended destiny, lifestyle choices, environmental concerns and spiritual resources—and I see them serendipitously connecting with other courageous souls who are contributing their piece of the tranceformation puzzle to make this world a better place for everyone.

      May you live an authentic joy-filled  passionate  life !!!



JEANINE is a Visionary Success Strategist ... a highly respected Inspirational Speaker, Human Potential Advocate, Mastery Mentor, Awareness Facilitator, Author—and World-Class Teacher. The Los Angeles Times said about Jeanine, “She is a trailblazer… a catalyst for change.” Corporate clients, business owners and individuals all say, “Jeanine is a very valuable resource in today’s changing times. When the going gets rough, you’ll want her in your corner. She’ll make sure you’re headed in the right direction.”


For nearly 49 years, Jeanine’s unconventional wisdom has empowered thousands of people to produce breakthrough results in their businesses, projects and lives. She speaks extensively on a new era in business, soul-utions for the new success paradigm, values-driven success strategies, activating the entrepreneurial spirit, capitalism with a consciousness, co-creation technologies and bio-energetic wellness. Jeanine is the Guiding Force, Founder and CEO of  VISIONARIES UNIVERSITY, headquartered in Crestline,, California. The VU team is reinventing success and creating the world of the future, today.

INTRODUCTORY ONLINE CLASS — (no upcoming dates)
Unconventional Wisdom To THRIVE and Do It YOUR WAY
Successful but not fulfilled? Trying to make sense out of "stuff" in today's world that makes no sense? Are you one of the millions of people who are experiencing a material/spiritual values crisis? Do you desire to live your life's mission in your work or business? Are you searching for your "vocation of destiny?" Want to liberate your enterprising Spirit? 

Stop wasting your valuable time, energy and money on 20th century success programming. Get sound soul-based advice to navigate today's changing times. Discover the invincible power of your 5-Core Values (your GPS System) and how to courageously create the life you dream about—including soul enriching work, making $$$ while making a difference, flourishing business, fulfilling relationships, vibrant health—or the elusive qualities of PASSION and JOY. 

If you are ready to make major changes in your professional and/or personal life and trying to figure out how to get from where you are to where you want to be—
RSVP for this heart-warming, mind-expanding online class JEANINE JUST, visionary success strategist, will share the life tranceforming VALUES success strategies, she's taught to 1000's of people for nearly 40 years. WRITE DOWN YOUR SUCCESS QUESTIONS and CHALLENGES—and GET ANSWERS  ONLINE CLASS ... $25