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Is There Life After BS ????

Visionary Solutions For Thriving in the 21st Century


This insightful presentation will debunk 20th century success myths—and show you how to successfully navigate these changing times. Discover why business, institutions, society and individuals are all struggling to transition from 20th century beliefs, values, perceptions and motivations. People who will thrive, instead of survive, will be playing a different game. It's time to rethink success, business, $$$, work, ecology and lifestyles—and time for courageous 21st century leaders to gear up for their leadership roles. In this fast-paced, exciting presentation, participants will benefit from visionary success strategist, Jeanine Just's, vast knowledge of where we've been over the past 100 years, where we are, where we are going—and what has to be done to get beyond today's economic, technological, social, political, ecologic and cultural crossroads. She "connects dots" and makes the invisible ... visible. Since most of what worked in the past won't work now, navigating these unpredictable times can be scary. This unconventional wisdom and insider information will create a competitive advantage for leaders, decision-makers and enterprising people, who don't want to make costly mistakes by relying on obsolete information. Participants can expect to get new insights, explore options, gain clarity and be better prepared to produce breakthrough results in their businesses, projects and lives. The information is valuable, relevant, heart-warming and important for anyone who wants to confidently pro-actively re-invent themselves ... both professionally and personally.

Does Your Business Need a Heart Transplant?

A Quintessential Pathfinder for Activating Spirit .... Entrepreneurial, Individual and the Spirit of an Enterprise

Would you like customers and employees clamoring for your brand of business? Does your team wake up in the morning so excited they can't wait to get out of bed and get to work? Do you believe that heart-power is "wimpy?" Are you losing money because people in your business suffer from Psychosclerosis, the cousin to Atherosclerosis? In this mind-blowing, heart-warming presentation Jeanine's audiences get concrete proof that the biggest competitive advantage in the new business paradigm is not money and profits—but the elusive powerful heart qualities of energy, spirit, heart-mind coherence, purpose, passion, joy, values, vision, fun and including the creative, healing expressive arts. Discover how and why corporate cultures of enterprises with big vision are blending passion and profit—success and sustainability. Today's greatest natural resources are not gas or oil. Human potential is the last, most powerful natural resource! Those that know how to harness the inexhaustible supply of human potential will always be in the winner's circle. Unfortunately heart problems are the #1 health issue globally. The costs of wasted human potential from heart problems is staggering. Flourishing 21st century businesses will build a culture that nurtures spirit. They have a unique formula for self-evolvement through business and work that encourages employees to bring not only their body and mind to work, but also their heart and soul. Participants can expect to explore why consumers who are hyped-out (and employees who are burnt out), can't increase profits and productivity—why perfunctory tasks don't inspire but purpose, values and vision do—and why it's important to determine the principles and values by which businesses are organized and products are created. This presentation is jam-packed with heart-powered success stories and plenty of how-to's. Everyone from college students to CEOs should attend this presentation. It's inspirational, real world, activates enterprising spirits ... and prepares people to increase businesses profits and productivity by increasing the JOY Factor. 


What-Is-Onary or Visionary: Which will you be?  

Adventures of Ingenious Co-creators Masterfully Turning Dreams Into Reality


Are you ready to move into your future? Not if you don't know how to be a competent co-creator. If someone doesn't know how to manifest reality—then how can they expect to create more $$$, success, fulfilling relationships, health or FUN in their life? How silly that co-creation is an assumed skill. Today, learning how to create what you want when you want it, is not a luxury. It’s a skill that has to be learned and mastered ... and it’s the epitome of empowerment. Currently, millions of people are creating more of what they don’t want faster and faster. They blame luck, tough economic times and even goal-setting seminars. In What-Is-onary or Visionary, Jeanine teaches the most leading-edge how-to information for turning dreams into reality. This information not only creates a competitive edge, it increases confidence, peace of mind and abundance. Stop being a victim and be a visionary, but don't leave your day job until you are a competent co-creator. Want to launch, build or expand your business, but don't have the money? No problem. It doesn't take big promotional budgets. It takes co-creator attraction skills. Once people have these skills ... playing the manifesting game becomes FUN. Manifesting what's need when it's needed, becomes as natural as breathing. The information in this presentation should be required learning from birth, but since it's not taught at any level of our education system, and since most adults have been learning the hard way, their kids are learning that way too. Imagine a society all across the planet where co-creators from one to 150 years old, practice their innate co-creator/manifester abilities. What a different world this would be. People should attend who want to get started being a mighty manifester immediately ... and in no time they will be joyfully re-inventing their future with vision, intention and aplomb.  


BusinessVISION 2028 ... 8 Big Picture Success Predictions 

Invisible Trends, Issues and Forecasts For Succeeding in the 21st Century


What overall trends can be expected? Time will tell. One thing is for sure ... just because it worked before doesn't mean it will work from now on. Jeanine Just is a visionary success strategist, who has been in-the-trenches tracking changes since 1984. Thousands of people and many businesses have benefited from her seminars, books and consulting. She knows first hand what's invisible to most people who are caught up in their day-to day frenzy of surviving. She has followed Abraham Lincoln's advice, "The best way to predict the future is to create it." To the people paying attention to trends, and able to connect the dots—it's obvious that business is being re-invented across the planet, to play the contribution game. Below the media spin and rah rah success motivators, there is a Grand Quest for Authentic Success and Authentic Entrepreneurship. How it's achieved, what causes the changes and the exact time-frame, is still unclear. What is clear, is that courageous visionary leaders are needed to birth this new business paradigm crusade. Discover the 8 Big Picture Success Predictions, that Jeanine, along with other visionary CEOs, managers and change-agents are championing. When you know these 8 predictions you can pro-actively navigate these unprecedented changing times. The Danish philosopher, Soren Kierkegaard said, "Life can only be understood BACKWARDS .. but must be lived FORWARDS." These are great words of wisdom for how to ride today's massive waves of change and emerge victorious. 


The Energetics of Success

Innovative Ideas for "Mastering the Money Game" in the New Prosperity Paradigm


This presentation is not Money Management 101 presented by a so-called financial expert. You won't hear the amazing truths shared in this presentation in any get rich quick seminars. This is financial straight talk to teach new paradigm wealth creators how to master the money game in the new prosperity paradigm. It's true that everybody should get financial advice ... but is it judicious for everyone to receive the same advice? With the financial crash of 2008, many people learned this the hard way. In 2008 everything changed. Old rules and beliefs crashed. Today, many people are searching for a new economic safety net and guidance to navigate through all the B.S. They want to be in the know and understand a new money system, before they invest or make changes in their lives. In this very innovative mind-expanding presentation, participants will discover the 4 things that changed the economic landscape since 1990—the difference between being wealthy and being rich—that the economy and economists are not god-like sacred cows to revere or fear—that wealth and spirituality are not mutually exclusive—that money is energy and not a thing to acquire and hoard—there is a big role the heart plays in finances—that money has to be circulated—the new rules for financing start-ups—and lots more. People should attend The Energetics Of Success if abundance and prosperity are eluding them, if they've made money and lost it ... and If they are confused about what to do in today's uncertain economic times. Once people understand that economists have perpetuated their flawed premise of the law of supply and demand, they will make different financial choices. Forget about trying to manage money and time. That’s a game of chance. Become a personal energy manager and you will have money. If the only idea someone gets from this presentation is how to activate the law of demand and supply ... they will go home with riches beyond any bank balance or investment they can imagine. Stop being a victim. Remove the fear of financial doom. Discover there's more than one game in town. Create your own abundant financial future, regardless of economic doomsdayer's.  


Spirit Power: The new Super Power For The 21st Century 

A Life Trance-forming Blueprint For Walking Your SPirit's  Path With Practical Feet


Society passes through phases in the evolution of consciousness. Currently humanity is experiencing a big-time awakening in this new era of "conscious awareness." Welcome to the new century, the new millennium and the liberating new world of conscious co-creation. Earth School is in session ... a school that's radically different from other education. Unfasten your seat belts. Prepare yourself for alternative ideas introducing a fascinating comparison between overall global destiny—and an individual's personal, sacred, inner journey. This one-of-a-kind presentation proves there is a big-time conscious awakening happening, which started about 100 years ago. It has shifted into high gear since 2000, and is now going mainstream. This Aquarian Renaissance is launching unprecedented personal and planetary growth, albeit invisible to most earthlings. Humanity is taking the greatest stride in conscious soul growth ever recorded in history. Unnatural systems, developed for daily sustenance and material comfort are on the verge of collapse. Our relentless quest for economic growth is killing humanity andthe planet. Global "monopoly capitalism" has made the depletion of resources so rapid, that "earth-human systems" are becoming dangerously unstable. Not only is it the crisis of human lives—it's a crisis of species-wide existence. The capitalist model essentially looks to unlimited economic growth on a planet of finite resources. With the destabilization of natural systems, the entire economic paradigm is a threat to ecological stability and Mother Earth. Aquarian Renaissance souls are raising consciousness, advancing real science, holding corporations accountable and empowering individuals to break free from old success programming, that's diametrically opposed to soul-level growth and sustainable success. Millions of souls across the planet, guided by a strong sense of spiritual integrity and their own self-chosen mission, have been working ceaselessly for years, to launch and implement soulutions. In this life altering mind-expanding heart-warming presentation, participants will benefit from Kathryn Chardin's 40 year consciousness research project. They'll discover the re-evolutionary Gateway To Freedom Whole Systems Actualization Blueprint for conscious evolution. It ingeniously synthesizes the diverse disciplines of physics, religion, psychology, economics, sociology and the healing arts, into a practical curriculum for progressing on one's sacred inner journey ... while experiencing a successful life in the external world. For those who are ready to walk their spirit's path and take control of their destiny, they will be thrilled to discover an empowering earth school curriculum they can consciously use to liberate themselves from the 3rd dimensional material matrix reality of tick-tock. Buckminster Fuller said, "You can never change things by fighting against the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." Einstein said, "We can't solve today's problems with the same consciousness that created them." The unconventional wisdom (and previously unrevealed information) in this presentation, is what millions of people have been unknowingly searching for. Spirit Power ... the new super power for the 21st century, provides "creative soulutions" and a GATEWAY TO FREEDOM curriculum to guide new parallel systems builders as they expand beyond physical, mental, emotional and psychological limits. This information is not for everyone—only those who have the courage to consciously evolve and are seeking a masterful how-to blueprint.

Got Energy ... Or Are You Running On Empty?

Ingenious Bio-Energetic Wellness Strategies for Becoming A Masterful Energy Manager

You don't know what you don't know ... until you attend a Got Energy Bio-Energetic Wellness presentation. It's a paradigm shifter designed for people who are ready to stop worrying about the high cost of medical insurance, stop worrying about when their body is going to be a boogeyman and attack them—for anyone who is ready to stop "asking the so-called expert god-like doctors—and for anyone ready to take back control of their health destiny. This insightful Bio-Energetic Wellness presentation is jam-packed with 21st century health solutions, that anyone can easily understand and implement. Many years ago Thomas Edison said, "The doctor of the future will give no medicine—but will  interest their patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease." What if that future is now? High medical costs are financially strapping billions of people and endangering people and businesses across the planet. Could it be time to consider our body as an investment and make our body the foundation of our financial portfolio? These are some take-a-ways people can expect to learn in Got Energy: What is this elusive thing called health—the difference between sickness and wellness industries—energy anatomy/energy bankruptcy—acute and chronic diseases—psychosclerosis—10 laws of Bioenergetic Wellness—4 ways people source energy when they are energy bankrupt—how to communicate with the body's innate wisdom—cell energizers/de-energizers—the nocebo effect—energy enhancers/energy zappers—how bioenergetic integration increases energy levels, aids the natural healing process, shifts consciousness and nurtures the soul ... and why health makes good financial sense. Think about this: Each cell is a complete factory performing more than a million chemical reactions every second, 24/7. Knowing this, let's quit wasting money being a what-is-onary and start looking for health in all the right places ... in the more than 100 trillion regenerating cells each person was gifted WITHat birth. 


What Is Your Destiny Number? What Life Were You Born To Live?

What is your destiny path? Are you a 23/5 ... 29/11 ... 3/0/3 ... 26/8 ... a 31/4 ... or something else? Find out what these numbers mean and take control of your destiny. In this fun, enlightening presentation you will learn soul-based information to understand your past ... clarify your present ... and empower your future!  Knowing your numbers (and the numbers of important people in your life) gives you an empowering tool. Learn about destiny paths, soul-based living and how to use your soul-code to make decisions about work, $$$, relationship, health and lifestyle choices. Identify innate gifts, abilities, positive and negative aspects ... and the unique mission-calling that only you can fulfill. Using ancient wisdom and spirituals laws, you will identify soul-based work, innovative ways to resolve people conflicts and what you need to do to invite your soul into your body, home and relationships. Regardless if you're 2 or 102, the science of vibrational frequency is guaranteed to guide you in living the life you were born to live. Once you know this information you will be forever grateful. It's so freeing to stop judging yourself from a human material world perspective. When you can "see" events and people in your life from your soul's perspective, you'll discover there are no random events and the cast of characters in the theatre of your life are there by design.   


When Your Spirit Comes Knocking ... Just Open The Friggin' Door

Inspiring Courageous "I Did It" Stores From People Successfully "Doing Success On Their Own Terms"


In today's world of "bad news media" heart-warming, inspiring "I DID IT" stories are a breath of fresh air. These "real people" are pathfinders who dared to risk careers, jobs and financial security so they could live their vocation of destiny. In the process, they became role models who paved the way for others to do success from the inside out ... and success on their own terms. Everybody, regardless of their chronological age, has a special contribution to make, a special reason for being on planet earth, that only they can fulfill. This presentation is for people who are ready to discover and live their "vocation of destiny"—ready to look for work in all the right places—and ready to play the contribution game instead of the success game. The "I DID IT" stories are intended to inspire and uplift ... as well as stimulate participants ideas for how people can live their destiney with greater integrity and authenticity.   


SELF WORTH ... Your Ultimate Power 

Valuing Yourself Is The Real Power Behind Personal And Organizational Success


Self worth is self-bestowed and can't be purchased at any price. It's an inside job. Whether or not people own their personal power and personal worth it's crucial to both personal and professional success. This presentation will clarify the myths about where self worth comes from—the role of personal values in maintaining it—ways to uncover self worth and instantly have more—and practical techniques for understanding, building and maintaining self worth. No one can have too much of this elusive quality ... and no one can take it away from anyone else without their permission. Self worth is a prerequisite for leadership, respect, risk-taking, conflict resolution, rewarding work, fulfilling relationships, vibrant health, synergistic partnerships and setting firm boundaries. Everyone is born with plenty of self worth, but society encourages people to deny their value. Reclaiming one's true identity, worth and personal power requires vigilant self love. Reclaiming self worth is not a once and forever thing to do. It's a constant life-long process. Self worth is not a luxury in today's changing times. This empowering presentation will clarify how self worth affects overachievers and underachievers—and how it affects lifestyle choices, achievement, health, peace of mind, creativity, self-promotion, leadership and the bottom-line.  


Dare To THINK For Yourself 

Unconventional Wisdom For Winning The Battle For Your Mind


Collective humanity has entered the era of conscious awareness. The revelation revolution has begun. From now on, the invisible becomes visible. At first it may be hard to believe, but the five sense world is an illusion—a virtual-reality game that only exists because people believe it does. However, as consciousness shifts, the dreamworld most people believe to be real is falling apart. This presentation is chocked full of fascinating insights about the battle for your mind and specific things you can do to take back control of your destiny. Participants will discover whose thoughts they're thinking—whose feelings they're feeling—25 subtle ways people are programmed—laugh about one-line sayings people have mindlessly repeated for generations—understand the power of media, advertising and TV to over-ride intuitive guidance—and unconventional ways to determine truth. Participants will have fun learning about the energetics of success and how to play in the fields of consciousness, consciously. After Dare To Think For Yourself  everyone will be empowered to make informed choices for themselves about success, health, spirituality, education, religion, media, politics, lifestyles and parenting.


COURAGE ... Don't Leave Home Without It

We are in the formative years, not only of a new century but also a new millennium. There are no road maps for success. It takes great courage to venture into unchartered waters, be a trailblazer, do things there are no reference points for, or passionately believe in something that does not exist and create it. Writer Ray Bradbury understood how to create the 21st century, he said, "You've got to jump off cliffs all the time, and build your wings on the way down." In this riveting thought-provoking presentation there are many inspiring stories about people who are changing the world. These people have courage to push their body through new thresholds of pain and endurance—courage to push their mind to new levels of discipline and concentration—courage to follow their heart's intuitive intelligence—and the courage of their convictions. The French word for courage is corage and the Latin word is cor, which means heart. Discover how to harness the heart's intuitive intelligence, instead of intellectual prowess. There's no wisdom in the intellect, so instead of being worshipped for the past 400 years, intellect will now be subjugated. Much of the destruction of the 20th century is the result of ego intellectual only creations. Participants will be encouraged to seriously consider if they are one of the millions of people who are ready to make contributions to these transitional times—consider if they have a courageous integrous spirit—consider if they are living a life of authenticity and acting in accord with their conscience—and consider if they truly desire to risk their careers or lives to pursue a larger vision (even when it's in opposition to popular opinions or other's interests.)


If It's Not Fun … Forget It!

The Science of FUN And How To Profit From Mixing Business With Pleasure


Play a different game. Make money. Have fun. Mix business with pleasure. Play the contribution game. Make $$$ while making a difference. Management often believes people are at work to work. They can play on their own time. But the Physics of Fun is very simple ... Money, Opportunities and Creativity flow towards Energy, Passion, Fun, Joy, Empowerment, Purpose, Play-Work, Values, Vision and Aliveness .... and Money, Opportunities and Creativity flow away from Boredom, Routine, Seriousness, Perfunctory Tasks, Long Hours, Overworking, Power Games and Control. In this breakthrough success strategy, participants discover the power of play-work and how they can use the physics of fun to impact profits, customer satisfaction and personal finances. The key take-aways in this action-packed presentation are: 1) Fun is not frivolous, 2) A clear understanding about what fun is and what it isn't, 3) The role of values in defining fun, 4) Why legalizing happiness and building the fun factor into jobs, work and business strategies makes good sense, and 5) How to determine if it's time to adopt this motto in your business or organization ... If it's not fun—forget it. Learn about the "science of fun" ... make ordinary experiences extra-ordinary ... and watch profits soar.


Reaching New Heights Together 

The Magic of Spiritual Partners Sharing Destinies and Dreams


If there ever was an important crusade to get involved in, this is it—a new relationship paradigm. It’s time for millions of people to experience the most rewarding joy-filled relationships they can imagine!!! It may be hard to believe, but there is life beyond single, married and then divorced, only to try it again and again. It's time to awaken hope for lovingly relating together in complimentary spiritual partnerships—time to legalize happiness—and time to learn totally new ideas for how to do it. The unconventional heart-warming wisdom revealed in this unconventional spiritual partnership presentation, will challenge obsolete programming that most men and women are trying to conform to, and challenge current beliefs about relationships, marriage, lifestyles, love, romance, and sexuality. Reaching New Heights Together is based on the trance-formational Science of Evology Whole Systems Actualization Model. There is no relationship information available today, that is more relevant to what many people are searching for. In this presentation we explore relationships and marriage from a very different point of view. Participants will get alternative ideas about love, intimacy sexuality and much more. Different people in different levels of soul evolution, have different relationship needs. Find out how to integrate spiritual and romantic ideals, how to identify a soul-mate, determine when to get involved in a relationship, how to transform or exit it, commitment and commitment to what, how to set up legal and financial agreements ... and 10 ways to empower yourself in intimate relationships. It takes great courage to address the most painful area in most people's lives today—relationships. This is a good news hope-filled message. It's for people who have given up on experiencing fulfilling relationships so they can get inspired to dream again—to awaken hope for lovingly relating together in a complimentary spiritual partnership ... and to discover totally new ideas for how to turn dreams into reality. 

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